Top 8 Quietest Portable Generators On The Market


By now you know the power and advantages of the almighty generator. The power goes out, what do you do? You rip on the pull start of your favorite generator and go back to business as usual. The thing about traditional generators is they are loud sons of beasts, best suited for construction sites and kept FAR away from house and home. Try firing up one of those bad boys at the house and count the seconds before the wife begins to complain – then kiss your back goodbye as you attempt to relocate the 10 ton monster to another location.

The solution here is quite simple. What you need is the quietest portable generator possible. Something lightweight. Something that kicks out a good amount of power without a hell fire of noise complaints lobbed from the Jones’s next door. Whether you’re out in the RV or at the house holding down the fort during a storm, you don’t want the excess noise on top of all the other crazy stuff that’s going on around you.

In this post we explore 8 of the quietest portable generators on the market today. Without further ado and in no particular order…

1.) Champion 3100 Watt Portable Generator


Ever heard of Champion? Me neither until I started digging deep into the reviews. They offer a plethora of great generators and their 3100 Watt portable generator is one of the best in the business. The thing is, this thing is light weight and nearly kicks off the same amount of power as a traditional generator. It comes 3 power ports, (2) 120 AC ports and (1) RV receptacle. It supplies enough power for a small fridge, an AC unit, and a couple lights. The best part is the almost complete silence as you listen to the inverter charge up all your electrical devices. This is thanks to inverter technology which provides clean efficient powder without sounding like you just bought a wood chipper.

2.) Westinghouse iGen2200


This generator is picked up by the portable handle and easily dragged to whatever remote corner of the house or campsite you need it at. Westinghouse has long provided some of the highest quality generators in the business and now they’re in the inverter market – making high tech portable generators that are silent but deliver the power you need at a moments notice. This gas powered portable generator is one of the quietest on the market and supplies a clean 2200 watts for all your electrical equipment. And if you don’t know your power requirements I recommend reading my post on the best generators for SHTF situations.¬†

3.) Generac IQ2000 Super Quiet Generator


This company has the balls to say their generator is even quieter than a Honda. If you don’t know, Hondas make the absolute quitest generators on the market and that goes for their traditional bulky generators as well. The Generac IQ2000 supplies a clean load of 1600 running watts and 2000 starting watts. It’s gotten some decent feedback and it’s carb complian meaning even Californians can use this bad boy. Many generators will not ship to California because of the carb laws but this generator pass all the tests. It’s also very light and easily picked up by even a string bean school boy.

4.) Briggs and Stratton P2200 Power Smart Generator


Time to go beefy. Time to go TOTAL VALUE. This is perhaps the most bang for the buck portable generator on this list. And it just so happens to be one of the quietest despite the attractive price tag. Briggs and Stratton have been on the power tools game for a long time and have taken their time tested commitment to quality into the generator market. 1 gallon of fuel is enough to run the unit for an entire 8 hours on a 25% load. If you want to save a couple hundred bucks but still want quality this is the generator to spring for.

5.) Pulsar PG2000iS Portable Generator


This bad boy is even cheaper than anything I’ve listed above and product owners are absolutely raving about it. Granted, at 1600 running watts it’s also the weakest of anything on the list so far. You have to do the math and decide how much power you need. Once again, in this post I have a handy chart about how much each of your appliances will pull from the generator. This is certainly enough to run a fridge and some lights if that’s all you need. It’s also very lightweight and quiet as a church mouse. In fact, all these portable generators I’m talking about are pretty much on par with each for being the quietest out there.

6.) Powerbuilt 2000 Watt Portable Generator


Not as many features as the other generators on the list but packs a punch. Pound for pound, the Powerbuilt portable generator delivers the most bang for the buck hands down. The thing is, at 61 decibels it’s also the loudest on the list. With that said, the difference is hardly negligible and you’d need a well trained ear to even notice the fluctuation in sound. An overall great generator for the price point.

