Guardline Wireless Driveway Alarm System Review

One thing always stressed when it comes to prepping is OPSEC (operational security.) It’s crucial to understand what is going around your perimeter at all times. If you do not have security measures in place you run the risk of a potential breach. This could be somebody sneaking on to your property or a number of other threats. There’s a ton of useful applications for something like Guardlines Wireless Driveway Alarm System.

In this review I take a deep look into this particular long range alarm system and discuss whether this is a solid product to maintain a secure perimeter at your house, shop, or base camp.

Features and specifications

There are 2 primary driveway alarm products from Guardline. There’s a $99 dollar model and a $159 dollar model. Both of these models share similar features except for the range capabilities from the sensor to the receiver. In the $99 dollar model the maximum range from sensor to receiver is 500 feet. In the premium model the max distance measures at a whopping 1/4 mile. This is well over double the range of the entry level alarm system. Your choice of model depends on how much range you need. In other words, what do you want to monitor and how far will you be away from the sensor?

Here is a general list of features:

  • Driveway alarm system
  • Sensor and Receiver
  • Long range
  • 500 feet range ($99 dollar model)
  • 1,320 feet range ($159 dollar model)
  • Battery powered sensor (4 AA batteries included)
  • Batter powered receiver (4 AAA batteries included)
  • AC adapter also included with receiver
  • Easily mounts to post or other structure with mounting bracket and screws
  • 30 different alarm sounds
  • Good audible sound
  • Supports up to 16 zones with different sensors
  • Easily use 1 sensor with multiple receivers for different parts of your location
  • Easily use multiple sensors with a single receiver
  • Comprehensive and easy-to-read manual
  • 2 year warranty

Setting things up

the guardline wireless driveway alarm mounted on tree

The system works off a sensor and a receiver. You will place the sensor on the section of property you want to monitor and the receiver close by to you. When you open the box you’ll notice both the sensor and the receiver. It’s very easy to pair the two together. On the receiver there are 5 buttons. On one side you have a ON/OFF toggle switch, a volume control, and the AC adapter jack. On the opposite side you have the controls related to the communications between the sensor and the receiver. The most important button is the learn mode button. This is the button you will use to pair the sensor with the receiver.

It’s actually quite simple to pair the sensor and the receiver in just a few steps:

  1. Turn on both the sensor and the receiver.
  2. On the receiver, hold down the “learn mode” button until the zone 1 LED begins to blink.
  3. At this point the receiver is in learn mode and you can select a tone for the alert. Cycle through the 30 sounds using the “melody” button until you find a sound you like.
  4. Now, cycle through the zones with the “learn mode” button until none of the zones are blinking. Once the light shuts off, the device has exited learn mode and is ready for testing.
  5. Wave your hand over the sensor to verify a successful pairing. If everything goes correctly you should hear the sound for the melody you selected and the ZONE 1 light will begin to blink.

Full review

Rarely does a product stand up to what it claims to do. This is why I am always surprised when I find a product that does exactly what it’s supposed to. No more, no less. The Guardline driveway security system is a simple piece of technology you can use to monitor your driveway or any other piece of property for that matter. This thing is great to alert you when someone is driving up. I can see this being used by business owners to alert them when a customer or delivery man pulls in, or as a fully functional security system. Use this device with a camera system to get instantaneous data on what is going on around you.

I found the system is actually drop dead simple to setup as I explained above. Everything can be powered off of the included batteries and the mounting system allows for a number of different setups. For most applications you can simply screw the mounting bracket into a post and be good to go. You could also use a piece of rope or string to lash the sensor to a tree or anything else. The housing of the sensor is fully weather proof so no need to worry about water or anything else.

The logic behind this driveway alarm is simple. When something passes the sensor, beep at me! I found the device just does that, and it does it very well. I actually found the sensor performs well past the documented ranges. With a direct line of sight you can get the receiver to detect from impressive distances.

My favorite aspect about this product is you’re not just tied into 1 sensor. You can purchase multiple sensors and sync them up to the same receiver. On the receiver you have 4 different zones that support 4 sensors in each zone. This means a single receiver can monitor 16 separate locations on your property. Purchasing multiple sensors allows for a truly robust monitoring system. You can have one sensor monitoring the driveway and another sensor monitoring the front door.

False positives and other considerations…

As with most sensors, you have to be aware of false positives. The Guardline system will occasionally pick up false positives like moving branches, small animals, or anything else that passes through the sensor. It’s crucial to ensure the sensor is mounted straight at what you want to monitor. Clear out any branches that might cross the sensors path. Otherwise, your receiver will have no problems beeping at you all day!

Customer support and warranty

I should also mention that Guardline security has great customer support. They are a small business based in the USA and have a real telephone number you can reach them at. You can tell they truly care about creating a top notch product and delivering over the top customer service. All across social media you can see them helping their customers around every turn. On YouTube you can see them helping out users on their channel. If you have a problem with the device you can simply call them up or send an email.

There is also a 2 year warranty on all of their products. This is a considerable length of time considering this is an outdoor product that is sure to take some flack! I have no doubt this alarm system will stand the test of time.

Wrapping up…

The Guardline Wireless Driveway Alarm System is a fully functional piece of equipment that does everything it says it does. Setting it up is drop dead simple. The product is a bit on the pricier side but the reliability and performance of the system is unmatched. You also won’t find better customer service for a product in this category. I have to say this is the best driveway alarm system you can buy on the market today.


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