Bear Grylls 30 Degree Sleeping Bag Review

Bear Grylls, man, beast, and myth. A hunk of survival glory and legend in his own mind. He has set out to do it all and that includes gracing the world with some of his top notch survival gear. In this review I take a look at his sleeping bag to see if it’s up to snuff. It just so happens I’m in the perfect climate for a bag like this so let’s put it to the test.


  • 30 degree rating
  • Thermolite fiber material
  • Mummy style fitting
  • Tapered design
  • Anti-snag zippers
  • Hood with drawstrings
  • Lightweight
  • Compression pack included



I live on the central coast of California where temperatures usually don’t drop down to the 30 degree level. Perfect spot for a bag like this. I know from experience that the rating system for these bags is largely untrue. Your own body heat and temperature output play a major role in keeping you warm. With that said, the Bear Grylls sleeping bagĀ stands up next to the best of them as far as being warm and comfortable out in the great outdoors. I have extensive experience with my very own Marmot Cloudbreak 30 bag. The Bear Grylls sleeping bag stacked up nicely and even kept me a bit warmer. I will say that this might be due to the fact that I’ve put the Marmot through the ringer.

I’m about 5.11′ and 155 pounds and had more than enough wiggle room. I can tell this sleeping bagĀ could easily accommodate someone up to 6 foot but perhaps any larger and you’ll run into problems. I like to toss and turn in my sleep and I found the sleeping bag was happy to roll around with me.

I’m also a big fun of the mummy style sleeping bags. I like to take the hood and really cinch it down when it gets cold. This, plus I like to roll into the fetal position to reduce the amount of heat I lose to the ground. (I actually sleep like this normally.) The hood cinches right down over your head quite nicely.

What else to say? Well, most sleeping bags claim to have “anti-snag” zippers. I’ve found this to largely be a marketing scheme as I’ve never ran across a sleeping bag that holds up to these claims. While the zippers zipped up with ease I can tell with extended use they will begin to snag. This is not a fault of the Bear Grylls sleeping bag but a simple matter of a functional design flaw. The zippers are extremely high quality though.

You will find the sleeping bag bears (no pun intended) the classic Bear Grylls orange and grey color including the logo imprinted towards the left side of the shoulder portion. I imagine this wouldn’t bother anybody actively searching for a Bear Grylls product.

Lastly, the pack rolled up nice tight and is easily stored in the included stuff sack. Once everything is rolled up you can throw it straight into your Bear Grylls backpack and call it a day!


For the money this is an absolute steal. Considering any top brand 30 degree sleeping bag will cost you upwards of $150 bucks, the Bear Grylls sleeping bag is a no brainer. In fact, it’s easily comparable to the top brands and I’m finding many of the Bear Grylls products are on par if not better than the competition. Show Bear some love and throw him a couple bones for this sleeping bag. I guarantee you’ll stay warm in a reasonable climate not going below 30 – 40 degrees.

Have something to say about this sleeping bag? Let me know in the comments and let’s start a discussion!

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