7 Urban Survival Tips and Strategies

Living in the city offers an individual a dense supply of opportunity and diversity. Big cities are a breeding ground for the best jobs, the best social scenes, and the most access to goods and services. However, what happens when the shit hits the fan and you’re forced to exit the city? What happens when core utility services like power, water, and electricity stop working? I’ll tell you what will happen…COMPLETE MADNESS. Some folks have never experienced a complete break down of the system or gone without power for more than a couple hours. Believe me, you’re gonna want some strategies to survive in an urban environment when all hell breaks loose.

1.) Know thy city

The best tip I can give you is to understand and know your city from the inside out. You need to know the back streets and all the potential exit strategies. Are you able to avoid the major highways on your way out? What roads will most of the people use when they panic and start heading for the hills? Knowing the streets is the first step in making a clean unobstructed getaway.

2.) Have an exit strategy

Once you know your city like the back of your hand, start mapping out multiple exit pathways. Practice driving these roads and become familiar with them. Having multiple exit plans gives you a greater chance of success if PLAN A falls through the floor.

3.) Keep a full tank of gas

In a full blown system meltdown you’re not just gonna stroll into a gas station for a Snickers and a fill up. You might not have access to gas for many miles. Keeping a full tank ensures you MAXIMIZE the distance you can put between you and the urban jungle.

4.) Make a bug out bag

bug out bag

A bug out bag contains all the crucial gear you’ll need to survive 72+ hours without access to food or water. At the bare minimum you need 3 days worth of food and water. Keep one in your car, at work, and at home. This way you’ll have access to something you can grab and go at a moments notice. Read my 2018 guide on making a bug out bag. 

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5.) Ride a motorcycle

This option is obviously not for everybody but I will say this – people riding motorcycles have the highest chances of exiting the city rapidly. A motorcycle or scooter can easily zip through traffic. While your average car is sitting around going slow as a snail, the motorcyclist zooms straight through unobstructed.

6.) Stockpile supplies before SHTF

One strategy of survival is “bugging in” rather than bugging out. To bug in you need a healthy supply of food. Mainly, food that won’t spoil if the power is out. Think about food like clif bars, canned goods, and ready to make packages from Mountain House. You can buy buckets of that stuff and be completely set to hunker down and blow through whatever is going on.

7.) Self defense

This is super crucial especially if you’re deciding to bug in. Get licensed to own a firearm or at least get a good combat knife and some long range bear spray. You’ll need something to fend off the looters and other creatures of the urban jungle.


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