8 Hobbies To Prepare Yourself For TEOTWAWKI

When they drop the nukes…when all hell breaks loose and you cannot return to the old world…these fun hobbies will see you through to ultimate survival. I would choose one, maybe 2 of these to pursue. Get really proficient at one and then learn another.

1.) Bushcraft

Bushcraft is the art of using the natural world to your advantage. Learning to create something useful out of raw natural materials will quickly become a highly coveted skill during the apocalypse. You don’t need a lot to get started either. At the bare minimum you need a bushcrafting hatchet and a decent knife. There’s a lot of decent YouTube channels dedicated to Bushcraft and many books to choose from to learn the craft. Oh yeah, you also need some land to practice on. If you don’t have your own property you could ask a neighbor or practice as quietly as┬ápossible on state or government land.

2.) HAM Radio

In a fully blown SHTF situation it’s very possible that critical communication lines will go down. If the cell towers get destroyed how will you communicate with friends and loved ones? HAM radio presents a unique opportunity to the individual who wants complete control of his communications. Even if the towers go down, you can communicate with other radio operators with the right equipment. Using HAM radio equipment requires you obtain an operators license. Read this for more information.

3.) Archery

Every man dreams of the day he can freely roam about the land with nothing but a bow and arrow (and maybe a small loin cloth.) In fact, learning how to shoot a bow will prove to be a very valuable skill when the system crashes. It’s a silent way to take out both enemies and game – not to mention your ammo is reusable!

4.) Camping

Being outside and exposing yourself to nature is solid end-of-the-world preparation. What you are doing is familiarizing yourself with the natural world. Camping forces you to think in a much different way about day to day tasks. Anything you can do to draw closer to a more primitive state of being will end up benefiting you for a future survival scenario.

5.) Backpacking

Similar to camping but much more strenuous. Backpacking will teach you the fine art of proper packing and whip your ass into shape faster than anything. You quickly discover what gear is essential and what gear is useless. With backpacking you are killing multiple birds with one stone with the many skills required – fitness, outdoor knowledge, and realistic gear requirements. Get out there and experience the great outdoors!

6.) Gardening

A mother and her daughter preparing for a fully blown SHTF situation


This ones a no-brainer. Growing your food is the quintessential end-of-the-world skill. When the food trucks stop running where will you find a sustainable source of food? With a little bit of land and some time on your part, you can learn the ins and outs of growing your own vegetables. This is a skill that pays for itself 10 times over. Even if the world doesn’t end, think about all the money you’ll save on groceries!

7.) Hunting

As a hunter you must learn to observe your prey and discover patterns of movement. You must also learn how to properly shoot a rifle. This skill will come in handy not only for deer season, but self defense season as well. Where do you think the city dwellers will come when Walmart runs out of the goods? They will come to the countryside in search of something else to loot. If that “something else” is your place, you will be locked, cocked, and ready to rock.

8.) Geocaching

Geocaching is a fun way to learn about the Global Positioning system. It’s a real time treasure hunt using GPS coordinates to find hidden caches buried by other players. Who knows what you will find!

Final thoughts

Preparing for the end of the world doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. You can have fun while practicing “serious” skills, skills which will benefit you and your family in a fully blown SHTF situation.

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