Is Bear Grylls Survival Gear Worth The Money?

These days even those living under a rock know who Bear Grylls is. In fact, Bear has turned over many rocks looking for the nastiest bugs to eat. He’s a celebrity survivalists well known as the lead survivor in Man vs Wild. The show takes viewers on a fantastic expedition of survival and Bear pulls out all the stops with his legendary survival stunts.

This has prompted Bear and his marketing team to unleash a plethora of survival gear to the market. All the classic pieces of survival gear are here. The only question is, is Bears survival gear worth the money and how does his gear stack up to the better brands?

Let’s start exploring this gear with a nice list of everything Bear has to offer:

  • Bear Grylls hatchet
  • Bear Grylls knife
  • Bear Grylls compact scout knife
  • Bear Grylls Ultimate Kit
  • Bear Grylls basic kit
  • Bear Grylls sleeping bag
  • Bear Grylls firestarter
  • Bear Grylls backpack
  • Micro torch
  • Machete
  • Survival bracelet
  • Canteen
  • Tinderbox
  • Survival belt
  • Survival blanket
  • Multi tool
  • Pocket tool
  • Water bottle
  • Sliding saw
  • Signature pants

Bear Grylls Survival Gear Review

On the site I’ve reviewed a number of Bear Grylls signature survival gear. I have full reviews of the Knife, sleeping bag, ultimate kit, and even his pants! What surprised me most about Bear Grylls products is the price. They are extremely comparable to top brands and even offer better value. The Bear Grylls multi tool is up there with the best Leatherman and you can get one for a mere fraction of the price. The knife, while dubious in blade material, can sharpen up to a razors edge and makes a great survival knife.

I’ve also reviewed his kit and while I had a number of concerns I concluded it to be a fine kit for the price. It’s something easy you can throw into your truck or tuck away to a corner of the house for a rainy day. You can even see on YouTube he makes a decent pair of survival pants as many other enthusiasts have noted.

If it’s one thing you want in a survival situation it is quality gear. Skimping out on your survival gear is a recipe for disaster. Even if you don’t know how to use the gear, having gear that can stand up to the pressures of you learning is crucial.

Perhaps my favorite 2 pieces of gear from the Bear Grylls survival line of products is the backpack and the sleeping bag. The backpack features all of the elements I like to see in a traditinal hikers pack. Compression straps, lots of space, quality zippers, and good design. It’s extremely lightweight and durable. Would I use it as a bug out bag? perhaps not. But the Bear Grylls backpack makes a great pack to take out on the trail for a 2 – 3 day expedition into the wilderness.

The sleeping bag is warm as hell. Rated at 30 degrees it compares quite nicely to even the more expensive 30 degree bags. In the review I liken it to the Marmot Cloudbreak 30. This is a top brand in hiking gear and you can snatch up the Bear Grylls sleeping bag for pennies on the dollar.

However, the most infamous piece of gear Bear Grylls has put out is his signature knife. It’s one of the cheapest survival knives on the market and comes fully loaded with a sheath and other survival goodies like his ferrorcerium striker. For the price you simply can’t beat this knife. Perhaps the one other knife I’d compare it to is Les Strouds very own knife. I’ve compared the two knives here.

Long story short they are very similar in design and price points. It really comes down to who you think is the greatest survivalist of all times!

Final Verdict On The Bear Grylls Gear

Like many of you, I had many reservations about buying any of the Bear Grylls gear. I expected to receive plastic trinkets instead of full blown survival gear made out of heavy duty materials. I was surprised to find the quality was up to par with even some of the best gear out there. With that said, don’t be hesitant to try out some gear for yourself. It’s much cheaper, heavy duty, and while it’s not the BEST of the best, it’s better than most!

Have you used any of the Bear Grylls survival gear? Let me know in the comments what you think about his stuff.



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