Best SHTF Weapons To Own When Things go Fully Blown


You find yourself deep in the thickness of a fully blown SHTF situation. Your only option is to blast your way through the madness in the most tactical way possible. let’s take a look at the best SHTF weapons to own when the SHTF.

SHTF weapons requirements

What makes a good SHTF weapon? You don’t want just any old rifle or pistol. You need something that can handle a fully blown SHTF situation with relative ease. Your weapons should have the following characteristics.

  • Reliable
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to find parts
  • Plentiful ammo
  • Powerful

In the case of a full system collapse, it’s important your weapon is somewhat abundant in case you need to find parts or ammo. If you have some obscure weapon from the WW2 days it will be difficult to secure the parts or ammo you need if you run out. Reliability is another huge factor. You don’t want your SHTF weapon giving you problems when you’re in the middle of a full blown firefight.


AR-15 semi-automatic rifle

The standard choice for many SHTF preppers as well as being widely used in military and police forces. A widely used weapon so finding parts and ammo will be easy. What makes the AR-15 so great? For one, the AR-15 can be adapted to shoot multiple calibers. This make the AR-15 an extremely versatile SHTF weapon. On top of this versatility, the AR-15 is the most heavily modified and upgraded rifle around. Full catalogs are filled out with upgrades and parts that can be applied to the AR-15.

The AR-15 is also a relatively cheap rifle compared to others on the market. Entry level models start out at $600 and then work up.

Lastly, the AR-15 is a formidable short and long distance shooter. There’s a reason police use this weapon during active shooter situations. You can take someone down from a distance or at a close range with zero problems. A truly powerful SHTF weapon you can’t overlook.



If you don’t know much about guns you probably think the AK-47 is illegal to own in the United States. In fact, it’s completely legal. The thing is, it must be a modified version of the original AK – meaning you can own it if it’s semi-automatic. Big brother has declared it too dangerous for normal civilians to be running around with fully automatic assault rifles.

The AK-47 was created in the Soiviet Union during the tail end of the second world war. It is the most abundant weapon on the planet and for lots of reasons. The AK-47 is cheap – cheaper than the AR-15. It’s well known as being the most reliable weapon on the planet and shoots even when submberged in mud or sand. Try doing that with your AR-15. I don’t say that to say the AK-47 is better than the AR-15. I say that to illustrate the raw reliability of the AK-47. This is an extremely reliable SHTF weapon.

It isn’t going to shoot as far, or as fast, as the AR-15. But what the AK-47 lacks in distance it makes up for in raw reliability. Sure, you may not be able to find ammo or parts as easy…but you can be damn sure it’s going to fire wherever you happen to find yourself.

Pump action shotgun


Ah yes, the pump action shotty. The jack of all trades SHTF weapon that does everything decently but nothing extraordinary. With a shot gun you can hunt and defend yourself. The raw stopping power of a shotgun at close range cannot be overstated. It’s a powerful weapon and extremely affordable. Ammo can be had for dirt cheap.

The downsides of a shotgun is range and the frequent reloading. However, in the hands of a skilled shooter the shotgun can quickly become a force of nature. I watched a guy hit a man made target from 200 yards with slugs. I watched my friend take down a goose from about 90 yards. Long range shots can be done with a shotgun if you put in the time to learn how to shoot effectively.

Plus, there is something very intimidating about a pump action shotgun slung over your shoulder – more so than a rifle. Nobody messes with a man wielding the pump action shotty. Keep in mind that shotgun shells are a lot heavier than rifle rounds. If you’re bugging out, you have to consider how many rounds you will bring with you and the weight of said rounds. It’s much easier to carry rifle rounds for long distances.

But, if cost is a deciding factor for you then the shotgun is definitely better than nothing.

The bow


Worried about running out of ammo in a fully blown SHTF situation? The bow is a solid choice for hunting and you don’t have to worry about running out of arrows. Arrows can be easily made and if you take care of the ones you have, they will last you a long time.

This is a significant advantage of the bow over a rifle – you can retrieve your shot fairly easily and reuse ammunition. Bows have come a long way as new technology emerges on the market. Compound bows with cutting edge mechanical features deliver a powerful force. They make bows that will successfully take down a bear. You won’t have any problem taking out a potential attacker with the same bow.

However, more mechanical parts moving means a larger chance of something going wrong with the mechanics of the bow. For this reason, it’s a good idea to stick with a recurve bow or something traditional.

Final thoughts

There really is no such thing as the best SHTF weapon. Certain weapons will lend themselves well to specific situations. Not all weapons will perform well in all situations – and each of the weapons in this post is better than nothing. You might be thinking – I will just have all of them! That is fine if you plan on bugging in and you have the funds to do so.

But what if you have to bug out? Realistically you will only be able to carry one of these effectively. You must choose for yourself what weapon will work best for you.

So, which do you choose? Drop a comment below and let us know.



With so many acronyms related to surviving, it’s easy to get confused when you see long strings of seemingly random letters. What do they all mean? More specifically, what about SHTF vs TEOTWAWKI?


