Kershaw Cryo 2 Review

It’s not easy looking for a great EDC folder knife that can also function well as a survival knife. I’m the first to advocate a strong fixed blade any day of the week but I can’t always have one of those on me. I needed a good strong folder that could easily fit in my pocket. I needed a knife that didn’t make me look like I was about to go Rambo at a moments notice. I think I found one.

In this review I take a hard look at the Kershaw Cryo 2 and break down why this is a great knife to have on you at all times.


Blade TypeFolder
Blade Length3.25 inches
Total Length7.75 inches
Blade Material8Cr13MoV Steel with carbo-nitrade coating
Weight5.5 Oz
TangPartially Extended


  • Pure stainless steel
  • 2 ways to open (thumb stud and quick release flipper)
  • Carbo-nitrade black matte coating
  • Quad position adjustable pocket clip
  • Drop point
  • Hollow grind
  • Sits deep in pocket
  • Discrete and extremely sharp

The blade


The blade is a sharp as hell piece of steel known as 8Cr13MoV. This is a Chinese made stainless steel. Don’t let that detract you from knowing that this steel sharpens up to a crazy edge. If it’s one thing this steel can do is it takes a wicked sharp edge. Unfortunately the opposite is true when it comes to holding an edge. This type of steel dulls very quickly depending on what kind of work you’re doing with it. Cracking open envelopes and doing some light unboxing is fine but anything heavier will require a resharpening too frequent for most. To be honest, I don’t mind sharpening my knives and I find the process very meditative. Instead of taking a smoke break these days I simply sharpen my knives like a crazy person. 

If you’re familiar with the original Cryo you’ll note the Cryo 2 has received a significant length upgrade from the original design. While the Cryo 1 blade came in at 2.75″ the Cryo 2 was lengthened to 3.25 inches. This is still a laughable length for a true survival knife but I find it a nice sweet spot for an EDC knife that can still do some damage in a survival situation.

The handle


The handle is sturdy piece of metal. Compared to many EDC knives the Cryo 2 actually feels like you’re holding something substantial. When one picks up the Cryo 2 one can feel the power flow through the hands and also through the loins – Okay I’m being dramatic. However, the handle on this knife feels very comfortable and both the blade and the handle are finished off nicely with a titanium carbo-nitrade coating. This is a matte finish which does a great job at hiding dings and not looking too flashy to any left leaning feminist types in the near vicinity.

Full review

I typically don’t review EDC style knives but I gave this one a pass for a number of reasons. First, one simply can’t carry a fixed blade full tang knife on them at all times. I needed something low profile but also something that could do some serious damage in a survival situation. The Kershaw Cryo 2 fits the bill. The blade is sturdier than anything I’ve felt in a standard folder. I also like how low profile this knife is. The clip allows the blade to sink deep into your pocket and the black matte finish doesn’t draw attention. In fact, you can barely notice the knife when it’s clipped in to your pocket.

There’s 2 methods of opening the blade depending on your preference. First you have a thumb stud on the side of the blade. This is the style I prefer. You also have a speed safe assisted flipper style opener on the black of the blade.

This is a fun blade to have in your pocket and beats a fidget spinner any day of the week.


Even as an EDC knife you would be hard pressed to find a better blade than the Kershaw Cryo 2. Disagree? Let me know in the comments what you think about this blade.

Thanks for reading.

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