There’s lots of reasons to hide your guns in the house. Having kids is a big one along with guests coming over to the house. If your home gets robbed these types of stash points in the house provide safe keeping for guns, ammo, and other valuable items. And let’s be honest, having a secret cache of weapons hidden in plain sight is pretty cool too. I’ve scoured the internet to track down the best hidden gun storage furniture for all your weapons and ammo.

1.) Cabinet Rifle Slider – This is the perfect cabinet for rifles and blends in nicely in any standard American style home. This is a cabinet with a front display and a hidden gun storage slider in the back. The sliding portion of the cabinet locks securely. The front shelves are adjustable and make a nice display for anything you want to put inside. Most rifles and shotguns will fit in the storage compartment although extra long guns will be a tight fit. The material appears to be a pressed wood but the finish is good quality and hard to tell it’s not real wood from a distance. Overall a great cabinet for your ammo and rifle storage. Check it out here.

2.) Gun Storage Bench – This is the American Furniture Classics 502 gun storage bench. High quality attractive bench for a great price. Full leather bench with hinged locking top revealing your secret stash of weapons. Lot’s of storage space and sturdy enough to be used as an actual bench. Easily stows any rifle you can throw at it plus a ton of ammo and whatever else you can think of. Again, very rustic and traditional looking. Wouldn’t blend in well with a modern home but for a house with traditional furniture nobody would suspect a thing. I like the fact this thing locks and there’s no way to tell it’s a secret gun storage compartment without looking too closely. The price on this bench too good to pass up.

3.) Gun Cabinet Armoire – A good looking mirror armoire with a carefully concealed storage area right behind your very own reflection. Perfect for the bedroom and completely unsuspecting. Comes with 2 locking methods – A magnet locking device or your traditional lock and key hardware. The height of this mirror is 42.5 inches so longer rifles will have trouble fitting. However, most rifles will but make sure to measure the length of your rifle before purchasing.

4.) Covert Cabinet Gun Shelf – My favorite piece of furniture for stashing a couple pistols along with a few magazines. Mounts to the wall like a normal shelf. There’s a hinged portion which drops down revealing the stash. No need to remove the things on top of the shelf to gain access. This is great if you need fast access to your guns. Locks securely via a magnetic lock and key. You’re not going to be stashing your entire arsenal in this thing but it’s perfect for 1 – 2 guns plus a few mags. Take a look for yourself.

5.) Covert Guitar Case – Furniture? Maybe not. But it’s still a fantastic and genius way to stash your high powered rifles. Nobody suspects a guitar case of containing guns and ammunition. The case itself features a 4 pin combo lock. The interior is well padded with foam surrounded by a hardened shell case. Not to mention this is an easy piece of gun storage you can grab. In the case of a robbery you can run with the guitar case to a safe part of your home and take your time unlocking the guns. Also an inconspicuous method to transfer your guns from one place to another without revealing what you have.

6.) The Peace Keeper – Or as I like to call it, the piece keeper! A fully functioning clock with a secret stash capable of holding a large hand gun and some other goodies. Nobody takes a second glance at a clock unless it’s to check the time, and we use smartphones for that nowadays. The clock looks completely natural no matter where you put making this one of the most incognito pieces of hidden gun storage furniture. Store your Glock in the clock!

DIY hidden gun storage furniture

You can make your own furniture with some basic carpentry skills. In fact, employing the services of a good carpenter could yield you a truly custom piece of furniture for all of your guns and ammo. Below are some pictures with a few ideas.

The rogue shelf – With some basic tools and the plans you can build your own hidden gun shelf made specifically to hide your guns and ammo. The following plans has all the blueprints you need to make this hidden gun shelf right in your own home. This is a fun and easy project to do if you can carve out the time and resources to get it down. At the end you’ll have a secret stash you can use to hide anything from guns, cash, or other important valuables you wan’t hidden from the naked eye.

Converting an old dresser – This guy took an old dresser and converted it into a hidden stash spot for guns and ammo. Go to any old garage sale and pick something up for cheap for this project. With basic tools you can save a lot of money by going the DIY route. Check out the video for some ideas:

The 5 dollar night stand stash – Another cheap an effective way to take an existing piece of furniture and turn it into a secret stash spot for your goodies. This guy simply took an old night stand and sawed the top off and added hinges and a cabinet closer. Easy stuff and a project you could get done in a lazy afternoon. You can keep this one by your bed at night for easy access to guns, flashlights, and whatever else you need instant access to.


When it comes to hidden gun storage furniture you have a lot of options. While many of the products found online can work you can also go the DIY route and build something completely custom.









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