SHTF stands for shit hits the fan. You might here people saying things like WTSHTF (when the shit hits the fan.) SHTF represents situations which pose immediate threats to your survival and standard of living. This could mean widespread rioting, power outages, terrorist attacks, nuclear attacks, fires, etc – SHTF basically represents any situation that forces you to make calculated decisions about your next move.


The end of the world as we know it. This differs greatly from an SHTF situation. TEOTWAWKI represents the complete and total annihilation of everything we hold dear to our hearts. Maybe the planet gets sucked into a giant blackhole – or perhaps Earth gets smashed by a giant meteor. Whatever the case, TEOTWAWKI is the end of the human race and perhaps all of life on the planet.


Now you can see these two acronyms mean two completely different things. One of these situations you can prepare for (SHTF) while there is no preparing for the other (TEOTWAWKI.) The odds of getting thrown into a fully blown SHTF situation are much greater than the world ending. Especially as civilization becomes more complex, the machine is more likely to break down and cause disruptions to our standards of living.

Preparing for SHTF

How do you prepare for a fully blown SHTF situation? I have a number of guides to help you. It really comes down to learning the basics of survival and implementing common sense. Read up on the following guides:

Preparing for TEOTWAWKI

There’s nothing to say about this one. The very definition suggests there is nothing to prepare for. Having a solid SHTF plan isn’t going to do much when there’s a giant meteor headed straight for the planet. Perhaps praying will bring you solace in the face of your inevitable destruction.

Hopefully you have lived a good life and were good to others.

Final thoughts

Now you have a proper definition of these two commonly used survival acronyms. There seems to be new ones popping up all the time. It’s not too important to stay up up to date on definitions – it’s much better to start prepping and educate yourself about what it takes to survive.

Until next time.

SHTF is Coming


SHTF is coming and it’s going to come hard folks. I’m talking about full scale nuclear war with all the major super powers – Russia, China, North Korea, and the USA. The monkeys who have taken this world over do not respond to diplomacy. We have sociopaths in the political system and they will stop at nothing to gain it all.

They will kill, assassinate, and do whatever it takes to come out on top of the monkey pile. Human consciousness has a long ways to go before we are able to see through the illusion of competition and control.

How do I know SHTF is coming?

You don’t have to be an economic or political scientist to understand basic human nature. Left to their own devices humans will carry out brutal orders and employ strategies to secure their position at the top. We have observed apes in the wild and understand their violent tendencies. We have observed humans time and time again taking their tribes into war. We are not that different from the apes.

Think back to the endless wars. People like to reminisce about the “good old days” but I got news for these people – history is filled with one shit sandwich after the next. Sure, there are times where things are relatively peaceful, but largely, history is filled with wars, racism, sexism, and lots of other lower consciousness attributes. It is only a matter of time before the monkey mind goes full retard on the global scale.

Passive culture

The internet has opened the informational flood gets. There are millions of ways the general population can pacify themselves into thinking everything is okay. Meanwhile, the rich are getting richer by pulling on political strings and taking advantage of the poor.

It’s not the riches fault. It’s our fault for allowing it to happen. It’s our fault for thinking that whining and complaining are going to get things done. It’s our fault for not understanding the true nature of humans. The political and economic systems are ran by the smartest apes.

The smart apes make millions to billions of dollars. The dumb apes work for wages and then complain about their situation. Because their situation is so grim they turn to social media to distract themselves. They might get online and bitch about the presidential candidates. They are under the illusion that this complaining is getting something done. The fact is, they accomplish nothing and serve to pacify themselves even further in the most ignorant and unconscious state of mind. Meanwhile, the rich get richer.

The solution

So what’s the solution to all of this? Currently, all the smart apes are at the top making most of the money. The sociopathic apes are up their too with their hairy fingers on the nuke trigger. What can be done about this? Not a whole lot if you ask me. We have seen movements like occupy wall street come and accomplish nothing despite making a lot of noise.

The elite apes do not care what you have to say. Your “informed” opinion about the current state of politics and globalism doesn’t even reach their radar. There is a machine here that has gathered a lot of momentum in a direction that won’t benefit 99% of the human race.

There is nothing me, you, or anyone else can do about that. We can hold hands, smoke weed, and sing kumbaya all we want – nothing is going stop this machine from taking a giant shit right in the middle of our peace circle.

When they start dropping the nukes that’s when you know it’s real. Many of the dumb apes will be confused as to why this is happening. After all, they spent so much time telling the world about their worthless opinions on politics. Plus, they voted for a president that had the best interest of the people right?

The smart apes like me and you will prep for the inevitable. We will prep for total economic and political collapse. Believe me, as soon as they can they will colonize mars, and here’s the kicker – only the mega wealthy will have a ticket.

In a hundred years time the earth will resemble blackened char from years of nuclear warfare. Only the smart preppers will be around to keep the human race alive. The earth will regenerate itself and its resources over time. Preppers will create a new earth from the ground up.

They will benefit from a much lower population of people. The law of nature states that only the smartest and strongest survive. Those that are left will be much smarter than the ones who perished in the war.

