InstaFire Firestarter Review

Fire is one of those ancient elements man was born with and something which still sees daily use. Man has learned to harness the power of fire and control it to a precise degree. Every man should experience starting a fire from scratch at least once in his life. The thing is, starting a fire from scratch takes a bit of skill and experience. The modern man or millennial probably couldn’t start a fire if his life depended on it. Even with a lighter and all the right materials there are many ways to mess up and become frustrated.

Fortunately we have products available that make firemaking much easier. Now even the most boneheaded among us can get a roaring fire blazing with little to no effort – and make all the ladies swoon for him in a very primal way.

InstaFire makes starting any kind of fire drop dead simple. This stuff is so easy to use even the boneheads are making the expert firemakers look bad.

Is InstaFire Up To Snuff?

Looking at the package you can see the company makes some bold claims about the product. The package claims the granules will burn wet wood, will burn on water, and is made of completely natural materials with zero harmful chemicals. That is indeed a tall order. In my extensive testing of the InstaFire I can say most of these claims are true. The granules will burn up to 20 minutes or so and the stuff DOES in fact float and burn on top of water. The flames are weather resistant but I found they had a difficult time staying lit in heavy winds.

The InstaFire will NOT catch a wet log on fire. While the package claims that the InstaFire will burn wet wood you’ll soon discover what a frustrating experience this is. Wet wood simply doesn’t catch unless you already have a blazing fire going.

With the InstaFire you still have to practice the basic principles of fire making. Simply shoving the granules under a massive log and lighting them is not going to do jack. You must start small and be sure not to smother the fire by attempting to light a piece of wood too big.

With all that considered the InstaFire will make your life a lot easier if you already know how to structure a campfire. The flames stand up well to mild wind and you can pile the granules on wet ground and they will still light. The package itself is both flammable and waterproof. There’s no need to open the pouch if you don’t want to – simply light the whole damn enchilada and watch as a roaring fire magically appears before your eyes.

Different Size Options

InstaFire comes in either packages or buckets. The packs work well for camping/backpacking trips while the buckets are great for in-home storage.┬áHere is what’s available:

Final Thoughts

My thoughts about the InstaFire are you sure as hell don’t need them but they certainly make starting fires a LOT easier. Maybe you are not that great at lighting fires or you simply don’t feel the need to “man up” and light a fire the old fashioned way. The InstaFire is a great product and has been thoroughly tested and accepted by thousands of happy product owners. The thing is, it’s so cheap if you’re even on the fence about picking some up you should do it. Nobody wants to be that guy who can’t get the fire going!


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