Augason Farms Complete Review

Augason farms is another heavy hitter in the food supply business. Perhaps you’ve heard of Wise Foods and want to take a look at the competition. While both have comparable products, Augason Farms does seem to offer more variety than Wise Foods. They have a healthy selection of food supply kits, veggie packs, grains, and even dairy products and drinks. In this review I will give you a full breakdown of what Augason Farms has to offer and deliver a comprehensive analysis of their food quality.

Augason Farms Products

Augason Farms has a wide variety of products available. They have a total of 7 categories all including tasty and delectable dishes.

  • Food supply kits up to 1 year –┬áThese are the heavy hitting long term survival kits available from Augason Farms. They have 72 hour, 30 days, 3 months, and 1 year kits available depending on how much food you want to prep for. They have a ton of tasty meal options. Take a look at the 1 year kit for a complete breakdown of the many entrees and dishes available. Notable meals are the hearty veggie beef soup, the creamy potato soup, and the buttermilk biscuit mix.
  • Soups and entrees – Another round of tastiness. The soups come in a can and are mixed with water to create a truly hot and tasty feast. Great for those cold nights, even the non SHTF ones!
  • Fruits and vegetables – Don’t forget the veggies. These are dehydrated and freeze dried versions of all your favorite fruits and vegetables. You can see they have an impressive array of basically anything you can think of.
  • Dairies and meats – A rich selection of butters, powdered eggs, and other great tasting dairy and meat products. All backed with a 15 year shelf life for maximum storage.
  • Grains and beans – Your basic selection of tasty rice, beans, and cereals. The staple of any healthy diet.
  • Bakery items – Ready made mixes to make a variety of baked goods. What is life without bread?
  • Drinks – Thirst quenching apple and orange flavored drink mixes to replenish electrolytes and stay hydrated.

Long term food storage

Most of the Augason Farms products have a shelf life up to 15 years. This is achieved through either freeze drying or dehydrating the foods depending on the particular product. This is a process of removing the water content in the foods so they do not spoil. As moisture is foods number one spoiler, this is a very effective process to preserve food in the long term.

The foods are then sealed in specialized Mylar bags to make sure they do not come into contact with oxygen. Oxygen is another major spoiler for food. You can tell these bags are extremely high quality and Augason Farms takes pride in properly sealing every food pouch.

However, according to Augason Farms FAQ, the product won’t be sealed inside of a Mylar pouch if it’s a single item.

How’s the taste?

I’ve got to say, Augason Farms has nailed the long term food storage taste. One thing that’s difficult is preserving a foods taste once it’s been dehydrated or freeze dried. Especially with whole meals, it’s hard to get that home cooked taste once the foods have been rehydrated. While no freeze dried or dehydrated food will have that signature home cooked taste, the Augason Farms foods are very tasty and go down easy.

In fact, I’ve found myself eating them on a regular basis during times where I’m too lazy to make something fresh. I have no problem chowing down any of their products and most of the other online reviewers seem to agree.

Augason Farms foods taste delicious – even if they’ve been sitting in your moldy garage for years! That’s a testament to the technology that goes into the food preservation process.

Customer service

Customer service over at Augason Farms is second to none. You can contact them via phone anytime between the hours of 8:30AM – 5:00PM MST (mountain standard time.) They’re based in Utah and very friendly and knowledgable. The sales staff have obviously been trained on all of their products and can offer you a wealth of expertise and guidance.

Final thoughts

If you’re in the market for long term food storage Augason Farms should definitely be on your list of companies to check out. Similar to Wise Foods, they have a ton of high quality products and provide excellent customer support. I love these types of products because they’re an easy way to prep for food storage long term. Doing all this yourself is both costly and time consuming. Having the option to order a years supply worth of food is an excellent idea for those of you who want to simply set and forget!

You can purchase Augason Foods kits from their website or via Amazon.

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