8 Cheap DIY Home Security Tips

Home security. A most crucial aspect of keeping you and your family safe. Especially now that we are living in uncertain times with more and more crazy things going on in the world. The thing about home security is it doesn’t have to be expensive. Most people think they need a gate and a giant moat with gators to keep out the bad guys but this simply isn’t true. In fact, if you take the perspective of a burglar most can be thwarted with some of these very basic tips.

1.) Get a dog


Even if you live in the city a dog is a great deterrent for potential burglars and other baddies. Imagine a burglar who is going around the neighborhood casing places to rob. If he sees you have a large dog outisde he’s going to move on in favor of an easier target. Your dog does not even have to be trained to bark or attack. Just the mere sight of a dog is enough to send most criminals packing.

2.) Large boots by front door


Get a pair of the biggest boots you can find and put them outside. What can the burglar deduce from this? Well, if he’s smart there’s a guy inside who is much bigger than they are. Chances are he’s not going to want to go toe to toe with someone who has a size 14 boot. This is a genious and super cheap way of ensuring your safety.

3.) Motion sensor flood lights


Make sure they are bright as hell and light up the whole damn neighborhood. Lights make criminals cringe especially if they’re trying to sneak in at night. If it’s one thing they don’t want its a giant beam of light exposing them for who they truly are. A good set of motion sensor lights will spook even the seasoned burglar and most won’t mess around if the area is well lit. These need to be placed on every point of entry around your home.

4.) Security system sign outside


Another classic one. The best part is you don’t even need to actually have the security system installed. You can easily put the sign outside. Even the savviest burglar is too smart to attempt an illegal entry in a home with a security system in place. Unless you’re being targeted specifically a sign is plenty enough to send the baddies across the street to check out what the Jones’s have in store (and to see if they have an alarm in place as well.)

5.) Always on outdoor light


Similar to the motion sensor lights except the light is always on. When a robber sees a light on this immediately triggers a red flag to them. This means someone is home or worse – somebody is up! Even if he has the balls to walk up to check things out the dog ought to start barking and when he sees those size 14 boots…well he knows it’s high time to get out of there.

6.) Reinforce your doors


Most doors are poorly reinforced and are screwed in with 1″ screws. Make sure you are using long screws to screw the hinges into a solid frame. They also make security hinges made with stainless steel pins designed to act as deadbolts when the door is closed. These little changes are cheap and bolster your home from someone who’s serious about getting in. They’ll have a very difficult time kicking the door indeed!

7.) Thorny rose bushes under windows


Under each window plant a nice thorny bush. This will prove to be a big pain in the ass to anyone trying to bust in to your estate. One prick and they’ll be headed for the hills, tail stuck firmly between legs.

8.) Arm yourself


If someone is brazen enough to break into your home be prepared. Have a tactical flashlight by your bed along with some kind of weapon. This can be as cheap as a baseball bat or you can spend a few bucks on a decent shotgun. Nobody sticks around long when they hear the signature sound of a chambering round in a shotgun. A strong tactical flashlight will blind them long enough for you to bust a few knee caps and call the cops. I heard bear spray also sucks to get blasted in the face with.


That concludes these DIY home security tips. I hope you found this post useful and never find yourself in a situation where tip number 8 comes into play! Thanks for reading.



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