Do not be afraid. Do your preps. Stock up on ammo. Stock up on the knowledge it takes to survive even the worst of the worst.

When you are prepared nothing can surprise you. You no longer get angry at the rich because you are prepared with abundance and knowledge. You yourself are rich because you understand what’s going on.

Go forward with the knowledge that you are ready for anything – because SHTF is coming.

The SHTF Lone Wolf


When SHTF you might be thinking about going Lone Wolf. Is this a good idea? Sometimes it might be easier to grab the shotty and blast your way through the madness with nobody to slow you down. You live and die on your own. Hey, it worked for Denzel Washington in the Book of Eli right? While your mission might not be as noble, the logistics of going lone wolf could be in your favor.

Let’s crack into a few of the key advantages and disadvantages of going lone wolf.

Advantages of going lone wolf

Speed –  Going lone wolf has a number of significant advantages. The first is speed. You can get the hell out of dodge as fast as you possibly can without worrying about stragglers. I for one hate having to wait for people on hikes. The hike always takes hours longer than it has to because of slow, out of shape hikers. You can easily blast through a situation at your own pace.

Stealth – Going solo gives you a clear advantage when it comes to concealing your location or staying hidden. Less people means less of a footprint. Less people making noise, less people stepping on crunchy leaves, less people who don’t know how to stay hidden. Think about if you have to go on the run. Complete military take over or localized terrorist attacks would force you into adopting a stealth mindset and plan. More people just means more chances of getting killed in a situation like this.

Resources – More people means more mouths to feed. If you’re the only one with the skills to hunt guess who everybody expects to feed them? You can’t simply catch food for yourself and eat in front of everybody. Do this and they will turn against you in the most violent of ways.

Disadvantages of going lone wolf

Not possible in all situations – How the hell are you going to go lone wolf with a family? There are some situations where going lone wolf isn’t morally right or appropriate. You have to do whatever it takes to protect those you love. Getting your family and friends into a safe location is always priority number one. It doesn’t matter if they are fat and stupid!

Less versatility – Bugging out with a group of people has advantages. Everybody has a unique skill set they can bring to the table. The collective skills of everyone in the group can come together in a very effective way. Some people could hunt, others can collect water, there will be people who can operate comms, people with military experience etc.

Less protection – I sure as hell wouldn’t want to be caught in the middle of a 3 on 1 fight. In a group you can stick together and protect each other. There is power numbers. Together we stand but divided we fall!

Company – Do you really want to be alone through all of this? I don’t know about you but I get weird if I don’t socialize at least a little bit each week. Having company, especially through a rough SHTF situation, could be the one thing that keeps you alive – at least mentally. A big part of survival is mental so don’t overlook the power in numbers.

Final thoughts

As you can see, going lone wolf has its advantages and disadvantages. If you truly dislike people and don’t have any family, going lone wolf is the only way for you. But, if you have a family and friends then going lone wolf simply isn’t practical or the right thing to do.

The decision of going lone wolf will be hardest for those who only have a group of loose acquaintances. Do you roll with those around you or go solo? They aren’t exactly your family so there isn’t any reason to stick around. But, they are the only people you know. What do you say? Will you be going lone wolf if TSHTF? Let us all know in the comments.



7 Books About Real Life Survival Stories


Are you craving something real? In a world shotgun blasted with the artificial it’s refreshing to encounter real stories. Real life survival stories tap into the core of who we are as humans. The core need to stay alive. It doesn’t get any realer than survival. When you can smell your own death you know it’s the real McCoy. Satisfy your thirst for the real with 7 books based on true survival events.

1.) Mans Search for Meaning


Imagine yourself nothing but skin and bones. Weak and frail inside of a Nazi concentration camp. Sadistic Nazis make your life a living hell and push you to the brink of death. There is nothing but your personal will to survive to see you through. Viktor Frankl survived four separate concentration camps, including the infamous Auschwitz, and lived to tell the tale. This harrowing story is an account of Viktors unique philosophy and mental resolve in the face of certain death. Despite his haunting circumstance, Viktor was able to transform his grim situation into one of spiritual growth and enlightenment. I’m not talking about that “woo-woo” new age type crap either. Read this book if you want a serious dose of personal growth.

2.) Unbroken


Where? Over the pacific. When? WWII. American Lieutenant Louis Zamperini was a rebellious youth turned WWII Bombadier in this tale of ultimate survival. The situation goes from bad to worse when his bomber gets shot down over the pacific. Emerging as a lone survivor Louis clings to a scrap of lifecraft  where he drifts aimlessly for a month before landing ashore and getting captured by the Japanese. The account of his time spent in a Japanese POW camp will send shivers up your spine and jar you wide awake in the middle of the night. A truly epic tale of endurance.

3.) Adrift: Seventy-Six Days Lost at Sea


Is there anything to drive a man madder than being lost at sea? Nothing for as far as the eye can see. No hope and completely exposed to the elements. Steven Callahan was lost at sea for an entire 76 days – the longest known stretch of time we know of. It’s a story of how the mind can fold in on itself and go completely mad. It’s also a story of how paranoia can fuel some truly ingenious survival strategies. I realized I have nothing to complain about after reading this book.

