Gerber StrongArm Knife Review

Gerber continues to pump out quality product after quality product. Knives like the Gerber LMF2 stand as some of the best knives in the business and have seen extensive use by the military. This time they have released one of the best budget knives on the market with the Gerber StrongArm. The StrongArm is a serious knife lending itself to many survival and tactical scenarios.

Check out the specs below and see Amazon for the current price.


  • Blade Length – 4.5″
  • Total Length – 9.8″
  • Weight – 7.2oz
  • Blade Material – 420HC Stainless Steel
  • Blade Thickness – 3/16″
  • Grind – Saber
  • 90 degree spine
  • Handle Material – Glass filled nylons with rubber overmold
  • Sheath included – YES
  • Made in USA

Full Review

Gerber strikes a great balance of high quality and affordability. Gerbers reputation as a solid brand shows once again with the StrongArm. There are a number of things I love about this knife. The first thing I noticed picking up the knife was the extremely comfortable grip material on the handle. The rubberized diamond grip makes it virtually impossible for the StrongArm to slip out of your hands even in wet weather. When I look for a knife I always make sure the handle is ergonomic and designed to grip as much as possible. On the end of the handle is a reinforced pommel for smashing through glass, hammering objects, or for self defense. Having that reinforced pommel on the butt-end of the blade comes in might handy in lots of survival/outdoor situations. That pommel is also a very effective self defense weapon. If you don’t want to kill the guy simply deliver a couple skull crackers with the pommel.

Now…the blade itself came out sharp straight out of the box. I was worried about how sharp the edge would be considering the blade is 3/16″ thick. I was surprised to discover the overall sharpness of the blade was on par with thinner blades made of traditionally sharper materials like carbon steel. The blade on the Gerber StrongArm is made of 420HC stainless steel. Stainless steel doesn’t quite sharpen up as fine as carbon steel but it tends to hold edges longer and is much more resistant to corrosion. With a carbon steel blade you almost have to babysit it and always wipe it down after use. A quality stainless steel blade like the StrongArm can get nearly as sharp and you can put it through much more abuse. I found the blade also held its edge for a considerable amount of time even after putting it through several cutting, hacking, slicing, and wood splitting tasks. One last design I like to see on a blade is a 90 degree spine. This makes it easy to use with a ferrocerium rod and always comes in handy in the bush.

On to the sheath…

If a good woman makes the man, a good sheath makes the knife. The sheath sets the Gerber StrongArm apart from even the ESEE line of blades. The Gerber sheath included with the StrongArm is best in class and features design elements you simply don’t see in other sheaths. The versatile design allows you to mount the blade vertically or horizontally on your belt or mount to any MOLLE compatible attachment systems.

Final Thoughts

The Gerber StrongArm is a competent knife and is comparable to much more expensive knives like ESEE. For the price this is one knife you can’t pass up on. Plus, the sheath is the best in the business. All Gerber products are made in the USA and many of the Gerber knives have seen use in the military for training purposes. Gerber stands behind their products and the reviews for the StrongArm are very good. You will not be disappointed if you choose to purchase this knife.


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