As a thriving community, preppers come in all shapes and sizes. Certain individuals have become so wrapped up in prepping they enter in to a paranoid reality where everything is a potential for disaster. These preppers are known as the “tin foil hatters.” These types of preppers have perpetuated many myths about how certain SHTF events will play out. In this post, we expose the lies and shine the light of truth so you can properly prep for any fully blown SHTF event.

Myth #1: Gold will be valuable

There is no SHTF situation where gold will ever become a valuable asset. Especially in cases where food shortages are taking place, who in their right mind is going to trade food for gold? In these cases, food and water is the most valuable resource. You cannot eat gold. You cannot drink gold. The items of most value will be items that contribute to survival in a meaningful way. Your precious gold is nothing but a blunt melee weapon and paper weight.

Myth #2: Bugging out to the woods

This is perhaps the most widespread idea virus currently spreading regarding SHTF situations. If the shit does hit the fan, people think they can simply bug out to the woods and survive with nothing but a tent and bug out bag. Many of these delusional people live in cities and have little woodland experience. They watch the Walking Dead and think they have a Ph.D in survival. Let me tell you something buddy, it’s time to start living in the real world. The truth is, even the most die hard preppers will die in a truly fully blown SHTF situation.

Myth #3: Looting survival goods from Walmart

Another classic delusion. People think when SHTF they will simply go to Walmart and secure all the goods they need to survive. Little do these people know that Walmart will be fully looted in a matter of hours. Even if you manage to get there on time it’s going to be a complete cluster fuck of violence and chaos. You’ll be fighting for the scraps while large gangs take all the best loot. A single person doesn’t stand a chance in this warzone.

Myth #4: The secret spot

You think you have found a secret spot nobody else will find? Think again Buck-O. Chances are your spot isn’t all that secret and you’ll be ransacked in a matter of days to weeks as people begin to disperse from centralized towns and cities. It’s only a matter of time before your ultra top secret hideout is exposed. Then, you’ll have to fight for your territory with bloodshed.

Myth #5: People will be nice

People including your precious neighbors will become your number one enemy in a fully blown SHTF situation. Chaos brings forth the true nature of man and it’s not pretty. People are nice until their AC stops working and everything they’ve ever known disappears instantly. This includes yourself. Survival is 100% mindset. Know thyself to survive.

Myth #6: You can survive

The final myth and the hardest to swallow. As humans we have a tendency to overestimate our skills and ability to survive. The truth is, most of us don’t stand a chance in a true SHTF situation. Your day to day life is too comfortable and cushy to understand the truly harsh nature of a full blown SHTF situation. It’s all fun and games until you feel your life drain before your blackening eyes.


The First People To Die During a Full Blown SHTF Situation

Have you thought about your chances of survival during a full blown SHTF situation? You might think you have it made in the shade. But, if you land anywhere on this list your chances of survival might be extremely low. Let’s take a look at the first people to bite the dust when all hell breaks loose.

People on life support – Also extends to people confined to hospital beds. When the monkeys overtake the city and start flinging shit all over the place, do you think hospital workers will stay on the job? Highly doubtful. If they’re smart, they will know the only chance of survival is to vacate the premises. Unfortunately, there will be nobody to take care of the sick and inured.

Fat people – If you’re out of shape and overweight a number of things are taking place in your biology. Excess fat levels inhibits your ability to think as clearly as you can. Clarity of mind will be of utmost importance during a fully blown SHTF situation. Plus, If the roads are blocked your only way out is on foot. If your chevro’legs have to bear a ridiculous amount of excess weight you probably won’t make it very far. Fat people do have a better chance in the country where they can hunker down and bug in.

Millennials – Millennials have never fallen upon truly hard times. Hard times for the millennial means not getting invited to a party or not getting enough likes on Instagram and Facebook. They will have no clue how to field a fully blown SHTF situation. When mommy and daddy are nowhere in sight, it will be the shit flinging apes who will cradle them into an early grave. Victims of the easy life.