4.)  Touching the Void: The True Story of One Man’s Miraculous Survival


The story of 2 best friends climbing the Andes mountains. The situation goes south real quick when one of them falls off a sheer cliff face and breaks their leg. Thinking his friend fell to his death, Simon Yates heads back to base camp stricken with grief. Except, his friend wasn’t dead. He was trapped in a deep crevice with a broken leg and an incredible will to survive. Does he make it back to base camp? This is a great read especially for climbers who understand the technical lingo used by the men throughout the book.

5.) Skeletons on the Zahara: A True Story of Survival


The incredible story that captivated the minds of great men like Henry David Thorough and Abraham Lincoln. A story of terrible luck so profound you have to laugh yourself into madness to cope with the situation. The story centers around Captain Riley and his 11 man crew whos ship falls off course en route to deliver merchant goods. They shipwreck in a rather unfortunate part of the African coast chocked full of savage natives. Their story is one of slavery, torture, starvation, dehydration, and just about everything in between. The book is packed with hard science and history to give context to the time this all went down. A real page turner with so many twists and strange events you’d think you were reading a fiction novel.

6.) Lone Survivor: The Eyewitness Account of Operation Redwing and the Lost Heroes of SEAL Team 10


June 2005. 4 Navy Seals leave their base camp to capture a notorious Al-Qaeda shot caller. The problem is he’s heavily armed and surrounded by a personal army of trained killers. Blow for Blow, this book takes you through a shell shocking story of a mission gone sour when all but one Navy Seal is killed during the OP. It’s a fight to the death as the last sole survivor makes a daring escape with 6 Al-Qaeda assassins right on his tail.

7.) We Die Alone: A WWII Epic of Escape and Endurance


A testament to the human spirit,  We Die Alone is the epic story of a Norwegian mans escape from the Nazi’s during WWII. Incredible research and superb storytelling.


That ought to keep you busy for a little while. While you may never find yourself in a survival situation, many of these stories show you that you can make it through tough times. They show you the strength and resilience of the human spirit is a true gift that can’t be taken from you. If anything, they might make you realize just how easy you have it. A little appreciation goes along way in creating a life of peace, meaning, and gratitude.





7 Survival Techniques You Need To Learn ASAP


Many people assemble an ultimate bug out bag and assume they’re ready for the worst. But the truth is, without having a few survival techniques up your sleeve you won’t make it very far. You can increase the effectiveness of your gear if you learn a handful of these crucial survival skills…

1.) S.T.O.P

Stop. Think. Observe. Plan. If you completely lose your cool at the beginning your chances of survival are slim. No problem has ever been solved by panicking. Stress and emotion disrupt the logical part of your mind – the part that’s going to get your ass to safety. Think rationally about what’s going on. Where are you? What is happening? Are you in immediate danger? Calm yourself down and formulate a plan to find safety.

2.) Firemaking


Surprise surprise. You probably know how important fire is but when was the last time you built one from scratch? Even under ideal conditions making a fire is difficult. Throw in wet weather to the mix and you have yourself a recipe for frustration, or in a real survival situation, death. There are a number of techniques to increase your chances of success.

Principles of firemaking – If you stick to the science of firemaking you’ll understand how the techniques I describe in this post function. Fire is a chemical reaction that requires 3 elements – oxygen, heat, and fuel. Every piece of wood has a certain ignition temperature – meaning if you can apply enough heat to the organic material it will catch flame – granted there is enough oxygen around (if you’re reading this in space I can’t help you.) The amount of heat required to ignite the wood depends on the density of the material and how dry it is. The dryer the wood the better. If you can create enough heat and not smother your fire you will prosper.

Start small – You can’t throw a couple sparks onto a log and expect to blaze up. Any good fire starts with the tinder bundle. Good tinder is easily ignited by a flame or sparks. The tinder is used to light smaller twigs. The twigs are used to light larger pieces of kindling until eventually the larger logs catch and you have a decent fire that burns through the night. Dry leaves, grass, or fibrous bark can be used to create your tinder bundle. Kindling can be gathered from standing branches or collected from the ground if it’s dry. Wet kindling can be stripped of its bark and split into smaller pieces to reveal a dry inner core.

fire making techniques – There are a number of techniques you can implement to get your fire blazing. These techniques involve laying a proper foundation for the fire and making sure the smaller flames have enough oxygen to grow.

1.) Tepee method – Place your tinder bundle on a dry surface or a bed of leaves. It helps to dig a fire pit to shield small flames from the wind. Stack your pieces of kindling in a tepee formation around the tinder bundle but leave an opening so you can light the tinder bundle. Once you light the tinder, add more kindling until the structure collapses on itself. At this point you can start laying larger pieces of wood over the kindling.

2.) Log cabin method – This technique is considered superior to the tepee method by many survivalists. For one, it doesn’t collapse on itself like the tepee. Sometimes the tepee can collapse and not catch the larger pieces of wood. The log cabin is structurally stable and allows room for oxygen to flow freely – supporting a healthy environment for your survival fire. Start by laying a foundation of thick pieces of wood flat on the ground. Cris cross this foundation with another layer of slightly smaller sticks – about thumb size.

