Bear Grylls 45L Backpack Review

Bear Grylls. The man, myth, and naked survival legend. He’s achieved the status of legendary in the celebrity survivalist space, right up there with Les Stroud. Of course, when someone gets famous they think the best next step is to release a slew of products aimed at their trusty and loyal fans. Most of the time these products tend to be fairly shoddy by design. I’ve mentioned this before on the blog that Bear Grylls actually has some high quality products out there.

The Bear Grylls 45L backpack (also known as the Patrol) is one such product I don’t mind recommending. Let’s cover the specifications and overall design features of the backpack.


  • 45L
  • 420D ballistic nylon
  • Lightweight
  • Hiking pole holes
  • Rain fly
  • Reflective strip
  • Compression straps
  • Hydration compatible
  • Tons of pockets



For a Bear Grylls product this backpack has a lot to offer and it’s high quality. This is a 45 Liter pack built lightweight for backpackers. It looks flashy and has all the Bear Grylls insignia you can just about handle. For this reason, I would say the Backpack would not make a great bug out bag.¬†With that said, this pack is right up there with the best 45L backpackers packs. The 420D ballistic nylon is strong enough to hold up in the wild while not being to heavy. Many bug out bags use 1000D nylon and that’s heavy stuff. Strong but heavy.

Classic to all best backpackers packs is the external compression straps on the outside of the pack. These serve 2 purposes. They can be used the traditional way as a method to secure and tighten up on your gear preventing things from moving around. They can also be used to lash gear to the outside of the pack. If you find yourself lacking space the compression straps are a great way to go full blown pack mule status.

On both sides of the backpack are 2 stretchable pockets for water containers. The pack is also hydration compatible and will work with many standard hydration packs including the Bear Grylls version.

One of my favorite features of the pack is the 2 ways to access the main compartment. You can access gear in the main compartment through either the top loaded or the bottom zipper. Any gear I know I’ll need quick access to I will place either at the top or the bottom so I’m not fumbling around for hours on end. Many backpacks miss this design feature which should be standard at this point.

There’s also a ton of various pockets and stash spots to put your smaller pieces of gear. The rain fly is a welcome addition for the rainy weather and actually fits the pack nice and snug.

Lastly, the straps are very comfortable. This is one of the first things I feel for in a backpack. If the straps are spaghetti thin you will doubt have a terrible time on the trail. Poorly padded straps will cut into your traps like razer wire and you’ll be kicking yourself in the ass for not buying a proper pack with proper padding.


In my opinion the Bear Grylls 45L Backpack is a bit pricey but still on par with something you would find at your local REI. I have bought those cheap 45L packs before and I can tell you they don’t hold up for anything. Bear Grylls did us all a solid by making this pack and I with the overall quality and features I can say it’s worth the money. Is it going to turn you into a mountain tromping survivalist overnight? I doubt it. But at the very least you will have a comfortable and durable pack to store your gear.

What do you think about this backpack? Let me know in the comments.

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