How To Survive After SHTF

We all can see the writing on the wall. Times are becoming increasingly shaky and unstable. It’s obvious you can no longer rely on the government to have your back. Crooked politicians run wild in Washington. Global politics and agendas have only a few elite members in mind.

They can survive an EMP blast. They will survive the nukes. They will survive in their own underground super shelters when the power gets cut and people riot in the streets. But where does that leave you? Where does that leave the average citizen with few resources of his own?

And more importantly…How does one survive after SHTF?

I’m going to give you a few solid tips right now. First…

Move to the country – If you can, relocate yourself and your family to the country. If SHTF the last place you want to be is in the middle of an urban deathtrap. There you will be forced to deal with mass violence. Men will reduce to apes and the urban landscape will quickly turn into your worst nightmare. Desperation breeds violence, even in “normal” people.

In the country you distance yourself from the inevitable decline of mankind. In the country you have resources available to you and a lot more safety. You can hunt, for instance. Sure, some city dwellers might make there way to your property but you’ll be ready for them with plenty of guns and ammo.

Prepare – Stock up on all the essentials you need to survive a fully blown SHTF situation. Think about the essentials…water, food, fire, shelter. Secure enough for both you and your family. Think about how life is going to be like when they cut the power. How are you going to cook food? How are you going to keep sanitary? Where will you find water when it stops coming out of the pipes? Here’s a general list of items you must secure as soon as possible. Some of these items are more for bugging in while many are for bugging out in case of a full blown get-up-and-go SHTF situation.

  • Rice
  • Beans
  • Canned goods
  • Water
  • Water filter¬†(This one is the ¬†best in the business.)
  • Flashlights
  • A good knife
  • First Aid
  • Extra batteries
  • Fire gear (matches, lighters, a ferrocerium rod, fire starters)
  • Tarp or tent
  • Stainless steel water container (for boiling water)
  • Water purification tablets
  • Poncho
  • Proper clothing (think water proof)
  • Good boots (I own a pair of these.)
  • Extra socks
  • Paracord
  • Map of your area
  • 72 hours of bug out food (Clif bars, candy bars, nuts, seeds, etc.)
  • Hand cranked radio
  • Communication radio (Amateur radio)
  • Trash bags (make shift shelter, water collector, or sleeping pads when stuffed with leaves.)
  • etc

The list can go on for days but that’s the essentials.

Have a bug out location – If SHTF where are you going to go? Do you have a secondary location with family or friends you can get to? How will you get there? Do you have enough gas in your car to get there? What route will you take to get there? What happens if everyone leaves at once? Are there alternative routes to get you where you need to go?

These are the things only true survivors think about. Don’t be a chump and wait until SHTF. Think about this stuff now.

Read up on going gray man.

Get in shape – If you’re fat and overweight I can’t imaging you will last long. Bugging out might require swift evacuation on foot. Imagine a group of approaching apes behind you. How long can you run before you get winded? How fast can you sprint to escape danger now and not later? Your physical health is of utmost importance. Even if SHTF never happens, you owe it to yourself to get in shape. Don’t let your dick go limp because you refuse to get in shape.

You can start by going to the grocery store with your bug out pack. Load up $50 dollars worth of groceries in your pack and carry the rest in plastic bags all the way home. It’s a good workout and makes you think about your food choices. Do this once a week and you’ll be ready to amp things up to the next level. Really, all you have to do is get out of the house and walk. Go hiking or camping on the weekends. This is a double whammy because hiking keeps you in shape and camping forces you to think in terms of the primitive. You’ll need fire, water, food, and shelter.

Practice these skills now before it’s too late.

Educate yourself – There’s a lot of knowledge out there. Pick up a few books on survival and consider a handful on bushcrafting as well. Books are goldmines of knowledge and will serve you well in a fully blown SHTF situation. Your chances of survival go UP with the more books you read. Reading survival materials primes your brain and readys the mind for even the worst SHTF situations.

Reading survival materials will keep you vigilant, skillful, and you’ll always be ready to tackle what’s ahead of you.

Final thoughts

My final parting advice is keep your cool. Nobody has ever survived an SHTF situation by losing their shit. Stay calm in all areas of your life. Rethink getting heated in situations that bother you. Stress creates cortisol and shuts down the rational and reasonable mind. The quickest way to die in a fully blown SHTF situation is to get emotional.

You don’t have the time for that. Always stay cool.

Until next time…


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