Lay your tinder bundle on the top of this second layer and then cross two more larger sticks in parallel with each other across each side of the bundle. Lay smaller sticks across the tinder bundle and then place 2 more frame sticks on either side to support a layer of kindling. Continue stacking in this fashion and then drop a match down the hatch. The tinder will ignite the first layer of kindling and the fire will progress up the entire stack. Very clean. very efficient.

Log cabin fire

Some survivalists shun the idea of a “stuctured fire” opting to simply light a bundle of tinder and throw on some wood. To each his own. It’s a good idea to get out there and experiment. This way you can find a method you are most comfortable with.

3.) Rigging shelter


In extreme conditions, man can live for 3 hours without shelter, 3 days without water, and 3 weeks without food. It’s crucial to build shelter to shield yourself from the elements of your environment. If you grabbed your bug out bag before TSHTF then you have at least a tarp and some paracord. This versatile combination can create many different types of shelters to accommodate different environments.

Rigging techniques – It’s quite easy to rig up a shelter if you know how to create a tension line. Your tension line will serve as the backbone of your shelter. Find two trees and a tie a half hitch around one of them:


Next create a tension loop about 3/4 down the line and feed the standing end through. Pull as tight as you need it and then tie it off. This is called a Truckers Hitch:

Throw your tarp over this line and then stake the ends to the ground or place heavy rocks along the edge. Alternatively, create any number of configurations. I particularly like the body bag configuration for sleeping. As I mention in the ultimate bug out bag guide, a tarp is much lighter than a tent and highly versatile. Do yourself a favor and pick one up. Make sure it has grommets and holes around the edges for increased anchor points.

4.) Purifying water

Securing clean drinking water will be your top priority in a survival situation. Finding it will depend entirely on your location and your situation. As a rule of thumb, water should always be purified before drinking it – especially water found in urban areas. Years of industry and pollution have tainted the water with chemicals and bacteria. Even in the wilderness water contains protozoa, viruses and bacteria. Drinking infected water will have you shitting liquid and dehydrate you even more.

Did you pack a water filter in your bug out bag? A reliable water filter is the most effective solution to obtain clean drinking water from dubious source. Products like the life straw are cheap solutions to your biggest problem in a survival crisis – the provisioning of clean water.

Required reading: Everything you need to know about purifying water

However, you can quickly fashion a DIY water filter using readily available materials.

Water purifying technique – Snatch up an empty 2 liter or other plastic container and chop the bottom off. Fill with activated charcoal, sand, and gravel. Stick a piece of cloth in the hole to keep everything in place. Simply pour in some water and collect it when it comes out with a clean drinking container.

Water purifying technique #2 – A second way to collect clean water is with a solar still. All you need is a plastic sheet, a clean bucket to collect water, and a rock. Dig a hole in the ground and throw in some vegetation. Put your bucket in the center of the hole and the cover it with the plastic sheet. Place a weighty rock in the center. The solar rays from the sun heat the hole. As the soil and vegetation lose their moisture it collects on the plastic and then drops in the bucket. Drink deeply my friend.

Solar stills can extract water even from the harshest desert environments

5.) Signaling techniques

If you find yourself in need of rescue you can use multiple variations of the international distress signal. From the wikipedia page:

A distress signal indicates that a person or group of people, ship, aircraft, or other vehicle is threatened by grave and imminent danger and requests immediate assistance.

The IDS can be communicated in several ways:

  • Transmitting a spoken voice Mayday message by radio over very high frequency channel 16 (156.8 MHz) and/or high frequency on 2182 kHz
  • Transmitting a digital distress signal by activating (or pressing) the distress button (or key) on a marine radio equipped with Digital Selective Calling (DSC) over the VHF (channel 70) and/or HF frequency bands.
  • Transmitting a digital distress signal by activating (or pressing) the distress button (or key) on an Inmarsat-C satellite internet device
  • Sending the Morse code group SOS by light flashes or sounds
  • Burning a red flare (either hand-held or aerial parachute flare)
  • Lighting a non-pyrotechnic visual distress signal device[1]
  • Emitting orange smoke from a canister
  • Showing flames on the vessel (as from a burning tar barrel, oil barrel, etc.)
  • Raising and lowering slowly and repeatedly both arms outstretched to each side
  • Making a continuous sound with any fog-signalling apparatus
  • Firing a gun or other explosive signal at intervals of about a minute
  • Flying the international maritime signal flags NC ICS November.svg ICS Charlie.svg
  • Displaying a visual signal consisting of a square flag having above or below it a ball or anything resembling a ball (round or circular in appearance)
  • Launching distress rockets

6.) Situational awareness

Be aware of your surroundings and what’s going on. Situational awareness means having a complete understanding of the situation at hand. It’s a mental snapshot you keep in RAM of your environment. More importantly, it’s paying attention to the elements of your situation that are most important for your current mission (since the human brain can’t pay attention to everything.) Are there serious injuries in your group? Are you hurt? Are there any immediate dangers you need to address? What is the next move and what are the logical steps to reach your next goal?

