Bugging In vs Bugging Out During SHTF

The million dollar question that’s been hashed over a million times by preppers and survivalist is the following – in a full blown SHTF situation, is it better to bug out or bug in? Debaters on both sides of the equation bring up valid points which I will discuss in this post.

Bugging out

Bugging out in an SHTF situation appears to be the most popular option amongst preppers. Most preppers and survivalists are locked, cocked, and ready to roll out at a moments notice. Bugging out is the act of packing your things and getting out of town to a secondary bug out location.

But is bugging out always the best option? Bugging out makes a lot of sense depending on the situation. You do NOT want to bug in if you live in a city and all hell breaks loose. The city will be ripe with looters and other dangerous animals who will begin controlling the streets. After all the obvious stuff has been looted, these baboons will start raiding houses to secure survival items. One thing is for certain – they will not be asking your permission.

The other crucial aspect to bugging out is your secondary location. Unless you have a plan, bugging out doesn’t make sense unless the situation is getting progressively worse. Where will you go if you bug out? Do you have family in another city or town? Will you have enough resources? Where are you going?

The most laughable idea plaguing the survival community is bugging out into the woods. Unless you plan on going full blown RAMBO and you have ultimate survival skills, bugging out to the woods is a recipe for suicide. This is definitely not an option for a family.

Bugging in

Bugging in is another formidable survival strategy when the shit hits the fan. Bugging in makes complete sense for home owners who own property out in rural or country areas. From this unique vantage point you can easily protect your land with guns from the occasional crazy. The fact is country folks won’t be dealing with looters and violent criminals like city dwellers will. If you live in the cuts, stocking up on food, water, and ammo is a solid strategy for surviving the madness.

Just make sure you’re fully prepped with proper food and supplies.

The best strategy for you

There is no right answer to bugging in vs bugging out. You will do one or the other depending on your situation. The BEST thing you can do is prepare for both. This means having the necessary supplies to bug in but also preparing to bug out if the situation calls for rapid response action.

You must slowly begin putting together the proper SHTF supplies and at the bare minimum, get yourself a decent bug out bag.

Survival is not guaranteed but preparing at even a basic level sets you miles ahead of the rest.

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