Top 7 American Made Knife Companies


Tired of dishing your money out to overseas manufacturers? If you’re looking for an American Made knife company to send your money to, look no further than this list.

1.) ESEE


ESEE knives are manufactured by Rowen Manufacturing in Idaho Falls, Idaho. This is great news for Americans looking for American Made knives. ESEE knives are the absolute best in the business. ESEE still holds true to the belief that high quality American made knives can still be competitive with the cheap Chinese and overseas products. If you’re looking for a high quality survival or rescue knife, look no further than the infamous ESEE 5. The ESEE 5 is absolutely bombproof and represents a knife that will last multiple lifetimes.

Notable knife: ESEE 5

2.) Benchmade

Benchmade knife company was born in California, eventually establishing permanent roots in Oregon. All Benchmade knives are custom made right in their shop in Oregon City, Oregon. The story goes, the founding owner grew tired of the cheap Bali-Song butterfly knives he played with as a kid and set out to create a knife made with state of the art materials and engineering techniques. He showed his finished product to a gun store owner who asked Les if he could make 100 more. The rest as they say, is history. Benchmade now makes a range of high quality products. The Benchmade 940 is perhaps their most popular knife.

Notable Knife: The Benchmade 940

3.) SpyderCo

SpyderCo knives are manufactured in the great state of Golden, Colorado. They’ve carved out (no pun intended) a large following of dedicated customers with their unique designs and attention to quality and detail. The company has pioneered many knife features now standard on most blades – the pocket clip and blade serrations being the most notable of these designs. In 1981 they unvelied the C01 Worker, their first folder knife and the first knife ever featuring a hole in the blade, designed for fast opening for both righties and lefties. They’ve continued to push the envelope with their designs.

Notable knife: SpyderCo Paramilitary 2

4.) Ontario knife company

Ontario is a knife company founded in 1989, in Naples, New York. Currently, all of their knives are manufactured in Franklinville, NY. Ontario boasts some serious accolades and have direct contracts with the U.S. military. They’ve supplied survival knives for both the USMC the Airforce, and most notably created the M9 bayonet. Ontario specializes in hardcore military knives. These are not knives you take home to grandma. Their history of military use means these knives are meant for serious business and survival. If you want a knife that’s going to stand the test of time and see you through even the hairiest situations, go with an Ontario.

Notable knife: Ontario Rat 5

5.) Kabar

Kabar knives hails from Good ol’ New York City and is famous for their fighting knives used by our very own United States Marine Core. They are a sister company of Cutco Cutlery believe it or not but they produce some seriously high quality knives. The Bk2 and the Bk7 are their most famous knives. These are some of the best fixed blade knives you will come across. The Bk7 in particular is rather beastly and certainly overkill for anything but the most hardcore survivalists.

Notable knife: Kabar Bk2

6.) TOPS

TOPS knives are designed in the USA and manufactured/finished right in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. They work closely with military personnel to craft some of the best survivalist knives in the business. TOPS knives have also seen deep action in military hot spots and some military folk absolutely swear by the products. TOPS has everything from hunting/survival knives to tactical/EDC blades. There’s a little something for everyone over at TOPS.

Notable knife: CSAR-T Tactical Folder

7.) Emerson

Emerson knives employs over 20 people right here in the United States. Emerson has a rather unique history and boasts some interesting anecdotes. The Emerson CQC-7 was the knife that killed Osama Bin Laden and sold at an auction for $35,400 dollars. The knives are top notch and Emerson himself has put years of work into making knives his fellow Americans can be proud of. Mr Emerson is also an accomplished martial artist and an expert in hand-to-hand combat. He’s trained many organizations including the Navy Seals and has also written numerous books.

Notable Knife: Emerson CQC-7


What Happens To Prisoners When SHTF?

In 2013 The U.S. Bureau of Justice released a document stating that over 2.3 million people were incarcerated in the United States. This is a staggering number. Americans like to beat their chests for being the best but happily gloss over the fact that we incarcerate more people than any other country in the world. These 2.3 million persons are dispersed across 1,719 state prisons and 102 federal prisons.

There is a need to discuss what happens to these prisoners if the shit does indeed hit the fan. Will the guards simply walk away? Will they be shot? Will an inside guard release the prisoners? Can the prisoners free themselves if everyone leaves?

