ESEE 6 Knife Review

ESEE can’t help but pump out quality blade after quality blade. The ESEE 6 is another premium blade I absolutely love to take into the bush. You might have read my review on the ESEE-5. It’s very much on the weighty side and almost too big to be comfortable. The ESSE-6 is everything I love about the ESEE-5 but in a lighter profile. I can get a handle on the ESSE-6 without feeling like I’m wielding a small hatchet. The ESEE-6  is finding its way onto my belt with increased frequency these days.


Blade TypeFixed
Blade Length6.5 inches
Total Length11.75 inches
Blade Thickness0.188 inches
Blade Material1095 steel / Flat grind
Weight20 oz
Sheath IncludedYes

The blade

1095 carbon steel blade with a flat grind and drop point.

The handle

Grey Micarta handle with scales and lanyard


The sheath

Black molded polymer sheath. Not as impressive as the ESEE-5 sheath but it will do.


First impressions

I picked up the blade and immediately could feel the agility. I could tell chopping was going to be an absolute breeze. The thinner blade compared to ESSE’s previous model was a welcome change. I found I left the 5 at home more often because of the weight. It’s a shame because it’s a super high quality blade but too damn difficult to maneuver (for me.) The ESSE 6 has a longer and thinner blade and I was excited to get out into the bush to give it a proper test.

As you know with all my knife reviews I like to take the blade out into the bush and test the upper limits. This usually involves me exhausting myself in a few rounds of heavy batoning. I also test the blades ability to carve and make feathersticks.

Making feathersticks – Making feathersticks was an absolute piece of cake. I barely needed to exert any pressure for the blade to dig in to the wood and create a bundle of super fine feathers. The blade thickness is a perfect. Even on really hard wood the ESEE-6 continued to prove its functionality. With a longer blade it will be difficult to carve anything really fine, but making feathersticks won’t be a problem. I don’t do a lot of real carving in the bush so the ESEE-6 works well for my purposes.


Batoning wood – The long blade makes batoning wood a dream job. The knife slices right through even the toughest knots:

Slicing straight through with the ESSE 6


Final thoughts

The ESSE-6 is a blade worthy of your belt in the bush. It’s on the pricey side but with ESEE knives you get what you pay for.  The ESSE-6 is hands down one of the best survival knives out there. You also get the benefits of ESEE’s signature no questions asked repair and return policy. They do a great job making making customer support a top priority when you purchase their knives.















































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