Single Moms – Single moms with children and no protection will also become easy victims of crime. They do not have a man to protect them and probably have very little skills when it comes to protecting themselves. They may sacrifice themselves to save their children or to acquire resources such as food, water, and other basic survival items. They will certainly not have it easy.

People without gear – Even if you are mildly resourceful, if you don’t have the proper gear you will find it difficult to survive and thrive during a survival situation. It doesn’t take much to put together a basic bug out bag. I’ve written a bug out bag checklist to help get you started.

And that is that. Work on honing those survival skills, get in shape, and get yourself a decent bug out bag. Doing these basic things will go a long way in keeping you safe and above ground.

Until next time!


Survival Frog Vendor Review

survival frog tact bivvy review

In this post I am going to examine the popular survival vendor Survival Frog. Recently Survival Frog has exploded and now offers a wide range of survival products on their website. With so many products however, do they offer quality survival products or cheap trinkets? Let’s take a closer look.

Survival Frog Products

Survival Frog truly has an impressive array of products on their online store. They have everything from basic equipment like survival whistles to full blown survival kits and food storage options. If you can think it, Survival Frog probably has it in stock. Some of the products are self branded while you will notice many products are from other reputable companies. For instance, they stock food supplies from Wise Foods and carry a number of popular survival items like the Life Straw.

These are all well known products.

Popular items

  • Tact Bivvy
  • Survival Grab Bag
  • Bio Lite Survival Gear Bundle
  • Life Straw Personal Water Filter
  • Kaito Voyager Survival Radio
  • 124 Piece Premium First Aid Kit
  • Pocket Stove With Smokeless Fuel Tablets

What I like about the site is you can easily find a wide array of the gear you need without hunting through a giant online store like Amazon. All the gear is right there. You might even stumble upon a piece of gear you hadn’t even thought about stocking up on.

Survival Frog Quality

Survival Frog has a number of their own branded products. One popular piece of gear is the Survival Frog Tact Bivvy. This is an emergency sleeping bag touted to keep you warm in emergency survival situations. For under $20 bucks it’s a lightweight option to the traditional and heavy sleeping bags. This product has received positive reviews from hundreds of people who have personally used the bag. Other products have also received positive feedback.

Customer Service

Survival Frog has a very responsive customer service department. You can easily get in touch with a sales rep Monday through Friday during their standard business hours. They also have a live chat feature on the website or you can shoot them email as well. Lots of ways to get in touch for any questions you have. The sales reps are very knowledgeable about the products and can answer anything you throw at them. Top notch.

6 Month Guarantee

Survival Frog offers a 6 month no hassle guarantee on all of their products. If for any reason you are not happy with a product simply return for a full refund. Survival Frog appears to stand by their products and will happily take back an item you are not happy with. This is a testament to the quality of both their products and the standard they have set as leaders in customer service.

Survival Frog Customer Reviews

Here are some other reviews from real Survival Frog customers:







Final Thoughts

Survival Frog is a great vendor with lots of interesting and useful survival gear. The gear is high quality and I wouldn’t hesitate to use them in a full blown SHTF situation. Their prices are competitive even with heavy hitters like Amazon. Many of their products are self branded and you can actually get the best deal straight from the Survival Frog website.

All in all, Surviva Frog is a great vendor for high quality survival products and certainly demands attention when it comes to affordable and durable survival gear.


Off The Grid



Do you want to secure a safer future for you and your family?

Does globalized government send shivers up your spine?

Do you fear you can no longer rely on the system to provide basic utilities?

Do you no longer trust your politicians?

Do you fear total system collapse?

If you answered yes to one or all of the above questions, congratulations. You are a prime candidate for off grid living!

Off grid living is fun for the whole family. Work together to create a bright future independent of modern utilities systems provided by Big Brother. Rest soundly knowing you have what it takes to survive with the sheer power of your own will and self reliance.

Off grid living harkens back to a time when men and women pulled their own weight. You see, without the grid there is lots of work to be done. There are solar panels to be installed, wells to be tapped, food to be canned and freeze dried, crops to be grown and harvested, supplies to be prepped, chickens to feed, and lots of other “old timey” duties you probably aren’t use to.

