The First People To Die During a Full Blown SHTF Situation

Have you thought about your chances of survival during a full blown SHTF situation? You might think you have it made in the shade. But, if you land anywhere on this list your chances of survival might be extremely low. Let’s take a look at the first people to bite the dust when all hell breaks loose.

People on life support – Also extends to people confined to hospital beds. When the monkeys overtake the city and start flinging shit all over the place, do you think hospital workers will stay on the job? Highly doubtful. If they’re smart, they will know the only chance of survival is to vacate the premises. Unfortunately, there will be nobody to take care of the sick and inured.

Fat people – If you’re out of shape and overweight a number of things are taking place in your biology. Excess fat levels inhibits your ability to think as clearly as you can. Clarity of mind will be of utmost importance during a fully blown SHTF situation. Plus, If the roads are blocked your only way out is on foot. If your chevro’legs have to bear a ridiculous amount of excess weight you probably won’t make it very far. Fat people do have a better chance in the country where they can hunker down and bug in.

Millennials – Millennials have never fallen upon truly hard times. Hard times for the millennial means not getting invited to a party or not getting enough likes on Instagram and Facebook. They will have no clue how to field a fully blown SHTF situation. When mommy and daddy are nowhere in sight, it will be the shit flinging apes who will cradle them into an early grave. Victims of the easy life.

Single Moms – Single moms with children and no protection will also become easy victims of crime. They do not have a man to protect them and probably have very little skills when it comes to protecting themselves. They may sacrifice themselves to save their children or to acquire resources such as food, water, and other basic survival items. They will certainly not have it easy.

People without gear – Even if you are mildly resourceful, if you don’t have the proper gear you will find it difficult to survive and thrive during a survival situation. It doesn’t take much to put together a basic bug out bag. I’ve written a bug out bag checklist to help get you started.

And that is that. Work on honing those survival skills, get in shape, and get yourself a decent bug out bag. Doing these basic things will go a long way in keeping you safe and above ground.

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