4 Things To Build a Jungle Survival Kit

Taking off to the jungle eh? Many men have tromped off into the jungle in search of riches and new discoveries. Many men have also died because they weren’t prepared for the brutality of the jungle. They did not have the right gear. Don’t make that mistake and whatever you do, don’t forget to pack these 4 items in your survival kit.

**Note from the editor**

This post only includes survival gear specifically designed for the jungle. This is gear you might not need in other survival situations. It assumes you have a basic understanding of survival gear. Obviously, this isn’t a complete survival kit. Be sure to include all the other essential items that any decent survival kit needs.



In the jungle you need much more than a knife. You’re gonna be doing some heavy bushwacking to get where you need to go. The thick brush of the jungle requires you to do serious hacking and slashing. The right machete will become your closest companion in the deep of the jungle. Not only will a machete trailblaze through the thick, it will also protect you against anacondas and other creatures of the thick.

The machete of choice? The CRKT machete. Comfortable grip with insane chopping power. Chops straight through vines, brush, bushes, and even small trees.

Jungle boots


Jungle boots are a special kind of footwear made specifically for the brutal conditions of jungle life. A jungle boot is designed to allow proper ventilation of sweat while keeping all the other crap out and away from your feet. They keep your feet cool while keeping them protected from dirt, sand, and all those venomous bugs and snakes you’re gonna come across. Another staple of the jungle boot is proper drainage for those inevitable plunges into dubious pools of water. This pair from Amazon has long been the standard for men in the jungle.

Mosquito net


If the thought if being crushed to death by a giant anaconda doesn’t drive you crazy then the billions of mosquitoes buzzing around you will. There is no escaping the bugs in the jungle. There is no escaping their maddening¬†pursuit of blood. Your only option is 360 degree coverage via mosquito net. The mosquito net will keep you sheltered from mosquitoes and any other flying creatures of the thick.

Water purification method


The water you come across in the jungle will no doubt be racked with bacteria and dangerous pathogens. The best method of purifying this water is to boil it but water purification tablets do the trick as well. Another way to purify water is with a filter. Filtering your water becomes crucial if it is muddy. The Sawyer water filter can filter up to 100,000 gallons of water, and it’s relatively inexpensive. To be ultra safe you can filter the water and then boil it. Choose at least one method of water purification and include the right gear in your kit.

Final thoughts

Be safe out there and use common sense survival practices. Don’t forget the jungle is a very dangerous place if you don’t know what you’re doing. Having the right gear is only 10 percent of survival. The rest is using common sense and leveraging your survival skills. Take care.

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