Gerber Prodigy Knife Review

Every so often a knife comes around and blows everything else out of the water. The Gerber Prodigy is a solid knife at a price point even a McDonalds burger flipper can afford. The Prodigy gets a lot of things right and incorporates many features I frequently discuss when choosing the right survival knife.

Let’s check out the Prodigy in full detail and break down and discover why this is a knife that belongs on your belt.

Specifications and features

  • Fixed blade knife
  • 420HC stainless steel
  • Full tang
  • Drop point
  • Blade length – 4.75 inches
  • Total length – 9.75 inches
  • Total weight – 8 ounces

Full review


What’s to love about this knife? First, we’re talking about a solid brand here. If the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Gerber is baby food – think again. These are 2 seperate companies all together. Gerber the knife brand has picked up some solid contracts with the military. The Gerber LMF2 has seen extensive use in the military and still utilized to this day by armed forces. The Gerber Prodigy takes many of the same hardened features from the LMF2 and incorporates them into a more budget friendly knife.

The Prodigy is of course a full tang knife – the tang being the metal part of the blade that runs into the handle. Partial tangs only run a partial way down the handle while the full tang runs the entire length. Full tang knives are much stronger and you can still use them if the handle breaks off. Wrap a bit of paracord around the tang and you got yourself a brand new knife.

Moving on to the blade we see Gerber implementing 420HC stainless steel. This is a decent steel for a knife. High quality steel significantly drives up the cost of the knife. The steel used on the Prodigy sharpens up quite nicely and holds an edge. In fact, the knife is sharp as razor wire straight out of the box. Making feather sticks is no problem at all with the prodigy. Running partial length of the blade is a serrated edge. I find this part of the blade comes in mighty handy. The serrations bite in deep to whatever you are cutting making a rapid separation.

One thing Gerber knives have nailed down is the ergonomics of the handle. Picking up a Gerber knife feels like you just pulled the Excalibur from the sacred stone. With a grip this powerful you must be careful not to go full blown Rambo mode around the house. On the end of the handle you notice the bolstered pommel. Use this edge to break through glass and as a powerful self defense weapon. A couple cracks with the glass breaker pommel and you’ve successfully knocked your opponent down long enough to make a smooth getaway.

This knife is a dangerous one indeed. Believe me, take this thing outside and we’re talking about doing serious damage in the bush. The knife can easily handle camp tasks like splitting firewood and even finer tasks like skinning game. Overall the Prodigy is a versatile knife well suited to many tasks.

One last thing to touch on is the sheath – the best in the business. The Sheath securely locks the blade into place and Molle compatible webbing allows for easy attachment to your belt or backpack. I like how the blade snaps firm into place while being easy to retrieve at a moments notice.

Final thoughts

This knife is a great daily driver. If you want a single knife that can do it all the Prodigy is the blade for you. At just around $50 bucks you’re getting a blade of very high quality, durability, and value. This knife is going to last you for years requiring the occasional resharpening of course. Do yourself a solid and pick up this knife today.



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