Condor 3 Day Assault Pack Review

Today we’re talking about one of the most rugged and heavy duty packs in the business. The Condor 3 day assault pack is a no nonsense pack to hold all of your gear. Especially in a fully blown SHTF situation, having a strong pack that can carry all your gear and not bust is a very crucial survival factor. In this full review I’m going to dive deep into this pack so you can assess whether or not this is the pack for you (it’s probably overkill for the average citizen.)

Specifications and Features

  • 50 Liters
  • 1000D Nylon
  • Internal Frame
  • 7 Total Compartments
  • Drag Handles
  • Molle Webbing
  • Padded Shoulder Straps
  • Adjustable Sternum Strap
  • Padded Hip Belt
  • Hydration Bladder Ready (Support For two 3L bladders)
  • Drainage holes for each compartment
  • Compression Straps

Load Capacity

Condor 3 day assaualt pack main comparment
The main compartment


One of the defining features and selling points of the Condor is the large load capacity. The entire capacity checks in at 3038 cubic inches or 50 Liters. That’s a ton of space. Opening the main compartment is like staring into an endless abyss of storage space for all of your gear.

The internal frame does a good job at supporting any load you can throw at the Condor. At 50 Liters the internal frame becomes an absolute necessity especially if you plan on stuffing the pack completely full of supplies.

Storage Pockets

Many large packs like the Condor only offer a simple dump-and-go style rucksack compartment. I like the Condor because there is a lot of pockets for organizing all of your gear.

Main compartment – The main compartment consumes roughly 40 Liters of the total space. Inside are a number of organizing pockets and tie down straps to lash your gear. As a bit of a neat freak myself, I like having the option to organize my gear in places where I know I can find things. One large pack with no pockets proves to unwieldy and it always takes too long to find gear. This can be crucial in a fully blown SHTF situation where time is of the essence.

Communications compartment – This is a 10 X 14 pocket designed to hold a radio and a set of maps. Honestly, you could shove anything here but it would fit a small radio and map perfectly. There are 3 nylon separator pockets in this pouch for organization.

Front compartment – an 11 X 12 dump and go style pocket. Great spot for your first aid kit or anything you will need on a regular basis. Items like food bars, headlamps, and fire starters would go great in this pouch. On the outside of this compartment is 6 rows of Molle webbing. This great stuff to add additional pouches/attachments to the externals. Read my post on the best molle pouches for some ideas.

Side pockets X2 – On the sides of the Condor 3 Day Assault pack are 2 storage pockets measuring 9 X 5 X 2.5. There is nothing fancy about these pockets. They can easily fit a 1 Liter water bottle or anything else you can manage to stuff inside of them. Also on the outside of these compartments is more Molle webbing for additional gear attachments. You can really load this thing out if you want.

Hydration Pockets X2 – In the main compartment are two separator pockets for two 3L hydration bladders.

Condor 3 day assault pack with hydration bladder
Hydration compatible

My Personal Review

There are a lot of things I love about the Condor 3 Day Assault pack. The large storage capacity means I can basically stuff as much gear as I can carry. The Molle webbing means I can pack this thing out to back breaking proportions.

Even so, this pack was made to bear a heavy load. The shoulder straps are extremely well padded and the back plating is also padded to the max. The pack is indeed a comfy one. The hip belt takes most of the weight from your shoulders and distributes onto your hips. This makes carrying a heavy load much easier.

The adjustable sternum strap slides up or down to accomadate different body types. Once again, very comfortable.

For you organizational freaks out there, the Condor delivers with 7 pockets to stow and micro manage your gear. Just don’t forget where you have put things!

The entire pack is practically bombproof being made of 1000D Nylon. You could throw this thing through a wood chipper and it would come out unscathed.

With that said, a durable pack like this is not without weight considerations. The condor is going to weigh more than your average pack because it is made so durable. If weight is a consideration you might want to look at other lightweight options.

Is the Condor 3 Day Assault pack for everyone? I don’t think so. This is a serious pack useful for serious endeavors only. I wouldn’t even think about using this as a daypack. This is for the person going into the deep woods for weeks at a time, or for the person preparing to bug out and never return.

Final Thoughts

This is a serious pack designed for serious tactical applications or extended trips into the wild. I have no doubts this pack will stand up to anything you can throw at it!

The best price for this pack can be found on Amazon.

Thanks for reading the review and please leave a comment if you have any questions!


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