Don’t worry, the acclimation process is quick and mostly painless.

Yes, it’s true. Our government, our PRECIOUS government who once held up the divine rights of the constitution has turned against us. No longer can we sit by idly waiting for things to get better. In fact, if we look at the past 8 years we can speculate that things are only going to get much much worse. Look at what is happening in Venezuela. Look at the scarcity of food, the mile long lines, the sky high prices on basic goods.

Families cannot provide for themselves and many turn to crime to secure the resources they need. There is a thick economic fog moving through the world and it’s headed straight for us. Yes, resources will not only become scarce but crime will shoot through the roof as marauders and looters fix their eyes on those who prepared.

Little do they know you are packing heat. You ARE packing heat aren’t you? Now is the time to begin buying guns and ammo. Now is the time to teach those close to you what it means to be a true American – someone who is not afraid to roll up their sleeves and do the dirty required to keep the family safe.

A shotgun is a good start. Shotguns are cheap and deliver solid stopping power. Slugs will increase both accuracy and distance of your shots. It’s a great jack of all trade guns. If you only get one weapon get the shotgun.

Yes, it helps to have a plot of land. It will do you no good to be holed up in an urban high rise apartment when the jackbooted boys of the NWO come marching through. Land provides you the means to do the work required to go off grid and the means to protect yourself. Ideally, the land is remote and hard to get to.

And yes, there’s going to be a lot of work and a steep learning curve. Many of you have a head start. Many of you have a plot of land, some guns, and perhaps a small supply of food locked, cocked, and ready to rock. That is great.

Sure, you might not be fully off grid yet but you’re getting there.

This message is to kick your ass into high gear. You need to do whatever to takes to become as self sufficient as possible.

You must do whatever it takes to slip away from the iron grip of the grid.




Complete List Of The Best Bushcraft Books

If you were suddenly teleported into the deep bush could you survive? Could you secure the resources you need to build shelter, make fire, and create your own tools? Bushcraft is the fine art of using the raw materials nature has given you to your advantage. When a fully blown SHTF situation hits, you better have the proper skills. Bushcrafting is ancient as time itself but only recently has it gained popularity. Out of this popularity comes books and materials you can read to hone your skills in the wild.

Check out the list below for a few of my favorites.

Bushcraft 101: A Field Guide To The Art of Wilderness Survival

Let’s crack straight in to this list with a book every bushcraft beginner must own. Dave Canterbury is a well known survivalist (not the Bear Grylls kind) and has put together the greatest introduction to bushcraft. It covers solid bushcraft concepts and focuses on the bare basics. The only thing you need to get started is a knife. I did feel the book could have included more illustrations but it certainly stands on its own as a powerful introduction to the art of bushcraft. If you are brand new to bushcraft, this is a must read.

Advanced Bushcraft: An Expert Field Guide To The Art of Wilderness Survival

The logical next book you should read after the 101 guide. It expands deeply on the core concepts found in the first book and includes advanced information about hunting, trapping, foraging, and making things you need out of raw materials. This book does a much better job including pictures in parts where Dave goes into specific details. Things like trapping diagrams are beautifully displayed so you can get a visual idea of how its made. Dave’s simple and friendly writing style solidifies advanced concepts into your brain, like a bushcraft download straight into the pre-frontal cortex. Dave’s an absolute expert on this stuff.

Bushcraft: Outdoor Skills and Wilderness Survival

Arguably the most extensive and beautifully detailed bushcrafting resource. The entire volume is packed with illustrative diagrams and explores solid bushcrafting concepts like firemaking, chopping wood, falling trees, and creating shelter. There are also whole sections covering cordage, using a knife properly, and making tools and materials required to do good work in the bush. The thing I love about this book is the author keeps the focus on bushcraft. Many bushcraft books include a lot of information about survival, which is fine, but draws you away from the core bushcrafting aspects. You can also tell right away the author knows what he’s talking about.

