Best Barterting Items For Post Collapse SHTF

With Trump in the Whitehouse we can take a step back and kick up our feet right? WRONG. We are still on the verge of complete economic meltdown. You can’t simply wave a magic wand and fix the damage the petrol dollar has caused, not to mention the fact that the U.S. simply prints whatever money we need! Yes sir, we are still on the brink of complete economic meltdown and the piper has yet to be paid (and he’s pissed about it.)

In the post collapse world there will be a number of handy items you might want to stock up on ASAP. Here is list of the best SHTF barter items you should stock up on immediately.

Water – Yes, good ol’ H20 will be bartered at a premium when fresh water sources start to run dry. When they turn the pipes off, how desperate will people become for even a mere ounce of water? If you have water you can rule entire communities of people. If you have water you have life. People will trade anything at the best deals to you. Ever seen The Book of Eli?

Food – Yes, we’re getting the obvious things out of the way first. Food and water will be the top bartering items in the post collapse world. Coffee is great but that’s not what people want when they’re  dying of thirst and hunger. It’s crucial to be well stocked up with food so you can trade for premium items you might need. Like water, people will gladly give up their most treasured pieces of gear for even a small morsel.

Addictive substances – Alcohol, coffee , and tobacco will be traded at a top premium. People are absolutely hooked on this stuff and will trade away their great grandmothers last life possession for even the smallest hook up. As an ex smoker and drinker, I can tell you from experience these will be the top bartering items second only to food and water.

Spices – All those rice and beans are going to get very bland without spices. Spices will spice up any dish and make the blandest meal taste like a 3 star Michelin fine dining experience. You better believe women will want to get there hands on a good set of spices.

Medical supplies – exposure to the raw elements and being forced into a nomadic lifestyle is a breeding ground for disease and injury. Medical supplies will be at a top premium for those who are injured or who have an injured family member. Top dollar.

Household items – This stuff isn’t hard. Think about all the things you use on a daily basis to live a life of luxury and comfort. You think you won’t need TP in the post collapse world? Toilet paper, tooth brushes, toothpaste, clothing, shoes, soaps, cookware, cups, hygiene items, etc. Start keeping a checklist of everything you use throughout your day even down to that last plastic spork you used to dig in to that can of SPAM. These items can also be bartered at a top premium.

Guns and Ammo – Depending on how bad the SHTF, guns and ammo could go for a very TOP premium. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this one out. Even in times of peace guns and ammo go for top dollar. In SHTF times the value of a good gun will SKYROCKET.

Baby stuff – You think babies will just up and disappear in a fully blown collapse? They won’t, and they’re gonna need diapers, baby formula, clothing, and probably a bunch of other things I’m simply ignorant to. A woman will trade away her entire life savings in order to protect and meet her babies needs. But don’t be an asshole, give the woman a damn diaper for her baby you psycho!

Electrical equipment – Generators and batteries baby, generators and batteries! How the hell else are we supposed to power our HAM radios and  other electrical goodies?

Outdoor gear – Outdoor supplies and post collapse go together like whisky and women. Items like tents, paracord, tarps, rain gear, backpacks, water filters etc.


Final thoughts

At the end of the day you never know what someone is going to find valuable. As the old saying goes, one mans trash is another mans treasure. However, you can easily keep well stocked on the things you KNOW can be bartered. The items on this list are items which will be in the highest demand. Stay stocked up and brush up on those bartering skills!


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