These are crucial questions to consider especially if you live nearby a prison. Even during non SHTF events you must consider that prisoners are released on a daily basis, free to roam the streets once again.

The Hurricane Katrina Case Study

To get an idea of what MIGHT happen we can look to past events. This way we avoid putting on the tin foil hat like so many preppers love to do. Katrina is an interesting situation and it certainly effected the Orleans Parish Prison. The Mayor of New Orleans issued the first ever mandatory evacuation for the entire city while Sheriff Marlin Gusman stated that “The prisoners will stay where they belong.”

Already you can hear preppers hooting and hollering for the Sheriff as they reach for their survival widgets, PBR’s, and cold cuts.

This was a decision he later regretted when he was forced to evacuate the entire prison. The generators for the prison failed in spectacular fashion leaving the entire facility with no lights or ventilation. The temperatures reached blistering levels especially for the prisoners trapped in their cells. At this point the flooding began to intensify and many of the prisons workers and guards completely abandoned the facility to be with their families.

Riots broke out as prisoners began to fear for their very lives. Many managed to break free from their cells and even from the prison itself where the Sheriff had boats waiting to capture and ferry them to a nearby overpass. Here they were watched and guarded by over 300 police officers.

While the Sheriff maintained that all prisoners were accounted for and nobody died or escaped, it was later discovered there were 14 warrants issued for missing prisoners.

What Can We Learn From This?

Firstly, if the shit hits the fan you better believe most of the guards will abandon ship to be with their families. Only a handful of personnel stayed behind to watch over the prisoners. Secondly, without electricity or sufficient personnel prisoners can easily escape if they band together. Many of these guys are smart and crafty and it’s not going to take long before an escape plan is devised and executed. Once they’re out you better believe the first thing they do is find civilian clothes, loot for weapons and ammo, and secure some kind of transportation. This means raiding homes and taking whatever they can. Do you have what it takes to fend off a hoard of escaped inmates? Some of these inmates are repeat violent offenders doing hard time. When faced with one of these animals it’s shoot to kill and ask questions later.

Final Thoughts

While escaped prisoners are a concern, I can’t see a massive influx of them ever being a major problem unless something truly catastrophic has taken place. Total system collapse type stuff. In most cases these guys are locked down tight as a tick and it would take more than a couple hours without power to change that. It’s a good idea to consider how close you are to any major prisons and ensure you have proper defenses.

As always, standard prepping practices apply.





4 SHTF Exercises To Build Muscle and Burn Fat

Talking to local preppers in my community and observing preppers online there is one aspect I always see overlooked – raw physical health. Preppers will go to the moon and back to secure the latest survival widget but can’t take a walk around the block to ensure their health is in ship shape. With some of these preppers you can smell the cold cuts seeping through the pores a mile off. You can tell straight away these guys have a doomsday stockpiles worth of food ready to be eaten at a moments notice, but are extremely undisciplined in their health.

Why is it so hard for people to get in shape? Why is physical health such an often overlooked thing to prep for? What good is all that food and ammo if you can’t even run around the block without heaving for air? How much life can you really enjoy if you are quickly winded walking up a flight of stairs? If a fire broke out could you even run down the stairs fast enough before the flames engulfed you and the entire building? Speed and agility are crucial abilities in an SHTF scenario.

If you are not in shape fear not – with the following exercises you’ll be ready for a full blown shtf scenario in no time. Best of all, ALL of these exercises don’t even require a gym membership so there’s no excuse not to get started.



Walking is not the most exciting or interesting exercise on the planet. However, this is exactly what you need to start doing today if you want to become stronger. You have probably been neglecting your body for years. This neglect is showing up as excess body fat, sluggish blood flow, pot belly, double chin, clogged arteries, and perhaps even more embarrassing symptoms like erectile dysfunction and low libido. The thing is, you’re not going to become a crossfit or lifting champion overnight. You’ve got to go for the low hanging fruit. Walking for 30 minutes everyday is a great start towards becoming fit and strong. Find a nice section of woods around your apartment or home. If you live in a city walking is the best way to see your logistics at the street level – you will start to notice side streets and elements of the city you overlooked while driving. Double whammy!