Primitive Wilderness Living & Survival Skills: Naked into the Wilderness

Extremely practical bushcrafting book with clear step-by-step instructions. Instead of simply telling you what tasks you need to do, the author practically takes you by the hand and delivers excruciatingly detailed instructions. This book has developed a cult-like following among survivalists and bushcrafters for very good reasons. One thing separating this book from the others is the use of actual photographs rather than hand drawn diagrams. The photographs give you a real sense of what you’re making should look like. The entire book is 10 chapters and covers everything from tanning deer skins, making fire, cordage, making a bow and arrows, making traps, meat preservation, primitive cooking methods, field dressing and butchering a deer, container making (baskets and pottery), making tools, and making shelters.

Outdoor Survival Skills

Larry Olsen was an avid bushcrafter back before it was cool. He wrote this book in the 60’s and the lessons and principles he lays out are absolutely timeless. This is one of the original texts on the topic of bushcraft and reading it feels like being transfered back in time to the generations of our forefathers. The book is filled with all the classic bushcrafting topics like friction fires, securing clean drinking water, fire, shelter, and has a fairly comprehensive section on wild edible plants. Definitely put this on your list of best bushcraft books.

Tom Brown’s Field Guide To Wilderness Survival

Another legend in the bushcrafting/survival realm, Tom Brown lays down a no-nonsense guide to his unique approach to bushcrafting and wilderness survival. As a boy, Tom trained under the close guidance of an Apache elder and medicine man, where he learned the art of bushcrafting, tracking, trapping, and foraging. It’s not everyday that kind of legendary wisdom gets passed down. $11 bucks is a small price to pay for one mans complete breakdown of what it takes to make it in the bush.

Ray Mears Essential Bushcraft

Ray Mears is another legend in the wilderness survival realm. Ray has decades of experience hammering it out in the deep bush and teaching others the craft. Ray is an English woodsman and brings unique perspectives to the table. His book Essential Bushcraft dives deep into all the essential bushcrafting tasks you can imagine and extensively covers keeping warm during the harshness of winter. Lots of good information in this one.

The 10 Bushcraft Books

This is a collection of bushcraft books written by the very skilled and talented Richard Graves. Graves has been writing on and about bushcraft for well over 40 years and has amassed volumes of knowledge on the subject. Many of his bushcraft “handbooks” are hyper specific, with each handbook detailing a very specific aspect of bushcraft. For example, he has an entire handbook on huts and thatching alone. The 10 Bushcraft books is a compilation of all his handbooks and forms one of the most comprehensive bushcrafting resources out there.


The above 8 bushcraft books are the best resources you can get your hands on. I recommend you pick up at least one to begin your bushcrafting journey or to supplement your existing knowledge. You will get the most out of these books by taking them out into the wild and putting the material into practice. Soon you will have your own experience to draw upon, which will be crucial when TSHTF!

Let me know in the comments what buschrafting books you like the best.




8 Hobbies To Prepare Yourself For TEOTWAWKI

When they drop the nukes…when all hell breaks loose and you cannot return to the old world…these fun hobbies will see you through to ultimate survival. I would choose one, maybe 2 of these to pursue. Get really proficient at one and then learn another.

1.) Bushcraft

Bushcraft is the art of using the natural world to your advantage. Learning to create something useful out of raw natural materials will quickly become a highly coveted skill during the apocalypse. You don’t need a lot to get started either. At the bare minimum you need a bushcrafting hatchet and a decent knife. There’s a lot of decent YouTube channels dedicated to Bushcraft and many books to choose from to learn the craft. Oh yeah, you also need some land to practice on. If you don’t have your own property you could ask a neighbor or practice as quietly as possible on state or government land.

2.) HAM Radio

In a fully blown SHTF situation it’s very possible that critical communication lines will go down. If the cell towers get destroyed how will you communicate with friends and loved ones? HAM radio presents a unique opportunity to the individual who wants complete control of his communications. Even if the towers go down, you can communicate with other radio operators with the right equipment. Using HAM radio equipment requires you obtain an operators license. Read this for more information.

