What is The Best SHTF Backpack?

Have you been thinking about putting together an SHTF backpack? It’s a good idea – and not just because we’re on the brink of total atomic warfare. There are many situations that require you to bug out of your location. Think floods, power outages, fires, etc. These are all very common. Having an SHTF backpack with all the gear you need to survive is crucial.

A B.O.B worth buying

Your B.O.B (bug out bag) must fulfill 2 primary requirements:

  • It must hold all of your gear
  • It must NOT fall to pieces the moment it’s exposed to a real life SHTF situation

There are plenty of options available to you. Molle packs feature military grade durability and tons of storage space. These are great packs and will last you forever. Military grade packs have been battle tested to withstand even the harshest environments.

You might also be considering a standard backpackers backpack. These are lightweight packs and have a lot of versatility options. Weight is an important consideration. You don’t want to buckle under the crushing weight of an SHTF backpack that’s too heavy. The backpack itself weighs a considerable amount so choose wisely.

Whatever you choose make sure it can hold 72 hours worth of food, water, and supplies.

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The 5.11 Rush 72

The 5.11 Rush 72 Hour Tactical Pack


The 5.11 Rush 72 is a best of both worlds bag. It has all the durability of a military pack while including the versatility of a backpackers pack. It’s a very roomy and well designed pack for lots of different uses. You can even use it for your day to day adventures. It looks civilian enough not to draw attention in public. The thing about military packs is you look like you’re up to something. You look like you might have important gear.

This could potentially make you a target for violent crimes. In an SHTF situation, everything is up for grabs and there are no rules. Men with violent tendencies in normal society will go completely ape shit. I prefer to blend in. The 5.11 Rush is the perfect bag to go full incognito mode.

72 hour SHTF backpack – The bag is designed to carry 72 hours worth of gear. You won’t have any problems stuffing 3 days worth of supplies into this thing. There are generous pockets all over the pack for gear storage.

Built tough – When I say built tough I mean tough. The whole pack is made of bombproof 1050D nylon and coated with a waterproof treatment. The zippers are thick and the stitching is borderline overkill. You could throw this thing into a wood chipper and it would come out unscathed (okay, don’t try this.) But you get my point. This bag will outlast you. Pass it on to future generations if you’d like.

It also has a ton of Molle webbing. You can easily attach external Molle compatible storage pouches to the outside. This extends the functionality of the pack. Molle is great stuff for increasing the versatility of an SHTF backpack.

Comfort – Military packs are often ridiculously uncomfortable. They weren’t built for comfort in mind. I guess comfort was a low priority during the war. The shoulder straps are almost paper thin and cut deep into your traps while you hike. The 5.11 Rush 72 is super comfortable and generously padded in all the places where it matters – shoulder straps and back plates. Dense foam makes hiking long distances much more bearable.

Pack mule status – You could overload this thing to the max. External loops make it easy to lash gear to the outside. The pack is durable enough to handle a monstrous load. There’s even loops on the bottom to attach bulky stuff like your tent or your tarp.

Final thoughts

Overall the 5.11 Rush 72 is one of the best bug out bags out there. Really, if you want the best this is the best shtf backpack to get.¬†However, any bag will do as long as it’s made well and can carry all of your gear. Once you have your pack you can get started getting stocked up on all the essential gear. Don’t get caught unprepared!



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