Pullups and chinups deliver a total upper body workout you’re definitely going to feel in the morning. Pullups contract your lats, forearms, shoulders, and even your abs. You can easily purchase a home pull up bar or simply walk/drive to any local park. With a little creativity anything can become a pull up machine. I like local parks because they offer a lot of versatility for your workouts.


Burpees are another total body workout. The burpee is popular in military boot camps and for a good reason. This exercise alone will whip your ass into shape in no time. Start in a standing position and then drop into a pushup position. Complete the pushup and immediately revert back to standing position. Extra points if you throw in the occasional jumping jack. The burpee engages the chest, shoulders, legs, and core. All muscles you will need when the shit hits the fan.



This is my favorite SHTF workout. Strap on a heavy backpack and hit the trail. This exercise delivers a payload of benefits. First of all it’s simply a good time to get out in nature and experience the great outdoors. Secondly it allows you to test out what it’s like to lug your bug out bag around for a few hours. Most people will put a bug out bag together not even realizing they couldn’t carry it a single mile if their life depended on it. Lastly, you’re going to shed pounds and build the proper muscles required to walk long distances – something that might come in mighty handy.


Ultimately getting in shape contributes to your overall well being and having a quality life experience. Of course, having a lean and physical body will drastically increase your odds of survival in an SHTF situation. I’m sure you can think of a thousand reasons why being fit and healthy is a good thing. Now lay off those donuts and get to work!


The Will To Survive


The prepper network and community has expanded to the far reaches of the world thanks to the internet. Nowadays, anybody has access to a wide spectrum of information and can learn basic prepping and survival principles. It’s easy to get into prepping and fall down a rabbit hole of information and lose your way. There are tons of popular survival products on the market and one can easily blow through an entire years salary in no time at all.

New and even seasoned preppers easily forget that survival goes far beyond purchasing gear and food. True survival ultimately comes down the the will to survive.

What is the will to survive? The will to survive is an experience. Being an experience, you cannot easily explain it like you could if you were simply giving directions. I will however argue that the will to survive is embedded deep into all men. It’s a primal will that’s been forged in us from the very beginning.

In fact, you are here reading this very article because you come from a long line of survivors. At one point in your long lineage of ancestors the will to survive developed. If it hadn’t you would not be here.

The will to survive will ultimately be responsible for your survival. Sure, there’s a lot of gear and prepper items you can purchase to make this easier. But without the will to survive such items will be useless.

Many people become fearful of the future. They become paranoid and life becomes chaos for them. Perhaps you as well sink to these lower levels of consciousness.

I propose that you should not be fearful because inside you is the will to survive. Deep inside of you is a primal switch that when turned on, will power and pull you through even the toughest times. You can think back to a time of struggle in your life and see how you are still living. You can think back to a time of immense pain and anxiety and see that you are still here. There is a good chance you will still be here tomorrow.

Because you know this you can set aside any fear. Because this has been proven to you it’s easy to live a life of peace and calmness. From a place of calmness you will effortlessly find answers and solutions to the problems life will throw at you.

You no longer have fear because inside you is a will to survive programmed in at birth.

Keep this in mind as you go about your day. Keep this in mind as you go about your preps.

What Does SHTF Stand For and Mean?

SHTF stands for SH*T Hits The Fan. It’s often used in the context of something going catastrophically wrong. In terms of this blog, it refers to the collapse of the entire system as we know it. People who actively prepare for SHTF are known as preppers and take great pride in stocking up on supplies and ensuring their family is equipped for total collapse.

Will the SHTF though? This is a topic of ongoing debate. In fact, the debate has been going on for such a long time many people are starting to look at preppers as “tin foil hatters” or otherwise dismissing them as complete crazies or lunatics.

Are they crazy though? I like to think about the following quote from Sun Tzu in the art of war:

The art of war teaches us to rely not on the likelihood of the enemy’s not coming, but on our own readiness to receive him; not on the chance of his not attacking, but rather on the fact that we have made our position unassailable. – Sun Tzu Art of War

In this passage Sun Tzu is speaking directly on the importance of preparation. A warrior always keeps his sword sharp even in times of peace for he knows not what the future holds. If war does manifest, a warrior is ready because he is prepared.

