Direct Action Ghost Backpack Review

When TSHTF, are you going to have a real backpack to grab and go? Are you going to have all the essential gear required to blow through a fully blown SHTF situation? Serious situations require seriously durable gear. The Direct Action Ghost Tactical backpack is the all time classic tactical bag – coming fully stocked with everything you need in a backpack. In fact, the Direct Action Ghost is versatile enough to be used in many different scenarios – many people use the backpack as a standard daypack while it’s fully functional as a full blown bug out bag too.


  • 100% Cordura 500D, DWR coated
  • Made in USA or Imported
  • Lightweight and versatile 3-day backpack designed for advanced Military & Law Enforcement operators
  • Patented Combat Vent System® provides increased comfort for their users during prolonged use
  • Unique laser cut MOLLE/PALS system is lowprofile, lightweight, snag-free and non-water absorbing
  • Durable, water resistant coated Codura 500D fabric with multiple color/camo options for versitility
  • Kryptek, PenCott, Mulitcam are NIR(Near-infrared) treated; Helps prevent detection with nightvison

Bullet proof


The pack itself is made of bombproof 500 Denier Cordura material and features heavy duty zippers. Too many times have I taken a backpack out into the woods only to run into quality issues. Material rips, straps snap, zippers stop zipping. This is the LAST thing you want in a backpack no matter what you’re using it for.

The Direct Action Ghost was designed for military and law enforcement personnel. It goes without saying that any gear the military uses is going to be very high quality.

Unique features

The outside pouch is completely detachable when you don't need to carry a massive load
The outside pouch is completely detachable when you don’t need to carry a massive load


The thing I really like about this pack is the slim profile. Many backpacks “chode out” the back when you load them down with gear. While this is a purely aesthetic complaint I have, the taller slimmer profile caught my eye straight away on the Direct Action Ghost. I’ve also never seen a camouflage pattern quite like this. It’s quite awesome and a refreshing change from the standard camo variety.

Fully functional

The Direct Action Ghost is adaptable to many scenarios. The side compression straps can be used to lash down a tent or a tarp for instance. I always look for side compression straps for this purpose. A lot of bulky stuff must be lashed to the outside to make room for gear on the inside. Without the compression straps this can become quite a pain in the ass.

Fortunately the Direct Action Ghost has compression straps right on the side – very strong ones at that. The laser cut molle not only makes this pack look completely badass but allows you to attach more gear to the outside. You can extend the carrying capacity if you have Molle compatible pouches. And speaking of pouches, the Direct Action Ghost has a removable pouch attached to the outside. Remove the pouch if your’re going for a day hike, put it back on when it’s time to go fully loaded.


Okay, another gripe I have with packs is the the thin spaghetti straps companies use in place of well padded ones. The Direct Action Ghost gets it right. This pack is extremely comfortable from the generously padded straps to the soft and breathable back area. The waist straps are also well padded and do a good job at bearing a lot of the load you’re carrying.

Pockets for days

Tons of pockets!


I’m still discovering pockets on the Direct Action Ghost. It comes loaded down with a ton of organizational space and plenty of pockets to stash and store your gear. While most military style packs only offer a large rucksack, the DAG goes against the grain by including more pockets than you can shake a stick at.

If you’re the type of person who likes to organize your pack, this is the only backpack you’ll need. Seriously, lots of nice meshed pockets!

Direct Action Ghost Review Conclusion

Overall this is a great pack and deserves a spot on your back. It’s slim, looks cool, and stands up to the strict standards of military quality. If you’re looking for a bug out bag, a backpack for hiking, or just an awesome day pack, definitely check out the Direct Action Ghost. Thanks for reading this review!



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