4 SHTF Exercises To Build Muscle and Burn Fat

Talking to local preppers in my community and observing preppers online there is one aspect I always see overlooked – raw physical health. Preppers will go to the moon and back to secure the latest survival widget but can’t take a walk around the block to ensure their health is in ship shape. With some of these preppers you can smell the cold cuts seeping through the pores a mile off. You can tell straight away these guys have a doomsday stockpiles worth of food ready to be eaten at a moments notice, but are extremely undisciplined in their health.

Why is it so hard for people to get in shape? Why is physical health such an often overlooked thing to prep for? What good is all that food and ammo if you can’t even run around the block without heaving for air? How much life can you really enjoy if you are quickly winded walking up a flight of stairs? If a fire broke out could you even run down the stairs fast enough before the flames engulfed you and the entire building? Speed and agility are crucial abilities in an SHTF scenario.

If you are not in shape fear not – with the following exercises you’ll be ready for a full blown shtf scenario in no time. Best of all, ALL of these exercises don’t even require a gym membership so there’s no excuse not to get started.



Walking is not the most exciting or interesting exercise on the planet. However, this is exactly what you need to start doing today if you want to become stronger. You have probably been neglecting your body for years. This neglect is showing up as excess body fat, sluggish blood flow, pot belly, double chin, clogged arteries, and perhaps even more embarrassing symptoms like erectile dysfunction and low libido. The thing is, you’re not going to become a crossfit or lifting champion overnight. You’ve got to go for the low hanging fruit. Walking for 30 minutes everyday is a great start towards becoming fit and strong. Find a nice section of woods around your apartment or home. If you live in a city walking is the best way to see your logistics at the street level – you will start to notice side streets and elements of the city you overlooked while driving. Double whammy!


Pullups and chinups deliver a total upper body workout you’re definitely going to feel in the morning. Pullups contract your lats, forearms, shoulders, and even your abs. You can easily purchase a home pull up bar or simply walk/drive to any local park. With a little creativity anything can become a pull up machine. I like local parks because they offer a lot of versatility for your workouts.


Burpees are another total body workout. The burpee is popular in military boot camps and for a good reason. This exercise alone will whip your ass into shape in no time. Start in a standing position and then drop into a pushup position. Complete the pushup and immediately revert back to standing position. Extra points if you throw in the occasional jumping jack. The burpee engages the chest, shoulders, legs, and core. All muscles you will need when the shit hits the fan.



This is my favorite SHTF workout. Strap on a heavy backpack and hit the trail. This exercise delivers a payload of benefits. First of all it’s simply a good time to get out in nature and experience the great outdoors. Secondly it allows you to test out what it’s like to lug your bug out bag around for a few hours. Most people will put a bug out bag together not even realizing they couldn’t carry it a single mile if their life depended on it. Lastly, you’re going to shed pounds and build the proper muscles required to walk long distances – something that might come in mighty handy.


Ultimately getting in shape contributes to your overall well being and having a quality life experience. Of course, having a lean and physical body will drastically increase your odds of survival in an SHTF situation. I’m sure you can think of a thousand reasons why being fit and healthy is a good thing. Now lay off those donuts and get to work!


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