In the same sense, nobody really knows if or when all hell will break loose. The important part is that you are prepared for SHTF in case it does happen.

And when we speak about SHTF, we aren’t necessarily talking about total system collapse. TSC (total system collapse) is simply the highest degree of SHTF and one must ask themselves how much one is to prepare for. For many people Sh*t hitting the fan can mean losing a job or suffering a medical condition. For the average Joe preparing can be as simple as keeping a weeks supply of food and slowly putting money away into a savings account.

So you see, SHTF and what it means is a broad topic of discussion. It’s a rabbit hole you can choose to explore or completely ignore.

Here at DSK I’ve written on a number of preparation topics. I recommend you read up on the following:

And that ought to get you started. Thanks for reading and hope that explained a lot about what SHTF stands for and why we do what we do.

Top 8 Prepper Forums and Resources


If you’re looking to open up a discussion about prepping there is no better place to turn to than a forum. A forum brings together like minded people who also have a wealth of knowledge to share. In the prepping community there’s a lot of blogs out there providing very little substance. This is why I turn to forums when I need serious answers to serious questions about my preps. Here’s a short list of some of the best prepper related forums out there. Choose one of them and see how you like the community.

1.) Prepper Forums is the largest online prepper forum on the internet as we speak. There are thousands of threads to go through with an active community posting daily questions. To date there are over 500,000 posts and many of them contain absolute nuggets of knowledge you won’t find anywhere else. With large forums you tend to see many posts go unanswered but that is not the case here. This is the place to go if you’re a new prepper and have questions.

2.) Survivalist Boards

Survivalist Boards is the largest survival/prepping community with well over 8 million posts. Needless to say these guys have been around the block and have attracted some seriously hardcore members you won’t find elsewhere. Topics range from wilderness survival, prepping, urban survival, weapons, fishing, and a thriving general discussion section.

3.) Prepared Society

Prepared Society is another forum dedicated to all things survival and prepping. They have a ton of topics and a ton of posts and active members. Besides prepping and survival they have entire sections dedicated to woodworking and other sub categories relating to prepping and survival. If you’re into homesteading they cater to those needs too. This is the place to go if you have questions about many topics and want an answer.

4.) Survival Threads

This forum is a smaller community from the guys over at more than just surviving. While maybe not as active as the other forums there is still some good info with knowledgeable members. If you want a more personal forum where you can get to know the members this is the one. There’s something about tight knit smaller communities you can’t anywhere else.

5.) Equipped To Survive Forums

Doug Ritter runs a website where he reviews gear and products related to prepping and survival. He has also managed to carve a decent prepper forum over the years he has been writing. Probably the least active forum on this list but you will probably get a direct answer from Doug himself. Another great thing about smaller forums is the personal attention from the pros.

6.) Doomsday Prepper Forums

Do you have your tin hat locked, cocked, and ready to rock? The Doomsday Prepper Forums to browse when looking for information about people prepping for the ULTIMATE disasters. Sure, the members might go into tin hat land from time to time but lot’s of the information is sound. A total of 49 posts were made today on the forum so it is indeed somewhat active to this day.

7.) American Preppers Network

The American Preppers Network is a no nonsense website completely dedicated to discussing survival and prepping. This is another large forum averaging over 4000 posts a day on a variety of subjects sure to get you learned. Out of all these forums I would say American Preppers Network is more about prepping than anything else. There are some hardcore guys over there that think about the prep day in and day out. While I don’t suggest you follow in their footsteps, you can learn a thing or two along the way.

8. The Ar-15 Forums

Lastly I wanted to include a forum that isn’t exactly related to prepping but somewhere the topic still comes up. The Ar-15 forums are a massive resource to learn anything about the Ar-15. There’s a lot of posts on tactical training which can easily be applied to prepping. This is a great forum to belong to especially if you own an Ar-15 and are using it as your main SHTF weapon.


Finding the right prepper forum for you might take some time. Sometimes you simply don’t like the community/discussions and are forced to hop to the next one. The thing is, when you find the right one it’s the best because you are tapped into many people who have answers to the questions you have. I’ve been involved in forums for many years and still prefer them to modern social media channels like Facebook. In fact, you will find many preppers prefer the forum as well because they are older and they grew up on forums and old school bulletin boards.

