Meatheads VS Vegans In Full Blown SHTF | Who Wins?

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past few years, there has been a war waged between vegans and carnivores. Veganism has taken the world by storm and has created a blood feud between those who eat meat. Vegans cite how they are healthier on all levels, how they do not partake in the mass slaughter of animals, and do not contribute to mass domestication of farm animals which is the number one contributor to global warming. Meat eaters note that bacon tastes good, fuck vegans, and we have K9’s for eating meat just like dogs and lions.

It goes without saying, 99% of preppers eat meat. Most of them have not left the town they grew up in and do not live in progressive and forward thinking parts of the world. Preppers are quick to note that in a true survival situation, it will be necessary to eat meat to survive.

But is this true? Can a vegan survive in the wild living off nothing but the foraged food they find? This poses an interesting question. The question is fundamentally flawed however. In a survival situation, can the vegan next door not have a complete stockpile of vegan goodies as well? Just because vegans don’t stock up on traditional long term food storage does not mean they are not just as prepared as the meatheads.

But what about in a TRUE survival situation where you are trapped in the wilderness and must survive on the environment around you? First of all, is this ever to be a likely scenario? Most likely not but let’s roll with it.

In a true survival situation it will be necessary to sustain yourself with the calories required to survive. The most calorically dense source of food is indeed meat. (I can hear the meatheads cheering at this point.) To sustain the functioning of the human body and perhaps walk or run long distances, a solid source of food will be required.

The question is not “can a vegan survive based on plants alone.”

This has been proven by the millions of every day vegans roaming the earth. The question is, can they FIND enough plant based foods to sustain themselves. Plants are not as calorically dense and therefore will require the vegan to secure a sustainable source.

With the right knowledge of plants this is possible in certain environments. According to plants for a future, there are over 20,000 species of edible plants while only a mere 20 of those plants are traditionally eaten in modern society. This means there’s a good chance while you’re on the trail munching on heart attack inducing jerky, you are literally passing by salad after salad.

Furthermore, just because someone is a meat eater doesn’t mean they will catch anything. How many meat eaters could actually go out and hunt their own food in a survival situation? Very few I’m betting. In these situations it’s much more efficient to find and gather foods from plant based sources.

In the end, while meat delivers the most bang for your buck in calories, there are still options available for a vegan to survive.

Especially considering that when all the stores are looted even the vegan section remains untouched…