Benchmade Mini Griptilian 556 review

In search of the greatest EDC knife of all times I had a number of requirements. The knife had to be small yet powerful. You can’t simply carry a giant RAMBO knife everywhere you go and expect to call it an EDC. With the EDC, you’ll be doing everything from cracking open boxes and envelopes, to skinning small fish and game. I ran across the Benchmade Mini Griptilian and everything looked good on paper…but how did it stack up to the daily wear and tear of life? In this review I take you through a deep dive look at the Benchmade Mini Griptilian. 

Specifications and benefits


  • Blade length – 2.91″
  • Open length – 6.78″
  • Blade thickness – 2.54mm
  • Blade material – 154CM
  • Drop point
  • Slim profile
  • Sharp as a razor
  • Extremely grippy and ergonomic; patented scales and form factor
  • Easily resharpens thanks to the 154CM material
  • Locks securely into place
  • Sturdy pocket clip
  • Flys open with thumb tack
  • Comes apart for cleaning
  • Perhaps the most famous EDC knife of all time

Full review


The BMG boasts a number of crucial design specs. First and foremost, the blade material is made of time tested 154CM stainless steel. This blade material delivers the wicked sharp edge of a carbon steel blade while also boasting the serious anti-corrosion characteristics of stainless. The best of both worlds? Yes. This steel does make this blade a jack of all trades knife. It’s not going to give you the FULL benefits of carbon or stainless. For an every day carry, this is just fine for me.

The handle on the BMG immediately burns into your brain the reason they call this the mini griptilian. The handle practically molds right into your mitts, giving you a balanced an extremely ergonomic grippy feel. The name of the knife also pays homage to the scaled grip patterns on the handle and the numerous washboard moldings placed at key grip areas of the knife. The knife also features solid jimping, ensuring you get a clean and solid grip even when slicing deep into a fish or piece of game.

One thing I love about the knife is the dimensions. It’s not too wide and does not annoy you in the pocket. There’s nothing worse than a bulky pocket knife. This knife leaves plenty of room in the pocket with just enough weight to let you know it can be busted out at a moments notice.

With a bit of practice the knife flys open using the prominent thumb stud on the side of the knife. Once the blade is open it locks securely into place using the BMGs classic AXIS locking mechanism. To close the blade, press down on the release mechanism and then fling it back into place, ensuring to let go of the release button before the blade arcs all the way back into the handle.

Lastly, the blade is fully serviceable. The entire thing can be taken apart for a proper cleaning using standard allen wrenches. Now that’s custom.


The Benchmade Mini Griptilian has earned it’s rightful place in the hands of thousands of users who consider this knife the best EDC knife on the market – and I can see why. It’s hard to find a flaw with this blade.

Do you have experience with the BMG? Leave a comment and let others know what you think about this knife.

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