Top 7 American Made Knife Companies

Tired of dishing your money out to overseas manufacturers? If you’re looking for an American Made knife company to send your money to, look no further than this list.

1.) ESEE


ESEE knives are manufactured by Rowen Manufacturing in Idaho Falls, Idaho. This is great news for Americans looking for American Made knives. ESEE knives are the absolute best in the business. ESEE still holds true to the belief that high quality American made knives can still be competitive with the cheap Chinese and overseas products. If you’re looking for a high quality survival or rescue knife, look no further than the infamous ESEE 5. The ESEE 5 is absolutely bombproof and represents a knife that will last multiple lifetimes.

Notable knife: ESEE 5

2.) Benchmade

Benchmade knife company was born in California, eventually establishing permanent roots in Oregon. All Benchmade knives are custom made right in their shop in Oregon City, Oregon. The story goes, the founding owner grew tired of the cheap Bali-Song butterfly knives he played with as a kid and set out to create a knife made with state of the art materials and engineering techniques. He showed his finished product to a gun store owner who asked Les if he could make 100 more. The rest as they say, is history. Benchmade now makes a range of high quality products. The Benchmade 940 is perhaps their most popular knife.

Notable Knife: The Benchmade 940

3.) SpyderCo

SpyderCo knives are manufactured in the great state of Golden, Colorado. They’ve carved out (no pun intended) a large following of dedicated customers with their unique designs and attention to quality and detail. The company has pioneered many knife features now standard on most blades – the pocket clip and blade serrations being the most notable of these designs. In 1981 they unvelied the C01 Worker, their first folder knife and the first knife ever featuring a hole in the blade, designed for fast opening for both righties and lefties. They’ve continued to push the envelope with their designs.

Notable knife: SpyderCo Paramilitary 2

4.) Ontario knife company

Ontario is a knife company founded in 1989, in Naples, New York. Currently, all of their knives are manufactured in Franklinville, NY. Ontario boasts some serious accolades and have direct contracts with the U.S. military. They’ve supplied survival knives for both the USMC the Airforce, and most notably created the M9 bayonet. Ontario specializes in hardcore military knives. These are not knives you take home to grandma. Their history of military use means these knives are meant for serious business and survival. If you want a knife that’s going to stand the test of time and see you through even the hairiest situations, go with an Ontario.

Notable knife: Ontario Rat 5

5.) Kabar

Kabar knives hails from Good ol’ New York City and is famous for their fighting knives used by our very own United States Marine Core. They are a sister company of Cutco Cutlery believe it or not but they produce some seriously high quality knives. The Bk2 and the Bk7 are their most famous knives. These are some of the best fixed blade knives you will come across. The Bk7 in particular is rather beastly and certainly overkill for anything but the most hardcore survivalists.

Notable knife: Kabar Bk2

6.) TOPS

TOPS knives are designed in the USA and manufactured/finished right in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. They work closely with military personnel to craft some of the best survivalist knives in the business. TOPS knives have also seen deep action in military hot spots and some military folk absolutely swear by the products. TOPS has everything from hunting/survival knives to tactical/EDC blades. There’s a little something for everyone over at TOPS.

Notable knife: CSAR-T Tactical Folder

7.) Emerson

Emerson knives employs over 20 people right here in the United States. Emerson has a rather unique history and boasts some interesting anecdotes. The Emerson CQC-7 was the knife that killed Osama Bin Laden and sold at an auction for $35,400 dollars. The knives are top notch and Emerson himself has put years of work into making knives his fellow Americans can be proud of. Mr Emerson is also an accomplished martial artist and an expert in hand-to-hand combat. He’s trained many organizations including the Navy Seals and has also written numerous books.

Notable Knife: Emerson CQC-7


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