Good luck on your forum hunt and leave a comment if you’ve found any not on this list!

Snugpak Scorpion 3 Tent Review

Rarely do I come across a decent 3 man SHTF tent that can withstand all 4 seasons. If I do the tents are unreasonably heavy and nearly impossible to take in a backpack or easily transport. I’ve had experience with the Snugpak Ionosphere 1 man tent and looked forward to testing the Scorpion 3 in rougher conditions. I needed something high quality to serve as long term shelter solution out in the wild. The Scorpion 3 fits the bill.

Features and Specs

  • 3 man tent
  • Fly first design
  • Olive green
  • 5000mm polyurethane rain fly
  • 190t Nylon with polyester mesh for inner layer
  • Well vented (3 vents total)
  • Reinforced bathtub flooring so you don’t get wet
  • 17 x 8.3 x 1 inches
  • 6.44 lbs (trail weight)
  • Repair kit included

Full review


What first drew me to this tent was the fact that it’s a 4 season tent for well under $400 dollars. In fact, $400 dollars for a 4 season tent is considered getting a very good deal. From there I began looking at the features and other reviews of what other people thought. So far it’s received nothing but great praise from other people who have put the Scorpion 3 to the test. My second favorite element about the Scorpion 3 is the versatile design. Both the fly and the inner element of the tent can be used together or separate. In the summer months you can opt to simply use the fly if bugs are not an issue. In the winter using the 2 elements together provides ample protection against the environment even in the stormiest conditions.



Setup is quite easy. As I’ve mentioned,this is a fly first design so you can setup the fly and then have a dry place to connect the inner mesh layer if you want. The fly is setup with traditional aluminum poles that snap together quite easily. There are 3 poles in total which slide into their corresponding color coded sleeves on the fly. Once the fly is setup there are hooks where the inner mesh layer attaches. Overall setup time ranges from 5 – 15 minutes. You can save time by simply leaving the inner mesh attached when you break down the Scorpion 2.


As far as space goes I will say that what holds true for other tents holds true here. While advertised as a 3 man tent you will probably only fit 2 comfortably. You can theoretically fit 3 people inside but it’s going to be cramped especially if you require room for everyone’s gear. 2 people however will have zero problems with space and there will be plenty of room for everything.


The trail weight of the Scorpion 3 is 6.44 lbs. Trail weight refers to the weight of the raw materials needed to setup the tent. Trail weight only takes into account the total weight of the fly, inner mesh, and poles. Essentially just the bare essentials to make the shelter not including the stuff sack, repair kit, and other accessories that might come with the tent. 6.44 lbs is a bit on the heavy side if you plan on trucking this thing on your back for 10 miles but well worth it considering the quality and space.

Design elements

Attaching the inner mesh to the fly


There’s a lot of great design features of the Scorpion 3. As I mentioned, the versatility of being able to set the tent up with either the rain fly or the inner mesh is fantastic. This feature boasts a number of practical benefits when you consider the environment your setting up at. The “fly first” design makes setting up in the rain an easy and comfortable thing to do. The front door and vestibule provides a large space to crawl through with a subtle tapering that narrows towards the back. Very easy to get in and out of. The vestibule flaps also conveniently fold up and can be tucked away in their own little pocket. All the materials appear to be very high quality and I have no doubt will last many many seasons even with heavy use.


At the time of this writing the Scorpion 3 is retailing at $250 bucks on Amazon. Once again this is a steal of a deal for a 4 season tent for this much space. Considering the quality of design and the many other features this is an investment that will last a very long time even if you frequently camp. I put my gear through the ringer and I have no doubt this is one piece of gear I will own for a while.


The Scorpion 3 is a fantastic tent for the value and Snugpak is quickly becoming the leading heavyweight for high quality tents. I can’t wait to test out more of their products in the future.

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think about the Scorpion 3.

8 Things To Remember When Prepping For SHTF

Turn on the news for only a second and you quickly realize the insanity of todays modern world. Well, with the recent Vegas shootings and all the other madness it makes one think about your future and how to stay safe in uncertain times. It’s easy to lose sight of the overall point of prepping for an SHTF situation when the world seems hopeless. Fear not however, in this post we will set things straight and get down to the nuts and bolts of what it takes to prep for an SHTF event.