3.) Archery

Every man dreams of the day he can freely roam about the land with nothing but a bow and arrow (and maybe a small loin cloth.) In fact, learning how to shoot a bow will prove to be a very valuable skill when the system crashes. It’s a silent way to take out both enemies and game – not to mention your ammo is reusable!

4.) Camping

Being outside and exposing yourself to nature is solid end-of-the-world preparation. What you are doing is familiarizing yourself with the natural world. Camping forces you to think in a much different way about day to day tasks. Anything you can do to draw closer to a more primitive state of being will end up benefiting you for a future survival scenario.

5.) Backpacking

Similar to camping but much more strenuous. Backpacking will teach you the fine art of proper packing and whip your ass into shape faster than anything. You quickly discover what gear is essential and what gear is useless. With backpacking you are killing multiple birds with one stone with the many skills required – fitness, outdoor knowledge, and realistic gear requirements. Get out there and experience the great outdoors!

6.) Gardening

A mother and her daughter preparing for a fully blown SHTF situation


This ones a no-brainer. Growing your food is the quintessential end-of-the-world skill. When the food trucks stop running where will you find a sustainable source of food? With a little bit of land and some time on your part, you can learn the ins and outs of growing your own vegetables. This is a skill that pays for itself 10 times over. Even if the world doesn’t end, think about all the money you’ll save on groceries!

7.) Hunting

As a hunter you must learn to observe your prey and discover patterns of movement. You must also learn how to properly shoot a rifle. This skill will come in handy not only for deer season, but self defense season as well. Where do you think the city dwellers will come when Walmart runs out of the goods? They will come to the countryside in search of something else to loot. If that “something else” is your place, you will be locked, cocked, and ready to rock.

8.) Geocaching

Geocaching is a fun way to learn about the Global Positioning system. It’s a real time treasure hunt using GPS coordinates to find hidden caches buried by other players. Who knows what you will find!

Final thoughts

Preparing for the end of the world doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. You can have fun while practicing “serious” skills, skills which will benefit you and your family in a fully blown SHTF situation.

Thanks for reading!



A Mysterious Prepper Cabin In The Woods

The other day while hiking I stumbled across a well camouflaged cabin in the woods. It was so camouflaged I didn’t even see it until I was practically right on the porch.

Taking a step back you can see just how concealed it is. This is a shot roughly 20 feet away.

Looking inside it’s obvious someone lives here. Everything is well organized and all the shelves are stocked with all kinds of prepper foods.

A shot of the bookshelf.

Canned goods – a preppers dream food.

More food and lots of herbs and spices. This guy has certainly been foraging. An assortment of gear is seen on the bottom shelf. Can you spot the duct tape?

Found a list:

Old typewriter and kerosene lamp

Looks like the authorities have issued an eviction notice. Maybe that’s why nobody is here?

I came a few weeks after to check up on the status of the cabin. It appears as though our mystery prepper has cleared the place out and high tailed it out.

A week later and the cabin was completely gone. WTF?

The next day there was no trace of anything except for an international squatters symbol (from what I’ve researched.)


Out like a boss. If anybody has any info about this mysterious prepper please contact me directly. I’m only interested in the full story.




How To Make a WTSHTF Bag

Let me ask you a question – do you have everything you need to survive a full blown SHTF situation? Do you have a WTSHTF bag with everything you need to blow through even the hairiest catastrophes? I’ll tell you this – when the food trucks stop running, when the SNAP benefits come to a full halt, the animals will take to the streets in mass hoards. Look up videos of the L.A. Riots. Look up videos of the Ferguson riots. These are small examples of what would happen on a MASS scale if we are deprived of basic goods like food, running water etc.

Putting together a WTSHTF bag is the start of becoming ready for a full blown SHTF situation. With a bug out bag you will have everything you need to get the hell out of dodge and into a safe environment.

