Essential Survival Gear To Rambo Your Way Out of Any Situation

Aliens have abducted you to study the crafty ways of the human species. They tell you they’re going to drop you in the wilderness – 100 miles from the nearest city. But they aren’t complete assholes. They allow you to choose 10 survival items to take with you on your journey. What do you choose and why?

This is what I would choose:

Stainless steel water bottle – 100 miles from civilization? You’re going to need something to carry water. Stainless steel offers a number of advantages over plastic – the ability to boil water being the most significant advantage. The stainless steel is durable and won’t bust on you half way through the mission.

Water purification tablets – Boiling water to drink takes forever. Water purification tablets are a much quicker way to secure any water you find along the way. Water from creeks, rivers and ponds are great sources of water but may contain harmful pathogens. The water isn’t going to taste great but that’s okay – survival is not a 5 star restaurant experience. You can leave a bad yelp review when you get back to town.

Fixed blade knife – Even those outside of the tin foiled sphere of the prepping/survival community know the importance of a good knife. You might not know that fixed blade is the only way to go. Fixed blade knives are stronger than the folding types and extremely resilient. The knife is the most important piece of survival gear so don’t get the wrong one.

Paracord – Highly versatile. Use the paracord for rigging shelters, making fishing line, bear bagging your food, and a ton of other survival tasks. Another crucial piece of survival gear.

Tarp – Use the tarp in combination with your paracord to fashion a 5 star shelter for the night. Why not ask for a tent you say? A tent is heavy and going to slow you down. This is survival, not a backyard camping excursion with smores.

Ferrocerium rod – a ferrocerium rod is a reliable method to generate lots of sparks. Lighters and matches can get wet. Steel rods do not and will always throw sparks. Use the back of your knife as a striker.

Lighters – Let’s be honest. Starting a fire with a ferrocerium rod looks cool but it’s far from easy. Carry a pack of lighters in a ziploc bag to make your life easier. The key here is redundancy. Always have backups of your most important survival gear.

Light medical kit – The wild is a completely different environment than the cushy air conditioned place you’re reading this from. It’s chock full of danger around every corner. Nature in the raw has not been softened to fit the delicate requirements of man. You’re gonna get cut, bruised, and bitten. Prepare for these realities with a proper med kit. Antiseptic liquid, compression wraps and guazes at the bare minimum.

Hunting rifle – The aliens said anything didn’t they? You’d be stupid not to ask for some kind of rifle to hunt with. What, you think you’re going to build your own bow and arrow and take out medium sized game? Not without mucho practice mi amigo. At least with a hunting rifle it’s more or less point and shoot. Oh yeah, don’t forget the ammo.

Extra socks – Ever heard of trench foot? It’s the last thing you want if your main mode of transportation is your chevrolegs. Protect your feet at all costs. Wool socks prevent blisters and won’t retain moisture like cotton will. Wet socks combined with friction is a recipe for gnarly blisters.

That about wraps it up. Your new alien friends will admire how resourceful you are. Don’t let the human race down. Show these aliens what 10,000 years of evolution has done to your survival faculties.



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