5 Essential Oils To Immediately Add To Your Preps

Imagine, TSHTF and now you can’t go the pharmacy for medicine. Does that mean you’re shit out of luck? Of course not. You see, before we had pharmacys and doctors we used plants to heal. Even in the modern world we use plants to create many of the medicines and drugs we use everyday.

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are concentrated forms of plants. They are the most powerful natural medicines you can find. Using a distillation process, the potent properties of the plants are extracted and then bottled to give you the most powerful version of that plant. Take lemon for instance. A lemon by itself is all well and good, although in its current state it is not strong enough to have a truly therapeutic effect. Lemon essential oil, however, is concentrated and boasts powerful antibacterial, antifungal, and antimicrobial properties.

Essential oils, don’t you mean snake oil?

When I talk about essential oils to my prepper friends I catch a lot of flack for “falling for scams” or being a “peace pedaling hippie with no sense.” I don’t blame them because I thought the same thing when the oils were introduced to me. It wasn’t until a friend treated a deep cut with Lavender that I realized there was something to the oils. The cut healed rapidly. I know how long my body takes to heal and this sped up the process 2 – 3 times. And there wasn’t even a scar left!

I ended up doing the research and found a metric ton of scientific studies attesting to the powerful healing properties of the oils. When I showed my prepper friends these studies their eyes glazed over. They had such a deep ignorance of the subject and to this day, only one of them has started to come around to the idea of including essential oils in his preps. Well, I’m here to spread the message that the oils are completely legit and you would be wise to include a few in your preps as well.

What oils should you include in your preps?

Every oil can benefit you in some way and keep you healthy. Because they are pricey I recommend starting off with only the must have essential oils. These are oils that have multiple benefits and uses. As you experience the true power of the oils, you can spring for more down the road, or purchase a kit and save – and I’m going to show you how to get them as cheap as possible later.

For now let’s check out the oils and all the benefits.

1.) Lavender

Lavender essential oils is a miracle cure for many ailments and bodily diseases. It’s the best oil out there for treating burns and healing wounds. A single drop is all it takes to begin the powerful healing process of burns, cuts, and scrapes (including sunburn.) Imagine, in a fully blown SHTF situation there’s a good chance you or a loved one could get burned. Lavender is also a calming plant, inhaling the aroma of Lavender can calm you down and help you sleep. It’s an oil I use every single night to relax and unwind. A calm mind will be essential when the EMP blast hits.

2.) Lemon

Lemon has strong antibacterial properties. It’s an all natural disinfectant you can use on your hands or around the house. Homesteaders will be the first to tell you all about this oil – it has so many uses and benefits. Lemon also boosts the functioning of the immune system, relieves stomach aches and cramps, and relieves depression. Certainly another essential oil with a ton of benefits too good to pass up.

3.) Clove

Clove was a classic staple and natural remedy of the old world. Only now is science discovering the truly potent benefits of Clove. Clove has proven anti-inflammatory effects and its one of the best all natural painkillers for toothaches and gum disease. These anesthetic effects are thanks to a natural compound in clove called Eugenol. It’s no wonder ancient tribes from all over the world have been using Clove for centuries. Oh yeah, Clove also contains 30X more antioxidants than blueberries! A single drop on the skin is enough to absorb the many dense nutritional properties. Clove is also loaded with Calcium, Magnesium, and Potassium – these nutrients are crucial for many different processes in your body.

4.) Oregano

Oregano is quickly becoming known as natures natural antibiotic. Oregano is a potent powerhouse for fighting bacterial infections. Oreganos active component, Carvacrol, has been cited in over 800 pub med medical studies which attest to the unstoppable healing power of this essential oil. Oregano has also been shown to be particularly effective for treating E. Coli and keeping your gastrointestinal system functioning at full speed. I can see this oil being very useful if you end up drinking from a bad water source. In a fully blown SHTF situation, anything is possible and you have to prepare for it all.

5.) Peppermint

I keep this one handy if I’m doing anything requiring mental focus. It gives you a pick me up on par with a cup of coffee and jolts your brain into “ON” mode. Very stimulating stuff. When taken  internally peppermint helps with indigestion and other stomach problems. God only knows what a week of eating those MRE’s can do to the stomach! The cooling properties of this oil relieve tension and relax your muscles. Peppermint also works wonders on aching bones and joints. When things get physical and you need deep muscular and joint relief, peppermint is one oil you won’t want to be without.

Where to purchase essential oils

My first experience with essential oils was with a couple “cheap-o” bottles I found on Amazon. I thought I was getting a good deal but I was really getting ripped off. Later, a friend (who’s a licensed aromatherapy practitioner) told me most of the oils on Amazon are diluted with water and other constituents which can actually do more harm than good (no wonder they weren’t working.)

She gave me a link to an online shop and I purchased a kit. The company is called doTERRA and they’re well known for producing and stocking the best essential oils, they’re the number one trusted brand for aromatherapy and essential oil practitioners.

You can check out the online shop here.

They’ve got every essential oil available to order. This site gives you an introduction to doTERRA oils and also shows you how you can save 25% on your orders. If you order a kit they will ship you a free copy of Modern Essentials – this is widely considered the bible of the essential oils world and shows you exactly how to use them for specific treatments. It’s recommended you pick up a book because there’s a lot you need to know.

Final thoughts

I use essential oils on a frequent basis and consider them invaluable to my preps. Now there is lots of evidence to back them up as extremely potent alternatives to modern medicine. At this point, there is no argument – they are the most concentrated form of plant healing you can find. To be honest, you could probably learn to make them on your own but you need a lot of plant material to do so, and the right equipment to distill the oil.

Grab yourself a couple bottles and experience the power of these oils for yourself.



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