Bear Grylls Survival Knife Review

Bear Grylls is well known for his hit television show “Man vs Wild.” In the show, Bear Grylls takes the viewer on extravagant adventures through all kinds of survival situations. Critics say that Bear Grylls is just a showman. They say he is only in for the entertainment value.

Despite this criticism, he managed to produce one hell of a knife. The Bear Grylls survival knife is a no-nonsense blade that deserves a spot on your belt. In this review, I take a look at the Bear Grylls survival knife and the reasons why it is indeed a competent and worthy blade.


Some of the specs I couldn’t find data for and I don’t have the proper tools to test myself. Specs I couldn’t find are denoted with two question marks.

Blade TypeFixed
Blade Length4.8 inches
Total Length10 inches
Blade Thickness??
Blade Material??
Weight13.7 oz
Sheath IncludedYes

First impressions

When you’ve handled many blades you can easily tell the quality knives from the cheap ones. Quality knives have a certain weighty feel. Crappy ones feel like a plastic trinket that belongs in the trash. The Bear Grylls knife is weighty and serious – something I didn’t expect from a guy who willingly drinks his own piss. The blade itself looks wicked, as if it was forged someplace dark and serious. I love the look of the blade especially with the orange accents on the handle. The rubber handle is extremely grippy.

Expensive knives use Micarta which is nice but expensive. The rubber is just as functional and perhaps even favored over pricey Micarta alternatives.

The blade


Let’s talk about the blade itself. The blade is just under 5 inches and features a drop point. This is a point I enjoy for carving and skinning. You can really get a fine carve on if you know what you’re doing. The material in question is a mystery. I think it’s some kind of stainless steel or a mix between different types of metals? The documentation doesn’t say.

Regardless, the blade is sharp and holds an edge. Sure, it’s not going to be as sharp as an ESEE 3 or Morakniv, but what do you expect for a sub $40 blade? The blade has serrated edges which appear to hack half way decently. You can tell they won’t last forever but they will stay functional for a while.

The handle


The handle is truly something else. It’s a grooved rubber which has orange accents and bears Bear Grylls’s initials (no pun intended.) The pommel appears to be strong but I wouldn’t attempt busting any windows or something. Attached to the pommel lanyard is a survival whistle that would do the job if need be. Functionally, the handle is very grippy even when wet. I actually prefer a rubber handle but you usually don’t see rubber used on most knives. It is what it is.

The sheath


I always say the sheath is almost as important as the blade! You need something to protect yourself from the blade while you aren’t using it. The sheath should not dull the blade. It should keep the blade secured right to your belt while you are busy doing other things. When it comes time to use the blade you should easily be able to retrieve the knife from the sheath.

I got to say, the sheath is basic but it does the job in a way that leaves no complaints. The sheath implements a patented friction lock system to lock the blade in a secure position when you are not using it. Towards the handle is a velcro strap to further secure the knife. It’s designed for either a right or left handed person and has a water drainage hole at the bottom – in case you decide to go swimming with your knife on. It also comes with a built in blade sharpener! Good stuff indeed.


Okay, so the knife looks cool but how does it perform in the real world? I took the knife out into the bush to see how it stacked up against a variety of survival tasks. Common tasks include skinning, chopping, batoning wood, etc. I was surprised to see this blade held well to everything I put it through. It chopped wood like some of the better knives I’ve used. It skinned well due to the blades fine edge. It batoned straight through all the wood I could throw at it. In the end, I came away very impressed with how this knife performed.

A little chopping action


A little slicing


Final thoughts

The Bear Grylls survival knife definitely took me by surprise. For the price I believe it’s unmatched. If you’re on a budget this is definitely the knife you want to invest in. I see a lot of people talking crap about this knife. This is mainly because they don’t consider Bear Grylls a real survivalist. If these people were honest however they would see that this is a quality knife for the price despite the “fake” reputation of Mr. Grylls. It’s too bad people can’t see beyond the surface of things but that’s the world we live in

Anyways, do yourself a favor and order one today. Your belt won’t regret it and neither will you!

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