It’s also about keeping cool under intense pressure. You can increase your day to day situational awareness by meditating and become hyper aware of your surroundings and what’s going on. Even in the grocery store you can do this. For instance, does the checkout clerk look like he’s about to snap?

Using the information you observe you then make choices about what to do next. Your observations inform your decisions. Situational awareness is an important skill to cultivate.

7.) Preparedness

The best way to survive is to prepare. Preparation breeds caution and cushions the blow of being thrown into an SHTF situation. While you can’t be 100% prepared for every situation, you can take practical steps to ensure the safety of yourself and your family. At the very least, secure resources for an extended power outage and “prep” for potential situations. Going out into the wilderness and learning the basics is a fun way to spend time and learn about survival. It doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom!

Signing off…

POST BLAST REPORT: What Happens After They Drop The NUKE?

It is 2016 at the time of this writing and the monkey mind continues to assert itself in the organism. Domination and competition rules us with an iron fist and we will do anything to assert control over our environment. Technology has given monkeys the opportunity to extend their domination across continents – and to do so with advanced weaponry mankind has never seen before. Nuclear weapons are a new addition to the monkey arsenal. Weapons with devastating power.

Hellish Technology

Nukes are an especially hideous breed of explosive technology. A significant amount of the energy emitted from a nuclear blast takes the form of light and heat – also known as thermal energy – making it a fundamentally new kind of beast compared to traditional explosive devices that rely only on BLAST energy. The intensity of the heat blast generated by a nuke is capable of causing skin burns and starting fires at a considerable distance from the point of impact – not to mention disfiguring the immediate landscape with radiation.

As you can see in the image below, the majority of a nuclear bombs power comes from air blast and thermal energy.



The rest of the nukes destruction takes the form of nuclear radiation. When the bomb explodes it vaporizes the immediate the landscape – sending countless radioactive particles high into the air. “Fallout” occurs as these deathly particles descend back to the earth and find their way into the lungs and water sources of the local populace.

Immediate and far reaching destruction

A nuclear bomb packs varying power depending on weapon yield. When a nuke explodes, it produces a powerful shockwave that creates a sudden change in air pressure – utterly pulverizing anything in the blast radius. Giant structures are completely decimated. Human beings reduced dust. The blast radius doles out an extreme amount of damage within a limited radius. Next comes the thermal radiation. This blast travels at the speed of light and can produce flash blindness in those looking directly at the blast. These effects can last for several minutes. First degree, second degree, and third degree burns can occur at distances close to the blast radius up to 5 miles or more. This thermal blast can also cause widespread fires by igniting tinder like materials within the radius.

Nuclear fallout

When a nuclear bomb is detonated on the surface, it pulverizes the surrounding particles and contaminates them with radiation. These particles are sent rocketing into the atmosphere where they “fallout” of the sky. The radius of effect depends entirely on the weather. High winds can carry the contaminated particles many miles from the blast radius. Rain can carry the particles down to the surface at a rapid rate of speed and create “hot spots.”

Fires and firestorms

Firestorm shortly after the blast (Hiroshima)


The initial blast from the nuke along with the thermal blast create a one-two punch of destruction. The blast will reduce the surrounding structures into kindling – easily ignited by the following thermal blast. The combination of multiple fires heats the air and creates prime conditions for a hurricane. Increased winds fan the existing flames and creates a true hell on earth situation.

Radiation poisoning

Effects of radiation exposure are deadly – especially close to the hypocenter of the blast. Those within miles of the blast are also severely effected. Radiation poisoning can take days, weeks, or even years before any symptoms develop. Radiation is measured in rem and has varying levels of biological effect on the human body depending on the dose:

  • 0 – 5 rem received in a short period or over a long period is safe—we don’t expect observable health effects.
  • 5 – 10 rem received in a short period or over a long period is safe—we don’t expect observable health effects. At this level, an effect is either nonexistent or too small to observe.
  • 10 – 50 rem received in a short period or over a long period—we don’t expect observable health effects although above 10 rem your chances of getting cancer are slightly increased. We may also see short-term blood cell decreases for doses of about 50 rem received in a matter of minutes.
  • 50 – 100 rem received in a short period will likely cause some observable health effects and received over a long period will increase your chances of getting cancer. Above 50 rem we may see some changes in blood cells, but the blood system quickly recovers.
  • 100 – 200 rem received in a short period will cause nausea and fatigue. 100 – 200 rem received over a long period will increase your chances of getting cancer.
  • 200 – 300 rem received in a short period will cause nausea and vomiting within 24-48 hours. Medical attention should be sought.
  • 300 – 500 rem received in a short period will cause nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea within hours. Loss of hair and appetite occurs within a week. Medical attention must be sought for survival; half of the people exposed to radiation at this level will die if they receive no medical attention.
  • 500 – 1,200 rem in a short period will likely lead to death within a few days


Chances of survival

Surviving a nuke depends on 2 important factors – the weapon yield of the nuke and your location relative to ground zero when it detonates. Let’s simulate a nuke attack with the worlds largest known nuclear weapon – The Russian made Tsar Bomba. To put things in perspective, the Tsar Bomba is 3,333 times more powerful than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima.

