Magic Mill Pro Review

Want to dehydrate your own food but don’t want to blow all your cash on expensive machines? Food dehydrators like the Harvest Right freeze dryer cost upwards of $3000. That’s outside the price range for most people. The Magic Mill Pro in comparison is thousands of dollars cheaper and allows almost anybody to start dehydrating food immediately. In this review I break down the features and specifications of the Magic Mill Pro food dehydrator.

Specifications chart

Product Name :Magic Mill Pro Electric Food Dehydrator
Model Number:MFD-6100
Type of Dehydrator:Shelves
Drying Racks:6 stainless steel shelves measuring 12X13"
Temp Range (°F):95 to 158
Weight16.7 pounds
Dimensions19 x 15 x 13.5 inches
Oven mittsyes
Warranty1 year

Full Review

Review of the Magic Mill Pro
The Magic Mill Pro food dehydrator fully loaded with fresh foods

You can tell straight away this is a high quality machine. Everything from the external frame to the stainless steel food racks are premium grade. It’s a joy to work with and drys food a lot faster than other comparable food dryers. Food retains the full size rather than shrinking to 3/4 of the size as seen with other food dehydrators. The machine comes with a number of items. In the box you will find 6 stainless steel food racks, 6 plastic mesh racks, and 3 non-stick trays. And the thing is, you can fit a lot of food on the trays. Each of the 6 trays packs in a little over 1 sq foot of drying space leaving you with roughly 6.5 square feet of total space. That’s a lot of food you can pack in.

It drys basically anything you can throw at it. Fruits like pears, apples, and berries dehydrate with no problem and jerky is an all time favorite. In fact, people have been known to dehydrate full meals without a problem. For the price you get almost all the same features and perks you would get with more expensive products.

One thing I like about the Magic Mill Pro is the clear door. You can easily look in on your food to tell if it’s done or not. Opening the door would cause the machine to lose the heat causing increased power draw to bring the dryer back to the right temperature.

Speaking of temperature, the machine allows you to finely tune the heat depending on what kind of food you are drying. There is also a built in programmable timer to shut the machine off at a certain point. This a great feature to have if you’re about to go to bed but want some nice freeze dried goodies for the morning!

The machine is bigger than expected but it can easily be thrown in the garage or tuck away into an unused corner of the house. If you have the kitchen space that’s ideal. The machine is even quieter than a standard microwave. Another peeve I have with freeze drying machines is how loud they are. I don’t want to listen to something as loud as my laundry machine for hours at a time. The Magic Mill Pro happily hums along in the background and doesn’t grate on your ear drums.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does the Magic Mill Pro work?

The machine has a built in heating element used to draw moisture out of food. The moisture is then blown from the machine with the fan.

Q: What does it come with?

The machine comes with 6 stainless steel food trays, 6 plastic mesh trays, and 3 non stick trays.

Q: How do you clean the trays?

Remove the trays from the machine and clean them by hand with warm water and soap.

Q: What kinds of food can you dry?

Fruits, vegetables, and meats all dry up quite nicely. It’s very simple to make high quality jerky as well as dehydrate all your favorite fruits and vegetables.

Q: Is there a timer?

Yes. The timer can be programmed up to 19.5 hours. Magic Mill suggests to allow the machine to rest for a couple hours when using the machine continuously for 20 hours.

Q: Is it loud?

The machine is very quiet. The fan is not loud at all comparable to a small room fan.

Q: Does the Magic Mill have a warranty?

Your Magic Mill is under warranty for a year from the purchase date.

Wrapping Up

The Magic Mill Pro is a great mid level dehydrating machine. Other comparable machines will run you hundreds of dollars more than the Magic Mill Pro. This machine has all the features and functions as machines 2 – 3 times the cost. Be careful though – this thing can become very addicting! Once you learn how to use it you’ll want to experiment with dehydrating all kinds of foods. I recommend the Magic Mill Pro to anybody looking to start dehydrating foods for little up front cost. Check out the current price on Amazon.

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