WTSHTF Bag Checklist

An overloaded wtshtf bag
An overloaded wtshtf bag


In it you should stock 72 hours worth of food. That’s 3 days worth of food until normalcy is restored or you reach an alternate location. Think about foods that won’t spoil: Clif bars, snickers, packaged tunas, fruits, nuts etc. High calorie foods to get you through a fully blown SHTF situation.

Water. You’re gonna need some water. Since water is heavy, I recommend picking up a water filter and securing your water from alternative sources. With a water filter you now have access to sources of water you couldn’t normally drink. Even in major citys there are ponds and bodies of water you can source water from.

With a sillcock key you can tap in to the water supply from local commercial buildings. Fill up your stainless steel drinking mug and drink deeply.

Knife. What happens if you need to shank your way through a fully blown situation? A knife is the most important piece of gear in your WTSHTF bag. It’s not just for self defense either. With a knife you can process firewood, cut cordage, bust glass windows (butt end of the knife) and lots of other survival related tasks. Knives can be expensive or they can be cheap.

I’ve reviewed many knives on this site and also have a post on budget survival knives if you’re looking for something decent under $20 bucks. Snatch one up for cheap and throw it straight into your B.O.B. Crack deep. Shank wide.

Illumination. When the sun goes down the city will turn into a full blown real-life planet of the apes. Darkness will descend and the monkeys will swing from the rafters. A flashlight or a headlamp will keep your path lit even in total darkness. Light is an essential piece of gear when the grid goes down. No power means you’ll have to find portable methods of lighting your surrounding area.

If your only option is to move at night, blast through with a headlamp and some spare batteries. Many survivalists go for a tactical flashlight which has a blinding beam of light and a serrated rim around the edge. This is useful for self defense. When you get attacked, you hit em right in the face with a beam of light and then come straight in for the skull cracker. They will think twice about going monkey mode the next time.

Ninja wrap, also known as a shemag, is a useful article of clothing you can use for many purposes. When the dust is relentless, if the air is toxic, you can use the shemag to wrap your face. Wrap your neck at night to stay warm. Use it as a tourniquet. Use it as a way to carry wood to and from camp. It’s a light and cheap piece of gear that might come in very handy.

Tarp. A tarp is a truly versatile piece of gear. Use it to rig up a solid shelter with a bit of paracord. A tarp is much lighter than a tent. Remember, you want to pack as light as possible. Mobility is your friend and you can’t do much walking if you’re loaded down under the weight of a WTSHTF bag that’s too heavy.

Fire. BIC lighters, waterproof matches and a ferrocerium rod will ensure you have redundant ways of making fire. A ferrocerium rod and striker is included with the Bear Grylls survival knife. The knife is actually quite good and affordable considering his reputation among survivalists. Check out my full review of his knife.

Trash bags. Yes indeed, the humble trash bag. Versatile indeed in times of need. Use the trash bag to collect water, waterproof your gear,  or stuff it full of leaves for an insulating ground layer. They also make fashionable parkas when it’s raining cats and dogs.

Best WTSHTF Backpack

The 5.11 Rush 72 Hour Tactical Pack


You’re going to need something to throw all this stuff into. Perhaps you have something around the house, perhaps you want to purchase something that isn’t going to rip to shreds when exposed to a fully blown SHTF situation. Most hardcore survivalists recommend a tactical backpack. These are military spec backpacks and extremely durable.

Some are camouflaged while others appear to be more civilian. The question is – are you going full on incognito mode or does looking like you are military not bother you? Read up on going grey man. 

My personal recommendation is always the RUSH 5.11 72 hour backpack. It’s a civilian style backpack with full blown military specs. Extremely durable in every aspect. The whole pack looks like it was made for serious urban ops. There’s no doubt in can hold all the gear on this list and smash through even the hairiest SHTF survival situations.

Final thoughts

If you secure everything on this list you will have a WTSHTF bag to serve you well in a fully blown SHTF situation. Apart from the gear you have, your survival is determined by your knowledge of how to survive. For this I recommend you take a look at a few of the popular survival books out there. These books offer invaluable knowledge you can use to blow straight through any survival situation. They use laymans terms to set you on the right path and instill the core knowledge of what it takes to make it through even the worst of the worst.