The Tsar Bomba, The worlds most powerful nuke, is 3,333 time more powerful than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima.


Radiation radius (3.14 km) – Without medical treatment, there is expected to be between 50% and 90% mortality from acute effects alone. Dying takes between several hours and several weeks. At this close to the fireball however, it is not the radiation that will kill you.

Fireball radius (4.62 km) –  Try to imagine a radioactive fireball that burns as hot as the sun. Nothing survives.

Blast radius (8.91 km) – If you’re unlucky enough to be caught within the blast radius then kiss this world goodbye. Most people will die from flying objects and intense thermal radiation. There are, however, extraordinary cases of people surviving nuclear blasts at such close proximity. Akiko Takakura survived the nuclear drop on Hiroshima being just 300 meters from the bombs hypocenter. Her survival is due to her lucky position at the time of the blast – a bank lobby designed with reinforced concrete and other protective elements.

Thermal blast radius (60 km) – roughly 50% of people exposed to to thermal blast will die from trauma and third degree burns. Those that survive will have likely found shelter. Widespread fires and destruction abound.

The fallout – Radioactive debris will fall from the sky with the majority of the debris landing within 24 hours. Many of the heavier particles (the most dangerous) will fall closer to ground zero while the lighter particles will be carried by the wind and other atmospheric conditions.  Radioactive fallout decays exponentially – meaning it loses the damaging effects over a relatively short period of time. Fallout locations usually take between 3 – 5 weeks to stabilize.

Simulation of the Tsar Bomba detonating in New York City

Courtesy of Nuke Map


This should give you a sobering look at what’s possible with these devastating nukes. Are you ready for a nuclear blast of this magnitude? If not, read the DSK guide to surviving a nuclear attack. The post is CHOCKED FULL of invaluable survival knowledge.

Let us know your thoughts and criticisms in the comment section.

What is the Illuminati?


The Illuminati has received wide spread press coverage in recent years as more and more citizens question their governments. People are waking up. People are beginning to realize that they only have the illusion of control. Deep down we understand that someone else – some group – is pulling the strings. But who exactly?

What is the Illuminati?

The Illuminati is a secret group of powerful masterminds with roots that go back to the 1700’s. Originally, the group was formed to rebel against the powerful influence religion commanded over the decisions of government. Over time, the Illuminati grew into an influential force until they were stamped out by existing governments who saw the group as a threat to their power. The Illuminati is said to have survived by going underground and working mysteriously in the background.

The all seeing eye representing complete domination and control over a global population.

Theorists propose that the Illuminati have infiltrated mainstream media and control every aspect of the entertainment industry. Public figures like Jay-Z, Beyonce, and Kanye West are thought to be members of the Illuminati, operating at the forefront and advancing the globalist agenda. These pop stars operate in direct daylight and have powerful influence on young minds – minds that are primed and ready to accept pre-programmed beliefs about the world – beliefs that benefit the indoctrination of our youth into the new world order.

Society is rapidly losing it’s ability to think rationally or deeply about anything meaningful. Go to any mall and notice the hundreds of unconscious youth plugged into their phones – absorbing the globalist agenda and not questioning anything they see.

Illuminati and the new world order

The new world order is part of the globalist agenda designed to bring sovereign states and countries under the rule of a totalitarian government. The agenda of this global government is complete control and domination over the world population. Secret plans from this mysterious agenda have surfaced and include reducing world population, mass brainwashing, world conflict, secret police, militarized nations, and total government collapse.

Where’s the proof?

The proof is right there for everyone to see but globalist super powers like the Illuminati have orchestrated and brainwashed us to disbelieve. Conspiracy theorists are seen as “nut-jobs” and cast out from society. This is exactly what they have planned. Globalist think tanks have employed the worlds best psychologists to develop brainwashing techniques that short-circuit the rational mind. You have been conditioned to associate “conspiracy” with the mentally ill or crazy. This is not by mistake — this has all been carefully crafted and carried out by the Illuminati in their never ending quest for power and control.

How to survive the coming economic collapse

Globalists shadow cults like the Illuminati have one agenda. Total government collapse. Using their insider knowledge of the financial system they will crash the dollar. This will usher in a new era of fear and panic. The masses will quickly flock to anybody who can promise to restore order. This is when they step in. This is when we get chipped, tracked, vaccinated and led right into the slaughterhouse. You must be prepared for the coming collapse. You must arm yourself with the knowledge required to withstand an economic meltdown and the insurgency of a police state. Are you ready?

Going off the grid

Learning to survive off the grid will be an essential skill. When the power is cut, when the food trucks stop running, you will have no other option. Start preparing now. The knowledge is out there. Protecting your family if you have one will be priority number one. The threats to their safety will astound you. They will come from all angles — not  just from police or other militarized branches of the NWO. Your own neighbors and people panicking for resources will be the first to secure whatever resources you have at all costs. SO, when you are learning this stuff you have to keep quiet. You cannot broadcast your abundance to the world.

