Bear Grylls vs Les Stroud – Who Wins?

Bear Grylls and Les Stroud – two notorious T.V. personalities with their own survival shows. Each one takes a different approach to survival. Bear Grylls is popular because he drinks his own urine and repels down steep mountain slopes with bailing twine. Les Stroud is noted for his calculated approach and “real” survival skills. Now, if you put these two in an ultimate survival situation, who would win and why?

Bear Grylls


Bear Grylls in his hit show “Man vs Wild” takes his viewers on a wild expedition of survival. Him and his camera crew go balls deep into the most challenging environments to test his skills. Bear Grylls is not shy when it comes to getting naked, jumping into raging rivers, climbing trees, repelling down cliffs, or even drinking his own urine. He is also not afraid to eat whatever nasty bug crawls across the landscape. Each episode shows Mr. Grylls taking part in some fairly aggressive stunts that make you question the validity of the show.

Some say Bear Grylls is all hat and no cattle. In other words, critics of Bear Grylls say he is only in it for the money. Some go so far as to say he never even spends the night in the places he films. When filming is over he goes back to a cozy 5 star hotel where he eats the finest foods and drinks the finest champagne.

If we take a look at what we see him do on T.V. we can deduce a few things. One, most of his stunts are ridiculous and outright dangerous. Many of the situations he puts himself in can result in broken bones, twisted ankles, or other serious injuries. His habit of getting naked and jumping into the coldest rivers is downright stupid at times. In some episodes you can easily see that he could of simply walked alongside the river to reach his destination.

Man vs Wild is definitely entertaining to watch despite the obvious misinformation. But, does this make Bear Grylls an incompetent survivalist? Just because his show focuses on entertainment doesn’t mean Mr. Grylls is incapable in the wild, right?

Les Stroud


Les Stroud is the man behind the hit show “Survivorman.” Mr. Stroud’s show differs greatly from Man vs Wild in many key areas. Les films the entire show himself. He doesn’t have a crew of people he goes out with. If somethine goes wrong he has to figure things out himeslf. He does not have a team of experts to help him through situations. This puts him at greater risk in my opinion and gives the show a more authentic feel. Because he films everything himself you get an up close and personal feel for what it really takes to survive. Mr. Stroud is well known for saying things like “you’re one twisted ankle away from death.”

He constantly delivers sound advice and spends a lot of time educating you face to face. He stresses the dangers of getting injured in a survival situation. You never saw him doing crazy stunts that could get him gravely injured. His approach to survival was always calculated and informed. I feel that Survivorman was educational and did a lot of good teaching the real nitty gritty details of what it takes to survive.

Stroud also trained under real experts and has been a student of primitive living for many years. I consider Stroud an overall good guy who knows what he’s talking about.

Who Wins?

As far as entertainment value goes the cup goes to Mr. Grylls. He is fun to watch and there is never a dull moment. If it came down to surviving I got to go with Mr. Stroud. If I was stranded on a desert island and had to choose a partner, I’m going with the guy who’s been studying this stuff his whole life. I’m going with the guy who knows what it takes to survive. My hat is off to both these gentleman but the winner in this survival competition is clearly Stroud.

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