Always be preparing. Always be learning!

Thanks for reading.






The 8 Types of Preppers

If you spend any amount of time learning about survival and prepping you will inevitably come across very interesting characters in the community. Prepping and survival causes all kinds of people and personalites to come out of the woodworks. By default, preppers can be very reserved in the real world – often times concealing their moves and motives and of course, concealing their preps. On the internet however, it’s a different story. Each type of prepper becomes very vocal about their preps and they love to share and exchange ideas.

In this post I examine the different types of preppers you come across in the wild (aka internet.)

1.) The tin foil hat prepper

Perhaps the most comical prepper to observe. This type of prepper loves to talk about conspiracies and can be seen engaging in heated debates about UFO’s, who shot JFK, and chem trails. This prepper preps because he is convinced that the world is one giant conspiracy that can only end in destruction, and dammit, he’s gonna be ready. At the core, the tin foil hat prepper believes he has inside knowledge of the “doings” of big brother and that this knowledge will see him through to ultimate survival. Is the tin foil hat prepper justified in his beliefs? I am not here to judge!

2.) The widget collector

This type of prepper doesn’t really care how the world is going to end. All he cares about is collecting enough widgets so he is prepared when it happens. He has a widget for this. He has a widget for that. The widget collector isn’t so much concerned with survival, but rather how much gear he can accumulate. The widget collector is essentially a hoarder. His house is strewn with strange pieces of survival gear and there is a widget for everything. You can rest assured this prepper will buy up the latest survival trinket at a moments notice. Interestingly enough, the widget collector doesn’t seem to own anything that would be of actual use in a survival situation. Oh the irony!

3.) The Holier than thou prepper

This prepper is “above” the rest. He thinks everyone but himself is a complete lunatic. His words ooze of superiority and he is quick to denounce your ideas. This prepper has it all figured out, at least so he thinks. He will never ask questions even though he knows he should. This would destroy peoples impression of him. He thinks he is an authority in survival but deep down he lacks the humbleness to ask questions and learn about prepping on a deep level.

4.) The doomsday prepper

This type of prepper is either truly insane or truly genius. Their entire life is dedicated to the prep. On any given day you can see this prepper scanning the internet for the latest bomb shelter blueprints and then later, he’s on his tractor putting the plan into the action. The doomsday prepper is a hardcore prepper through and through. Forget about having a normal conversation with this guy – he’s far too absorbed into surviving the coming fallout to discuss anything else!

5.) The rational prepper

This prepper has a good head on his shoulders. He doesn’t believe in conspiracies and he doesn’t necessarily believe the world is going to end. But he’s going to prep just in case. He’s an all american boy – god fearing and raised on meat and potatoes. His dad instilled a strong sense of self reliance and work ethic in him at a young age. This man will procure the proper provisions but won’t spend his life worrying about TEOTWAWKI. In fact, he spends so little time researching prepping to even know what these crazy acronyms stand for! For him, there is life to live and pie to eat. Live and let live and let the dice fall where they may.

6.) The undercover prepper

This is usually a woman who has no idea her canning and food dehydration hobby is preparing her family for the end times. She hums along canning this, canning that, completely oblivious that one day all this food is going to come in mighty handy. In fact, she hasn’t the slightest clue what prepping is. If you told her about prepping she might brush you off as a crazy and continue picking berries of all types. She will say things like “prepping? Is that like letting the stove warm up before I cook my apple fritters?” She will then proceed to her self cultivated vegetable garden to pick the days lot.

7.) The militia man

This mans answer to prepping is guns, guns, and more guns. Oh yeah, and don’t forget the ammo! He has guns of all types and generally spends most of his time collecting guns and shooting them. This man is a maniac when it comes to weapons. He uses prepping as a way to disguise his fetish for weapons and ammo. However, he is a good man to get on terms with. If shit does hit the fan he can provide you with the proper weaponry. Don’t expect him to have stockpiled any food however!