People change when resources start to run out. They will turn against you. Do whatever it takes to protect your family. Preparation is your only option — because it’s not a matter of IF the Illuminati fulfills their agenda but WHEN.

Start today.


Top 5 Best Survival Guide Books


Are you armed with the knowledge required to survive a survival situation? Is it possible to download the best survival tips, tactics, and techniques into your brain? Books are still the GOTO source for the deepest level of information – survival is no exception. Let’s crack into the best survival guide books out there.

The following list is NON-FICTION. These books provide real world survival strategies to get your ass out of any jam.

SAS Survival Handbook


Let’s get this one out of the way first because you’re probably tired of seeing it listed. SAS Survival Handbook remains the DEFACTO STANDARD for survival. John “Lofty” Wiseman was a survival expert who spent years training the British Special Air Forces as well as the Green Berets. At 18 he was the youngest candidate ever to be accepted into the British Special Air Services (SAS.) Suffice to say that this guy knows his shit when it comes to survival. The third edition of his book includes all the basic survival stuff including additional knowledge nuggets like urban survival and terrorist attacks. It’s a no brainer and should be on your shelf if it’s not already.

Wilderness Survival


Wilderness Survival is written by a USAF survival and escape specialist. This book is awesome because the author stresses the importance of staying calm. He outlines a few powerful psychological techniques to stay calm and assess the situation properly. This is an often overlooked aspect of survival that doesn’t get the coverage it deserves. The book is extremely practical for any kind of wilderness survival situation.

The Preppers Long-Term Survival Guide


This book isn’t your typical survival book. The author isn’t so much concerned with short term survival, but with long term sustainable living in the wake of devastating disaster. This 240 page guide is a preppers wet dream and covers everything from sustainable food storage, defense, and even how to rebuild a whole society from the ground up. Awesome stuff here.

Hawke’s Green Beret Survival Manual


I had a blast reading this book. Hawke takes a casual and slightly humorous approach to his writing which makes the content extremely consumable. But don’t let me lead you into thinking this book is for clowns. Hawke is a seasoned survivalist with an impressive background as a Green Beret combat veteran. The book is jammed with actionable survival strategies even a third grader could understand. This is easily the most amusing read on survival, a nice change of pace considering how dry many survival books tend to be.



Bushcraft is the art of using the environment around you to sustain life. This book by Mors Kochanski is the cleanest most detailed book on the matter. It’s bursting with practical advice and filled with beautiful diagrams that detail how to make everything. Mors covers shelter building, rope making, making fire and tools, cooking, and a host of other survival tasks. Get this book for the images alone.


Don’t wait until you’re forced into a survival situation to learn this stuff. Grab at least a couple of these books to get yourself started. Get out there and practice what you read and always continue to educate and test your skills. Happy reading!

Martial Law in America 2016


Martial law is the complete suspension of the United States Constitution. It is the complete ANNIHILATION of your freedoms. Under martial law, you have zero rights and the country is ruled with the iron fist of the police state.

Martial law can be enacted for a number of reasons: pandemic outbreak, civil unrest, terrorist insurgency, and natural disasters are a few situations where martial law will be declared.

What are the chances of Martial law happening in America? Many analysts believe that the U.S as we know it is quickly descending into a police state. Globalized politics, giant corporations, and destruction of our environment have been systematically planned by the wealthy elite.

Resources are becoming scarce. The wealthy elite have planned this descent. By keeping us poor and uninformed, we are blind to the fact that we are heading straight for the slaughter.

One only has to look around to see our inevitable decline into dystopia.

Increased levels of automation are forcing workers out of their jobs. You can already see this taking place in the grocery stores in the form of self checkouts. These forms of automation are increasing. Data projections estimate that automation will take over 60 percent of jobs by 2030.

Terrorists and dangerous immigrants are pouring over our borders at an alarming rate. Crime rates will continue to skyrocket. It is only a matter of time before the U.S. descends into a state of complete chaos.

That time is coming up fast. The question isn’t IF martial law will be declared but WHEN. When will the general population become so disgusted with the state of the united states that they do something about it? How many terrorists and illegal immigrants will we allow into our borders before we realize the chaos we have created?

The problem is that most of us have been programmed to be obedient little sheep. Many of us do not have the backbone to stand up for our rights and question the state of our government or policies.

This means that many of us will be forced to survive with our families or with the assistance of small militias.

How do you survive a situation where the government and police are no longer their to protect you? How do you survive a chaotic world where danger lurks around every corner?

You must arm yourself with the right knowledge. You must learn the skills required to protect you and your family. If you have land, the best option is an underground bunker that can sustain you and your family.

Underground bunkers provide safety and security even in the event of biological warfare. I’ve built one right in my backyard using the following blueprints. I suggest you do whatever it takes to protect yourself from the inevitable decline of the U.S. government.

As much as I love this country, I don’t see it going anywhere good. Empires rise and fall. It’s time for the United States to finish its cycle of being top dog. I wish you luck.