As a thriving community, preppers come in all shapes and sizes. Certain individuals have become so wrapped up in prepping they enter in to a paranoid reality where everything is a potential for disaster. These preppers are known as the “tin foil hatters.” These types of preppers have perpetuated many myths about how certain SHTF events will play out. In this post, we expose the lies and shine the light of truth so you can properly prep for any fully blown SHTF event.

Myth #1: Gold will be valuable

There is no SHTF situation where gold will ever become a valuable asset. Especially in cases where food shortages are taking place, who in their right mind is going to trade food for gold? In these cases, food and water is the most valuable resource. You cannot eat gold. You cannot drink gold. The items of most value will be items that contribute to survival in a meaningful way. Your precious gold is nothing but a blunt melee weapon and paper weight.

Myth #2: Bugging out to the woods

This is perhaps the most widespread idea virus currently spreading regarding SHTF situations. If the shit does hit the fan, people think they can simply bug out to the woods and survive with nothing but a tent and bug out bag. Many of these delusional people live in cities and have little woodland experience. They watch the Walking Dead and think they have a Ph.D in survival. Let me tell you something buddy,┬áit’s time to start living in the real world. The truth is, even the most die hard preppers will die in a truly fully blown SHTF situation.

Myth #3: Looting survival goods from Walmart

Another classic delusion. People think when SHTF they will simply go to Walmart and secure all the goods they need to survive. Little do these people know that Walmart will be fully looted in a matter of hours. Even if you manage to get there on time it’s going to be a complete cluster fuck of violence and chaos. You’ll be fighting for the scraps while large gangs take all the best loot. A single person doesn’t stand a chance in this warzone.

Myth #4: The secret spot

You think you have found a secret spot nobody else will find? Think again Buck-O. Chances are your spot isn’t all that secret and you’ll be ransacked in a matter of days to weeks as people begin to disperse from centralized towns and cities. It’s only a matter of time before your ultra top secret hideout is exposed. Then, you’ll have to fight for your territory with bloodshed.

Myth #5: People will be nice

People including your precious neighbors will become your number one enemy in a fully blown SHTF situation. Chaos brings forth the true nature of man and it’s not pretty. People are nice until their AC stops working and everything they’ve ever known disappears instantly. This includes yourself. Survival is 100% mindset. Know thyself to survive.

Myth #6: You can survive

The final myth and the hardest to swallow. As humans we have a tendency to overestimate our skills and ability to survive. The truth is, most of us don’t stand a chance in a true SHTF situation. Your day to day life is too comfortable and cushy to understand the truly harsh nature of a full blown SHTF situation. It’s all fun and games until you feel your life drain before your blackening eyes.


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