Gerber Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit Review

The survival and prepping scene has exploded with the rise up of survival awareness and popular shows like “Doomsday Preppers.” With this rising a surge of survival products has flooded the market. Having used many of these survival products I’ve concluded most of the premade survival kits are completely garbage except for these.

In fact, I gave up on buying these types of kits for a long time until I ran across the Zombie Apocalypse Kit from Gerber. Gerber has been a giant in the survival industry and consistently produces high quality products. The Gerber LMF2 knife is one of the best knives in the industry and included in the kit. I’ve used and reviewed this knife in another post. 

The thing is, I like the idea of a survival kit that has everything you need to maintain all the elements of survival.

Contents of the kit

Here is the Zombie Kit in full glory. The kit includes 3 knives, 2 machetes, a camp axe, and Bear Grylls signature parang. It’s got everything you need to establish a camp from nothing in the woods. The versatility of the kit lends itself well to many tasks. Let’s explore the in depth details of this kit.

Gerber LMF2 Infantry knife – The LMF2 infantry knife is one of Gerbers signature survival knives. The knife boasts a number of hardened features including a full tang, a partially serrated edge, and a design that makes it completely shock proof when cutting through electrical lines. In fact, the Gerber LMF2 has seen extensive use in the U.S. military and was once issued to active duty personnel. A civilian will find the knife just as useful.

DMF Folder – The Gerber DMF folder is a folding knife making it a formidable sidekick to the beefy LMF2. While the LMF2 is best carried in a sheath, the DMF folder can easily be stowed in cargo pockets or simply clipped to your belt. The knife opens with a manual action, features a very comfortable grip, and includes both a serrated and standard edge. The pommel (butt-end of the blade) is fortified and makes for a strong and sturdy blunt force weapon. This end of the knife is often used for breaking through thick glass, self defense, and hammering jobs.

Gerber Epic – The Gerber Epic is the knife in this kit you leave around camp. It’s a light low-profile blade for small jobs you might find around the campfire. Crack open a cold one with the built in bottle opener or make a fast job of a skinning job for the days catch. It’s a unique design and a great addition to the other 2 knives in this kit.

Camp Axe – The included camp axe is a force of nature. A good axe is sharp and well balanced. Out of the box the Gerber camp axe feels absolutely lethal. The balance and grip combined with the sharp edge makes quick work out of any bushcrafting you’ll be doing in the wild. You can easily fall branches, small trees, and split firewood with great precision and ease. Let me tell you, having a solid axe in your survival kit is an absolute must.

Gator Machete – The Gator machete looks like it crawled out of the Walking Dead and into the realm of mortals. This is a dual purpose machete designed for serious bushwacking and breaking through even the toughest thickets of brush and foliage. On one end is a fine edge blade and on the other is a full blown saw. The ergonomic handle fits perfectly in your hand. The metal is forged of high performance carbon steel so it not only maintains an edge, but gets wicked sharp too. Any type of natural obstacle in your path does not stand a chance.

Gator Machete Pro – A truly powerful tool for clearing brush. The Machete Pro features a sharp edge that curves into a hook. The hook is useful for dragging brush out of the way and digging deep to get at roots and other hard to get obstacles. Wielding both machetes in the Gerber Zombie Kit you will become a wild machine of the wilderness, chopping down anything and everything in your way. This machete also comes with a military grade sheath for safe keeping and transportation.

Bear Grylls Parang – The Parang features a dominant curved element not seen in the other machetes. Traditional tribesman of the deep jungles are often seen with a curved blade when clearing brush and jungle obstacles. The curved blade naturally slices deep into branches and foliage making clearing a much easier job. There is a technique to using the Parang that once mastered makes you unstoppable in the bush.

Full Review


Usually I am not a fan of these premade survival kits. Most of the time the companies get everything wrong and include a bunch of worthless trinkets always proving themselves useless. These kits might have a couple solid items but generally lack anything of high quality. The Gerber Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit gets a lot of things right. First off, this is the only survival kit I’ve seen that focuses on solid bushcrafting and camp craft items. With this kit you have everything you need to establish a base camp, defend yourself, skin fish and game, fall trees, split firewood, etc.

Second, Gerber is a high quality brand that makes high quality gear. You simply feel the quality when you pick up anything made by Gerber. The grip and balance of all these tools has been carefully calculated. As mentioned, some Gerber products like the LMF2 have been used by active duty military personnel.

The versatility of the tools is also something to mention. There isn’t a whole lot you can’t do with a decent knife and machete. This kit has 3 machetes, 2 knives, and a solid Parang. This is the kit to get if you want it all.

This kit is an easy choice especially if you don’t want to hunt around for each individual product in a survival kit. With this kit you have a sense of continuity as you switch from say the machete to the knife. The feel is familiar. The materials are common. The balance is there. Not all of us want to spend weeks searching for the “perfect” items with exact specifications. The Gerber Zombie Apocalypse Kit is a get it and forget it package. You can buy the kit knowing that what you are getting is high quality and adequate for most applications. The kit is a huge time saver at the end of the day.

Final thoughts

I recommend this kit to anyone who wants a high quality survival kit with items that will last for the long haul. Looking through the hype of the whole “Zombie kit” angle lies a solid kit with superb tools needed for hardcore survival.

Even if you never face off with a zombie in your life, this kit from Gerber gets 5 out of 5 stars.



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