Cold Steel SRK Survival Knife Review

The Cold Steel SRK (survival rescue knife) fixed blade survival knife has been an all time classic choice for survivalists looking for a jack of all trades knife. This blade is extremely versatile and multi-purpose. The SRK has been embraced by the military and Special Forces due to the blades tactical applications and is standard issue for the U.S. Navy Seal Team training program. In this review I will break down the features of the SRK and demonstrate why this blade is a worthy companion for your belt.

The Cold Steel SRK survival knife in all its glory

Cold Steel SRK Specs

  • Type – Fixed
  • Total Weight – 8.2 oz
  • Blade Material – VG-1
  • Tang – Full
  • Blade Length – 6″
  • Blade Thickness – 5mm
  • Total Length – 10.75″
  • Handle – Kraton material with bottom guard
  • Point Type: Clip

The Blade

The blade on the Cold Steel SRK survival knife is stainless steel. The exact material in question is VG-1; a durable Japanese blend of carbon and molybdenum. This combination is very resistant to corrosion. The unique blend also holds a razor sharp edge and a strong clip point. The blade itself measures in at 6″ and the entire length of the knife checks in at 10 3/4″. Blade thickness is 5mm. Personally I think it’s the perfect length and fits right between the Kabar Bk2 and the Bk7. Not too short, not too long. I can easily baton wood with this thing and turn right around to carve up some game. The razor sharp clip point also makes this knife your right hand man in a combat scenario.


The Handle

The handle on the Cold Steel SRK measures 4.75″ and it’s made of a synthetic polymer material call Kraton. I love the handle on this knife for a couple reasons: The rubberized material of the Kraton is ribbed and checkered for a nice grip and there’s just enough space hanging off the back when I have a good handle on it. It’s a no nonsense handle with a single bottom guard. A lack of a top guard makes it easy to find the right grip depending on how you want to use the knife. This adds to the overall versatility of the SRK.

The Sheath

The sheath is hardened plastic made out of Cold Steel’s secure-ex technology. I like that you can hear the blade snap into place. The Nylon belt loop makes it easy to attach to your belt for both lefties and righties. The sheath also comes with Molle webbing so you can attach it to your pack or pretty much anything else. One minor thing I noticed was the Kraton handle rubs against the sheath and with continued use becomes worn and doesn’t fit as secure and snug. I’ve heard some people say the sheath dulls the blade overtime but I have not experienced this. Overall the sheath is well designed and a nice fit for the Cold Steel SRK.

The Cold Steel SRK next to the secure-ex sheath


As of this writing the Cold Steel SRK is going anywhere from $85 – $90 USD.

Video Review

Final Thoughts

The Cold Steel SRK survival knife is a great jack of all trades blade for multiple tasks. I feel comfortable taking it into the bush and using it around camp. If you need a knife specifically for the bush I would opt for either the Kabar Bk2 or Bk7 but the Cold Steel is much more versatile. A survival knife should do more than just baton wood and this is where the Cold Steel SRK shines. Not many knives can effectively operate in the wild while also being a stellar combat companion. For the knife that does it all you can’t go wrong with the Cold Steel SRK.

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