Best High Tech Survival Gear For Your B.O.B.

Want to survive but want to do it with technology? Many survivalists are quick to advocate primitive tools when in a survival situation. With a little preparation and some high-tech gear however, you can make any survival situation a complete walk in the park.

Let’s crack into the gear.

Camelbak UV Water Purifier

This is one of my all time favorite pieces of gear. It’s a water purifier that purifies water with UV light. UV light absolutely destroys any traces of bacteria or harmful pathogens in the water, making it suitable to drink.

The entire bottle looks like it came off some kind of futuristic space craft – and at night the light gives off a very alien vibe. Just make sure the water is clear before you hit it with light. The light cannot pass through dirty water.

SOTO Pocket Torch

Turns any lighter into a flaming hot torch capable of temperatures up to 2300 degrees Fahrenheit. Completely windproofs the lighter too. It really does transform an ordinary lighter into a fully functional torch which makes getting a fire going that much easier – especially in windy conditions!

Goal Zero Solar Recharging Kit

The best solar recharging station available to backpackers and survivalists alike. Easily recharge your smartphone or bluetooth speakers wherever you are. On a full charge this thing can charge your smartphone up to 5 times depending on the make of your phone, and, the whole unit fully recharges itself via sunlight in 9 hours. It’s also lightweight and completely water/weatherproof.

Flir Thermal Imaging Camera


Spot heat signatures effortlessly. This is a very effective piece of gear for hunting at night, the time when many animals reveal themselves to the hunter. You could also use it to scope out your surrounding area for any human activity you might want to avoid. In a fully blown SHTF situation, moving at night and remaining concealed could be a big part of staying alive.

Fire Piston


This little piece of high tech gear uses compressed air to generate heat and create fire. With a little technique, you have a fullproof method of making fire that can’t be destroyed by water! The thing about lighters and matches is they become unusable if they get wet. That being said, it’s always a good idea to have multiple ways of making fire. The fire piston is one more method of making fire you can add to your survival kit.

Uvex Bionic Face Shield


Survival doesn’t necessarily mean “lost in the woods.” Sometimes it means blasting your way through riots, hurricanes, tornadoes etc. A face shield can protect your head from flying debris, batons, pepper spray, etc. When TSHTF you’re going to feel a lot safer and more equipped when you got this thing on – guaranteed.

Blast knuckles


A taser built into a ring you can wear brass knuckles style. If things go fully blown you can put this on and take out anyone in your path. I personally can’t vouch for the strength but one Amazon reviewer did say it took down his 350lb brother no problems. Test one out for yourself and let us know!

Zippo Emergency Fire Starter

This is high tech because it’s a primitive method of fire making molded into a modern design. You get the best of both worlds here – reliability and quality. The Zippo is flint based, waterproof, and comes with replaceable wax coated fire tender for effortless ignition. The bright orange makes it easy to find if you drop it somewhere.


Keep on eye on this list for updated high tech stuff!








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