How To Make Your Own Bow and Arrow

Using raw materials anybody can make a powerful bow to take down small to medium sized game. Materials to make your own bow and arrow are readily found in nature. Even in the city you could scrounge up what you need to make one. Let’s get started.

Making the bow

Step 1.) Locate either a Willow or Ashwood tree. The branches from these trees flex well under pressure without snapping. This flexible characteristic is crucial to making a proper bow.

Step 2.) Find a straight piece of branch roughly the same height as your shoulder:

Step 3.) Carve away the thicker pieces of the stick. This will give the bow an even flex for increased accuracy:

Step 4.) Carve a notch out of both ends of the stick to hold the string:

Step 5.) Attach a length of cordage to the bow. This can be paracord or any other cordage you have:


Bonus tip: duct tape a rounded piece of wood with an “L” shaped notch and attach it to the bow. This will prevent damage to your hands from having to hold the arrow in place with your fingers.

Making the arrows

The materials you use for your arrows isn’t as restrictive as the bow. The main thing is that the arrows need to be straight.

Step 1.) Find a thin sapling and cut a length from the straightest part. Bamboo is great material if it’s available. Your arrow needs to be at least the length of your draw – from the corner of your mouth to a little bit past your hand.

Bamboo makes great arrows because it grow straight

Step 2.) Strip the stick of the bark.

Step 3.) Carve a point on the skinniest end of the arrow.

Step 4.) Make your nock into the other end by spitting it right down the center:

Step 5.) Temper the tip of the arrow in the fire and shape into a sharper point. The fire will draw the moisture out of the arrow and strengthen the point.

DIY fletching

Fletching will make your arrow fly straighter. You can make fletching from a few strips of duct-tape:



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