7.) WEN 56125i Portable Generator


Probably one of my favorite on this list for features and raw value. Lot’s of people really like this portable generator. Best of all, the noise it generates is comparable to the decibels measured in a regular conversation. That’s very quiet especially for something powerful enough to run many of your favorite appliances. This unit is perfect for tailgates, RV’s, or even good for your house for the occasional power outage. Plus it’s extremely portable so you can take it wherever power is needed with little hassle at all. It’s easy to win with WEN.

8.) Honda EU2000I Super Quiet 2000 Watt Portable Generator 


And last but certainly not least we have the top seller and THE hands down quietest portable generator on the market today. This is the Honda EU2000I. Honda has been the leader in generators since the dawn of the technology, providing the best most efficient power for homes, job sites, camping trips, and many other scenarios. Honda technology is the best in the business. Not only do you have the quietest unit possible but the most fuel efficient as well. It’s well known that Hondas make the best generators and while the EU2000I is expensive, it so for good reasons. Check out the reviews for yourself to see why other portable generators simply don’t compare.


There you have it. Some seriously quiet generators you can take a look at. Remember, it comes down to knowing your power output requirements and then choosing a portable generator that can handle the load. For the most part, many of these generators are about the same as far as sound levels go. That’s what you get with inverter style generators – good clean energy and low decibels of sound.

Any questions? Let me know in the comments below.


Champion 3100 Watt Inverter Generator Review


First we had the traditional generators which ran on standard gas. These beasts were heavy and cumbersome to transport especially if you own an RV or travel trailer. Standard generators also don’t produce a clean enough electrical output for use with modern electronics like your laptop, smartphone, tablets, and refrigerator.

Thankfully we now have inverter technology. The Champion 3100 watt inverter generator is the perfect unit to load into your RV, truck, or travel trailer. Perfect to take out into the boondocks and power many essential devices without having to be tapped into the precious grid.

Let’s take a look at the specs and features of this inverter generator

Specifications and Features

  • 3100 starting watts and 2800 running watts
  • 3 outlets (2 standard 120AC and 1 RV receptacle)
  • 20.1 x 20.5 x 26 inches
  • 171cc single cylinder engine
  • 1.6 gallon tank
  • 8 hours run time on 25% load
  • 80 lbs
  • Quiet
  • Gasoline powered
  • Quick touch control panel
  • Clean electricity for all electronics

Full Review


My hunt for the best inverter generator led to many expensive models mainly from Honda and Yamaha. While these are reportedely the best in the business I figured I’d give the much cheaper Champion a try. I heard good things about this model and didn’t want to blow an entire months worth of income on a Honda or Yamaha.

You see, going out into the wilderness requires some precauation. You need to power all your goodies and you don’t want to create too much noise. The nice thing I noticed about this generator is the low volume of noise when you start the unit.

The Champion 3100 watt runs on regular unleaded gasoline. I thought this meant the unit was going to be a loud beast for sure. This wasn’t the case. Of course I unboxed the unit first. I did notice the box was banged up a little during the shipping process but no visible damage to the generator itself was observed. I added both the 10w-30 oil and the gasoline to the unit and fired it up.

I was surprised the generator started on the 2nd pull. Having had my fair share of problems with pull starts I was expecting a brutal battle on this front. This was not the case and I stood back for a while just watching it hum along quite silently.

I knew if I was to truly put it to the test I needed to plugin some components. The unit was happy to run a mini fridge, a couple small lights, and a small portable AC unit with zero problems. This was in fact all I needed it to while out on my camping excursions.

Even with a full a load the generator kept to it’s low hum, maybe getting only slightly louder as I tested the full load capacity.

It’s important to note there is a break in period. When your receive the unit you want to make sure to run the unit without any load for an hour. After the first hour bring the load to 25% and run for another hour. Do the same for the consecutive hours at both 50, 75, and 100% load capacities. This ensures the unit is not placed under maximum stress right away and allows both the oil and gasoline to cycle through the machine at an even pace.

