What Pants Does Bear Grylls Wear?

On this blog I’ve discussed Bear Grylls in a number of posts. I’ve given you guys a review of his knife and compared him to the classic celebrity survivalist Les Stroud. Despite many of his survival techniques being outright dangerous and misinformed, a lot of his survival products are actually quite decent.

Bear Grylls wears a particular type of pants made by Craghoppers in every one of his episodes. The pants are well suited for survival situations and have a number of crucial survival elements weaved right into the fabric (pun intended.)

Let’s go over the pants he wears and discuss if they’re worth spending the money on.

Features at a glance

Elements and features of Bear Grylls survival pants.


  • Polyamide material
  • Quick drying
  • Stretch technology
  • Reinforced buttons
  • Extra layer of webbing around waist and heel
  • 9 pockets featuring zippers and buttons
  • Belt loops double as hanging loops for quick drying
  • Lightweight yet sturdy


The pants are a polyamide material – extremely tear resistant, flexible, and quick drying. These are all great functions of a good pair of survival pants. I particularly like how the material doesn’t irritate the skin like other synthetic materials. I can also be completely stealthy unlike many pants where you can here a man coming from a mile away. The knees are reinforced with stretch material with a total of 9 pockets. The cargo pockets are generously sized so you can easily stow a good amount of survival gear.

There are also a few small details I like. All the buttons are reinforced with nylon webbing. I can’t see this thing snapping off anytime soon even if you’re a little thick down the middle. The rear pockets are double buttoned with the same nylon design is the front flap. Whatever I cram in these pockets I know will stay there indefinitely. All the edges of the pants such as the bottoms and the waist band have been lined with webbing to keep from tearing.

Overall these pants have held up to standard and come recommended by many who purchased the pants.

Final thoughts on Bear Grylls pants

Bear Grylls pants hit all the spots I look for in a good pair of survival pants. They’re very light yet tear resistant and I know I will dry off quick if I come into contact with rain or water. They’ve also got plenty of storage compartments for all my gear. I always say you should completely avoid regular jeans pants for a number of reasons. They don’t stretch and if you get them wet you’re staying wet. If you’ve ever been soaking wet before you know how miserable you become.

These are one pair of pants that will last you for a long time. One last thing I will note is the size of the pants. They run VERY small so when you order be sure to order a couple sizes up. I would error on the side of ordering too big just in case. You can always pair them with a good belt which can also double as a great piece of survival gear.

Do you own a pair of Bear Grylls’ survival pants? Let me know in the comments what you think of them!

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