1.) You are living in the safest of times

If you live in the first world pat yourself on the back and remind yourself that you live in the SAFEST of times. Looking back on history you should be very thankful for your present situation. If you’re 50 years and younger there’s a good chance you’ve never been to war and have always had access to clean drinking water and food. With all the madness on TV about active shooters and other things, it’s easy to lose sight of this fact. Repeat after me: “I live in the safest of times.”

2.) Focus on the basics first

If you’re starting from zero there’s no need to become overwhelmed with all the things you need to have. It’s true, having all the right SHTF gear will certainly help you but don’t think you need to acquire everything at once. Start small and work your way up. Even the dollar store has some great items you can pick up. Many people have even put together an entire individual first aid kit by shopping at the dollar store. At the bare minimum focus on having a weeks worth of food and water stocked up at any time. From there you can start to branch out and put together things like bug out bags. 

3.) You are programmed to survive

If you think about it you are here because you come from a long line of people who survived. Many generations of your ancestors were roaming the earth long before you were born. Your ancestors by nature had to be strong willed to survive. You can be sure these same genetics run through your blood as well. You were born to survive so do not fear the future or your capability to survive.

4.) Camping and hiking is a great way to prep

Outdoor activities like camping and hiking provide a fun way to learn many skills that will benefit you in an SHTF scenario. 

You will gain endurance and get in shape from hiking. You will learn to setup camp and build fire. You’ll learn how to setup a shtf tent. Not only this but you will acclimate yourself to being uncomfortable. Seasoned hikers and campers know that the environment can at times be very uncomfortable. The more you expose yourself to this kind of environment the more you can handle being in uncomfortable situations.

5.) Your fitness level plays a key role

SHTF is not the time to begin getting in shape and developing healthy habits. That time is NOW. Assess your current level of fitness and start getting daily exercise. This can be as simple as a walk around the block or a light jog. Eat less meat and more veggies and drink lots of water. Cut the processed foods. The thing is, being out of shape puts you at a serious risk of illness or worse in an SHTF situation. Start today!

6.) SHTF is a team effort

You might want to rethink about going lone wolf.

Having a supportive structure of people around will benefit you greatly and maximize your chances of survival. Everyone has a different set of skills they can bring to the table. Get to know the people in your community and don’t be afraid to start a discussion about prepping. Some people might not be into it while others will listen with an open mind.

7.) The time to begin prepping is NOW

The time to begin prepping for SHTF is now. Not tomorrow and not the next day. You don’t know when it can really hit the fan and you certainly don’t want to be unprepared for an event. Take stock of likely SHTF scenarios in your region and begin prepping accordingly. Like I mentioned earlier, start small but whatever you do…start today! You’ll be surprised at how small preps add up over time.

8.) Don’t worry

Whatever you do, don’t spend your days worrying about doomsday or otherwise ruminate on SHTF. It might never even happen despite what the doomsday fanatics say. Get your preps in order and be done with it. There is life to live and life to enjoy. Do NOT spend your whole life wasting your time thinking of negative thoughts and fearing the future. Ain’t NOBODY got time for that!

Thanks for reading.


8 Cheap DIY Home Security Tips


Home security. A most crucial aspect of keeping you and your family safe. Especially now that we are living in uncertain times with more and more crazy things going on in the world. The thing about home security is it doesn’t have to be expensive. Most people think they need a gate and a giant moat with gators to keep out the bad guys but this simply isn’t true. In fact, if you take the perspective of a burglar most can be thwarted with some of these very basic tips.

1.) Get a dog


Even if you live in the city a dog is a great deterrent for potential burglars and other baddies. Imagine a burglar who is going around the neighborhood casing places to rob. If he sees you have a large dog outisde he’s going to move on in favor of an easier target. Your dog does not even have to be trained to bark or attack. Just the mere sight of a dog is enough to send most criminals packing.

2.) Large boots by front door


Get a pair of the biggest boots you can find and put them outside. What can the burglar deduce from this? Well, if he’s smart there’s a guy inside who is much bigger than they are. Chances are he’s not going to want to go toe to toe with someone who has a size 14 boot. This is a genious and super cheap way of ensuring your safety.