Finally, the unit comes on wheels with a convenient handle to drag it around wherever you need to be. Even a small person could manage to wheel this thing to the back of a truck and throw it straight in.


Inverter generators are a great piece of gear to have on hand. In fact, they even work well in the home although many people use them for camping due to efficient portability. The Champion 3100 inverter generator is indeed a champion when it comes to providing you with excellent power. The unit is inexpensive compared to most other inverter generators and the reviews are actually quite good. In fact, I would say this is even comparable to the more expensive generators from Honda but Honda is well known for having the quietest inverters around. Is it worth the extra $1000 though? I don’t think so. For the most bang for the buck you can’t go wrong with a solid Champion.

Any questions? Let me know in the comments below.

Champion 3500 Watt Generator Review


In this review we’re taking a look at Champions most popular generator. This is the Champion 3500 watt generator. Looking around at other brands I noticed the Honda And Yamaha varieties appeared to do the same thing but cost way more. I found the Champion and must say I am impressed overall. I will tell you a few snags you might hit along the way though.

First let’s take a look at the features and dimensions. Like I said, it’s very similar to other generators on the market but much more affordable. The specs are as follows:

Specifications and Features

  • 3500 watts max load capacity
  • 26.8 x 20.9 x 22.8 inches
  • 105 lbs
  • 3 outlets – 2 regular and 1 single RV receptacle
  • Gas powered
  • 12 hour run time on 50% load
  • Pull start

Full Review


The Champion 3500 watt generator surprised me in a number of ways. First, the unit came in 2 days which is very fast for something like this even with Amazon prime. The whole thing was boxed up nicely and came with extensive documentation about using and maintaining the unit. I was worried it would have a big problem starting up in cold weather but was happy when it fired right up with only 2 pulls. I hate pull starts. I was thinking about getting something with a push to start switch but these are expensive and heavy due to the extra battery.

Dare I say the Champion 3500 watt generator fired up like a true champion. Of course I first added the oil and then the gasoline. Be careful when adding the oil. It’s easy to overflow so just go slow and don’t add too much. Basically from the unboxing of the generator to starting it took no less than 5 minutes. Seems like with other generators they can get fussy and require all sorts of carb and choke adjustments just to get going. The supplied manual tells you to put the choke in “choke mode” I found it much easier to start the unit with the choke closer to run mode. You’ll probably need to adjust this depending on the temperature of where you live.

Then it came time to test the unit in a real world scenario. Of course there was not real power outage but I wanted to at least see if this bad boy could power my fridge and some other essential items. It was more than happy to power my fridge, deep freezer, a couple lights and fans, and also powered various electronics like smartphones, tablets and computers. I was impressed.

While I didn’t test the total run time, I trust the documentation where it says you have a full 12 hours of run time on a 50% load. I imagine a near 100% load would cut this time down considerably. Not a problem if you have plenty of gas on had. Could be a problem if all you have is a gallon. Gas goes bad and so not many people have stores and stores of this precious commodity.

But what about noise level? I’ve been on construction sites where the noise of the generators was enough to scare the raccoons and rodents deep back into the holler. While no gas powered generator is completely silent, the Champion 3500 watt was considerably more quiet than some of the others I’ve ran across in various places.

One feature I like is the fuel shutoff switch. This allows you to burn any excess gasoline in the carb so it’s not sitting there and gumming everything up. The unit is also very easy to maintain and light enough for 2 people (or even one if you’re strong) to carry the generator wherever you need.


For an affordable SHTF generator you can’t go wrong with the Champion 3500. Champion is quickly becoming a well known brand for providing top notch generators at prices that undercut huge competitors like Honda and Yamaha. While these higher end generators come with other attractive features, Champion keeps it basic and gives you raw reliability and performance at a price you can afford. Grab one today and finally be prepared for that next power outage!