Bear Grylls Finally Talks About Les Stroud?

When you think of the top celebrity survivalists there are 2 heavy hitters who come to mind. I’m talking about Bear Grylls and Les Stroud. Bear Grylls is well known for his hit show Man vs Wild where he takes viewers on a wild adventure of survival. Bear Grylls pulls off some truly Hollywood style stunts and isn’t afraid to do whatever it takes to make sure his ratings stay on top. He’s been known to repel down cliffs with bailing wire, jump in raging rivers, and even drink his own urine!

Les Stroud on the other hand is considered the more “serious” survivalist. He’s known for his practical survival skills and gives the viewers what he considers seasoned survival advice. While not as interesting as Bear Grylls, Les has still managed to amass a large following of people who look to him for advice.

I always considered Les a humble guy until I found a video of him bashing Mr. Bear Grylls to an audience…

When asked about his opinion on Bear Grylls he had many snarky things to say like “Who?” Playing as if he’s never heard of him.

He then goes on to say “Oh, the actor!”

Once again slamming Bear Grylls and making a joke out of him.

As the final stake in the coffin, Les had this to say this…

“If you wanted to learn about archaeology, would you go to Harrison Ford?”

Okay we get it Les, you are the survival God and we should all bow down to you.

Bear Grylls response to Les Stroud

I’ve looked around but can’t find a single video or audio clip of Bear Grylls making a rebuttal. You would think in todays world of drama Bear would be chomping at the bits to stir up some controversy, perhaps for a new show, or maybe a Les vs Bear face off at the least!

What I did find was a number of stories showcasing who the truly humble man was. For starters, Bear is a military man with 3 years of active duty with the British SAS. It goes without saying he knows a thing or two about survival. In 1996 he suffered a back injury where he broke 3 major vertebrae. 18 months later despite doctors orders he CLIMBS Mount Everest, fulfilling his childhood dream. I would like to see the credentials and life experiences of Bears haters at this point.

Second, the show was meant as an education/entertainment vehicle. It was never about Bear Grylls going out there to survive on his own, despite many viewers and haters having this impression. To capture the shots he needed to accurately portray the survival skills he needed a camera crew.

Sure, every night Bear and his crew would go back and either stay at a local lodge or a tent onsite where they were shooting. Does Bear deserve flack for this? I certainly think not and SHAME on Mr. Les Stroud for taking a snarky stab at Bear and painting him as an idiot.


Bear is a Christian, a humble guy, and donates to charity. He’s served in British SAS, climbed Mount Everest, and produced one hell of a show. Maybe Les is pissed because Bear makes more money? I’m not sure but good on Bear for refusing to talk about Les in the same ill mannered way.

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