3.) Motion sensor flood lights


Make sure they are bright as hell and light up the whole damn neighborhood. Lights make criminals cringe especially if they’re trying to sneak in at night. If it’s one thing they don’t want its a giant beam of light exposing them for who they truly are. A good set of motion sensor lights will spook even the seasoned burglar and most won’t mess around if the area is well lit. These need to be placed on every point of entry around your home.

4.) Security system sign outside


Another classic one. The best part is you don’t even need to actually have the security system installed. You can easily put the sign outside. Even the savviest burglar is too smart to attempt an illegal entry in a home with a security system in place. Unless you’re being targeted specifically a sign is plenty enough to send the baddies across the street to check out what the Jones’s have in store (and to see if they have an alarm in place as well.)

5.) Always on outdoor light


Similar to the motion sensor lights except the light is always on. When a robber sees a light on this immediately triggers a red flag to them. This means someone is home or worse – somebody is up! Even if he has the balls to walk up to check things out the dog ought to start barking and when he sees those size 14 boots…well he knows it’s high time to get out of there.

6.) Reinforce your doors


Most doors are poorly reinforced and are screwed in with 1″ screws. Make sure you are using long screws to screw the hinges into a solid frame. They also make security hinges made with stainless steel pins designed to act as deadbolts when the door is closed. These little changes are cheap and bolster your home from someone who’s serious about getting in. They’ll have a very difficult time kicking the door indeed!

7.) Thorny rose bushes under windows


Under each window plant a nice thorny bush. This will prove to be a big pain in the ass to anyone trying to bust in to your estate. One prick and they’ll be headed for the hills, tail stuck firmly between legs.

8.) Arm yourself


If someone is brazen enough to break into your home be prepared. Have a tactical flashlight by your bed along with some kind of weapon. This can be as cheap as a baseball bat or you can spend a few bucks on a decent shotgun. Nobody sticks around long when they hear the signature sound of a chambering round in a shotgun. A strong tactical flashlight will blind them long enough for you to bust a few knee caps and call the cops. I heard bear spray also sucks to get blasted in the face with.


That concludes these DIY home security tips. I hope you found this post useful and never find yourself in a situation where tip number 8 comes into play! Thanks for reading.



Should Preppers Be Soiling Themselves Over North Korea?


As an active member of the prepper community I see the best and the worst. For the most part, people are concerned about only a number of things, mainly how much food and ammo they need, the best weapon for SHTF, and what they need in a bug out bag. 

Recently however the paranoid prepper types have been coming out of the woodworks. Preppers are concerned because our local neighborhood dictator over in North Korea has been continuously developing their ICBM program and has threatened to conduct a test launch in the waters outside Guam. Guam of course being inside U.S. territory. This of COURSE would be an act of war and Trump has been hard and firm with North Korea about the situation.

That being the case, do preppers really need to be crapping their pants about nuclear war with North Korea? Let’s examine what would happen if North Korea decided to attack the U.S. with nukes. This assumes NK actually has the technology to send an armed ICBM warhead to the mainland.

The first thing North Korea does once they decide to attack…

If NK decides to send nukes our way they will first demolish South Korea taking out any U.S. troops and artillery in the area. This sucks bad for them and it’s unlikely too many will survive.

This will be followed by a rain of hell fire from the United States North Korea has never seen. The U.S. will completely demolish North Korea in the event of a full scale attack and reduce the population to sticks and stones.

But what about Chynnnna?

You see, this is why China will never have NK’s back. They will never approve of an NK attack on the United States. Why? Where do you think all those damn immigrants are going to go once the U.S. displaces the population with a reign of missiles and troops?

We saw what happened in Europe with the immigrants…a complete and utter cluster fuck. This is the last thing China wants.

Long story short…

Long story short there’s a good chance your little town in Arkansas is going to be just fine in the wake of nuclear war. North Korea is all talk and no game. Sure, they have some decent technology but they are poor as hell and impoverished as a nation. This would be the first war in a very long time where EVERYBODY would be on board and it wouldn’t be a happy day for NK…that’s for sure.