Cold Steel Recon 1 DEEP DIVE review

There’s lot’s to be said about the Cold Steel Recon 1. For starters you WILL not find a higher value blade for the price of the Recon 1. For under $100 bucks you’re simply not going to find a sturdier feature packed EDC folder knife. That is the magic of the Cold Steel Recon 1.

In this review we’re gonna take a deep dive look at the Recon 1 and discover everything there is to know about this value packed blade.


  • Overall Length: 9.375″
  • Blade Length: 4.00″
  • Blade Thickness: 0.13″
  • Blade Material: CTS-XHP
  • Blade Style: Clip point, Spear point, and Tanto
  • Blade Grind: Hollow
  • Finish: Black
  • Edge Type: Serrated or non-serrated
  • Handle Length: 5.375″
  • Handle Thickness: 0.51″
  • Handle Material: G-10

Full review

The Cold Steel Recon 1 with serrated edge


First off, we’re talking about a full blown tactical blade made into a standard EDC folder knife. The spear point version of the Recon 1 screams tactical. The blade is sharp and sturdy enough to do serious damage in the deep woods while also doubling as a formidable self defense weapon. I’ve used this bad boy to split firewood, skin small game, and bust open boxes and envelopes. The blade comes in from the factory sharp as a razor. That is one thing about Cold Steel blades – they all come out of the box sharp as hell. In fact, this blade takes the hairs right off your arms and doesn’t ask twice.

As a folder/EDC/pocket knife some say this is a big knife. I will agree with that statement but I will also say that the second generation of this blade is much lighter. While it IS a big knife it carries the weight of a much smaller knife. You’re gonna have to get used to this knife taking up more space in your pocket than your standard EDC blade. Still, this knife is quickly moving up the ranks on my shelf as my main EDC knife. Especially when I’m heading out to the city, the tactical shanking applications of this knife cannot be understated. The spear point tip means this blade is going to sink deep into whatever you stab it into. You do not want to be on the business end of this blade, that’s for sure.

And speaking of shanking, the blade flings open at a moments notice. The thumbstuds are ambidextrous and with a quick flick of the wrist, flys out of nowhere ready to do business. the blade locks surprisingly firm into place thanks to the Cold Steel signature locking mechanism. Nothing short of serious pressure applied to key leverage points is going to get this thing to bust once it’s fully locked into place. Getting the blade unlocked is drop dead simple and smooth. With only the slightest pressure on the release mechanism the blade is ready to be concealed and placed deep into pocket with the clip.

The textured grip on the Recon 1 is aggressive. In fact, you even feel the roughness through your own pocket. This is why some will never consider the Recon 1 a true EDC – something you can carry everyday. For me personally, I don’t find the texture bothersome. I know if I ever need to work in the rain, the extra grip is going to come in mighty handy. The aggressive texture is something to make note of however. And another thing to note about the handle – the G10 material and the finger choils allows for a truly deep and comfortable grip. Pick this thing up and the first thing you notice is the aggressiveness of the material combined with powerful grip action. There is no jimping however, but I find it grips good none-the-less.


The Recon 1 is one of my favorite Cold Steel blades and a great option for an EDC. The value of the knife is unheard of, it brings a ton of features and design elements to the table you won’t see in other knives of the same price. As a tactical folder, it’s a no brainer.

Have experience with the Recon 1? Leave a comment and let everyone know what you think about this blade.

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