FiveJoy Military Shovel Review

One of the best tools to have at your side in a camping/outdoor/survival situation is a solid shovel. Better than having just any old shovel is having a shovel that folds and hosts a number of crucial survival tools within the frame. The FiveJoy folding shovel is a military grade tool designed for maximum durability and versatility.

Let’s cracks straight into the features and specifications


  • Sturdy folding shovel
  • Carbon steel / aerospace grade aluminum (virtually indestructible and extremely lightweight)
  • Compact design easily fits in backpack or under the seat of your car
  • Angled spade adjustments (40, 90, 180 degrees)
  • Hidden rescue knife with saw, survival whistle, firestarter and bottle opener.
  • Highly resistant to corrosion and rust
  • Industrial strength foam handles prevents slipping and ensures solid grip

Full review


I’ve always been a fan of the humble camp shovel. Years before we had the technology I would lug around a regular shovel spade with the wooden handle cut down to a manageable size and weight. I used the shovel for many camp tasks and found endless uses and applications for the tool. Recently companies have started to release lightweight folding shovels you can easily pack straight into a backpack or keep in a car. Unfortunately, most of these implementations have been lacking in many key areas.

The FiveJoy Military shovel puts the military back in military grade. The design and materials come together to form the perfect camp/survival shovel for your bug out bag or bug out vehicle. The shovel feels strangely light yet durable. Usually you can feel how cheap something is by the sheer weight. While the FiveJoy shovel feels light I can tell you this – you can abuse the hell out of this in the bush and it will continue to come back for more.

One feature separating the FiveJoy from the rest of the pack is the adjustable shovel angles. Using the locking mechanism you can adjust the shovel to 40, 90, or 180 degrees. This increases the versatility of the shovel for different types of digging tasks.

Also included with the shovel are a number of other handy survival items. Concealed withing the frame itself is a saw, magnesium firestarter, survival whistle, and bottle opener. The magnesium firestarter throws a considerable amount of sparks making it easy to get a fire going. Overall, these items are a nice addition to the main shovel.

Final Thoughts

Some people ask – do I really need a shovel of this caliber? My reply to that is only if you want the best. You don’t NEED a high end shovel like this to dig a hole to crap in. In fact, any shovel will do. But do you really want to lug a regular shovel spade all the way through to your camp spot? I’m a huge fan of lightweight gear and always looking for the latest and greatest methods to save on pack weight. Usually this means sacrificing on quality. This is not the case with the FiveJoy shovel. Even if this will be a shovel to keep in your vehicle, It’s a good idea to go for something compact, lightweight, but also a tool that can withstand serious abuse. The FiveJoy folding shovel is all of these things and overall an extremely useful and high quality tool.


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