8.) The sideline prepper

The last prepper isn’t really a prepper at all. They watch from the sidelines. They read all the important information but never take action to get their preps in order. They are the proverbial mental masturbator – looking at what everyone else is doing but never doing anything for themselves. They are more interested in the fantasy of the prep rather than the prep itself. This type of person never follows through with anything and lives in a world of ideas rather than actions.


So, which one are you?

Where do you fall into place? Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments below!


The 8 Survival Archetypes: Which One Are You?

In a fully blown SHTF situation, there will be people who rise to the occasion and survive. There will be people who will do certain tasks very well. You might have some people who are great leaders, exceptional fighters, or gifted healers. Survival brings out the true character of a man or woman – where do you fall in the 8 archetypes?

The Bonzo

The Bonzo is an interesting character. The Bonzo finds it hard to fit into society. He finds himself going in and out of prison and the justice system – or perhaps he simply never found his place in normal society. Whatever the reason, the Bonzo will ultimately survive because he has not been conditioned by the culture he was raised in. He will do whatever it takes and take out anyone in his path. The Bonzo has been a survivalist his whole life and will find it very easy to fit into a new SHTF style future.

The Rambo

The Rambo is similar to the Bonzo but slightly more refined. The Rambo probably has extensive military experience. Like the Bonzo, Rambo types will smash their way through even the hairiest SHTF situations. They are slightly crazy but hold a certain amount of patriotism that tapers the wild beast within. They might be alone but their duty is to protect their people from the shadows. They will do whatever it takes to take out the enemy. Rambo types have a very good chance of survival.

The Healer

The healer can be a person with or without medical experience. In a fully blown SHTF situation, there will always be someone in the group who will naturally step forward as the healer. Whether that means dressing wounds or treating scrapes, the healers job is to take care of injuries inflicted within the group. The medic is a classic archetype and a very important part of the group.

The Leader

This character is a natural people person. Usually extroverted with a special ability to see all the moving parts of a scenario. The leader is a conflict resolver. The leader will give direction in the midst of complete chaos and will instill a sense of stability in the group. Without a leader the group will fail as they flounder for direction and fight among themselves. A leader is well respected and the group will go to battle for them.

The Operator

COMMS UP. This person has a deep understanding of electronics and HAM radio operations. They know how to operate a radio and contact other operators who can relay important information. This information is invaluable in a fully blown SHTF situation. The operator understands computers and electronics to a fault. In fact, he might not be good at anything else. In a word, the operator is specialized. Just like the other archetypes, he knows how to do one thing very well.

The Mechanic

This is the handyman. The mechanic can fix almost anything with moving parts and has a mechanically oriented brain. Need to siphon some gas? No problem. Need to construct a shelter? Easy. Time to get a bug out vehicle fixed and running? Let’s do this. The mechanic is very skilled with his hands and will prove to be very valuable. However, there will be many mechanic type individuals in a fully blown SHTF situation. Many men work mechanical type jobs and thus, have been trained to understand how things work from a mechanical level. Let’s just hope they can all work together.

The Shaman

The Shaman on the surface appears to be absolutely useless. They disappear for long periods of time and return with sage advice. The Shaman is a spiritual man or woman who understands the human predicament. They are the priest, the rabbi, the ancient witch doctor who people turn to for spiritual guidance. Do not underestimate the shamans role in a fully blow SHTF situation. They will keep the group spiritually replenished and will boost morale in times of complete darkness.

The Herbalist

The Herbalist has a deep knowledge of plants. They can easily identify plants that will help the group with sustenance and survival. Plants hold the power to heal and to replenish the human body and mind. The herbalist has the knowledge to create powerful tinctures to replace the traditional pharmaceutical medicines we have grown accustom to. The herbalist also has extensive gardening skills and will oversee the cultivation of small crops for the group. Potatoes anyone? The herbalist has you covered.


So, where do you fall within these 8 survival archetypes? Perhaps you are somewhere in between? There is no reason why you can’t have both mechanical and herbalist skills. Feel free to mix and match if you think you can easily walk between archetypes.