14 Death Defying SHTF Tips


Live to see another apocalyptic sunrise with the following 14 SHTF tips:

1. Use a guitar case for your bug out bag – Effective tactic for bugging out under the radar. Pair the guitar case with some clothes from Goodwill and you look like a transient who’s just passing through.

2. Purify water with household bleach – 6 drops purifies an entire gallon.

3. Make dry shavings from wet material with a pencil sharpener – These shavings will be dry enough to make fire.

4. Place living green material over your fire to create a thick white smoke signal – The green wood and leaves creates dense plumes of white smoke. This smoke is highly visible from the air.

5. Pine sap is a natural antiseptic – Wound a pine tree by slicing into the trunk or branch. The tree will produce it’s own sap to heal the laceration. Collect this sap and apply to wounds of your own. Thanks mother nature!

6. Get in shape – Surviving is going to be a grueling and uncomfortable task if you’re fat or you get winded easily. At the very least grow accustom to walking long distances. Anybody can walk to the grocery store or around the block.

7. Use abandoned railroads to escape the city – If you live in the city you most certainly have abandonded railroads running in and out of your province. Find out where these tracks are and where they go. They just might be your ticket to safety.

8. If you feel you’re getting a blister, stick a piece of duct tape right over the hot-spot.

9. Stuff leaves or other insulating materials into a trash bag for a make-shift sleeping pad – Sleeping directly on the  ground will steal your body heat like a thief in the night. Sleeping on an insulating layer can make a miserable night slightly less miserable.

10. Carry spare cash and a pack of cigarettes – Use the cash to buy store items when electronic credit card processing is unavailable. Use the smokes to make friends and barter for survival goodies. Addicts will part ways with very valuable equipment when they need a fix.

11. Guitar strings make great snare wire 

12. Use a sillcock key to tap into commercial water sources – Built in to most commercial buildings are water faucets you can only turn on with a special “sillcock” key. Even if the power is out there is usually enough pressure in the pipes to extract many gallons of water.

13. Take your bug out bag camping or spend a night in the city – What the hell is the point of amassing all this gear if you don’t know how to use any of it? Bug out for a night or two and experience a small slice of what a survival situation feels like. You can do this in the city or in the wild.

14. Learn to Meditate – Probably the hardest tip on this list but easily the most important. When the SHTF do you think you’re odds of survival might be improved if you’re calm, cool, and collected? Freaking out and panicking is only going to accelerate the process of digging yourself an early grave. Meditating is a tool that builds focus and allows you to take a cool step back from a chaotic situation to formulate a solid game-plan.

Do you think these tips will help you stave off the grim reaper? Let me know what you think below.





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