Martial Law in America 2016

Martial law is the complete suspension of the United States Constitution. It is the complete ANNIHILATION of your freedoms. Under martial law, you have zero rights and the country is ruled with the iron fist of the police state.

Martial law can be enacted for a number of reasons: pandemic outbreak, civil unrest, terrorist insurgency, and natural disasters are a few situations where martial law will be declared.

What are the chances of Martial law happening in America? Many analysts believe that the U.S as we know it is quickly descending into a police state. Globalized politics, giant corporations, and destruction of our environment have been systematically planned by the wealthy elite.

Resources are becoming scarce. The wealthy elite have planned this descent. By keeping us poor and uninformed, we are blind to the fact that we are heading straight for the slaughter.

One only has to look around to see our inevitable decline into dystopia.

Increased levels of automation are forcing workers out of their jobs. You can already see this taking place in the grocery stores in the form of self checkouts. These forms of automation are increasing. Data projections estimate that automation will take over 60 percent of jobs by 2030.

Terrorists and dangerous immigrants are pouring over our borders at an alarming rate. Crime rates will continue to skyrocket. It is only a matter of time before the U.S. descends into a state of complete chaos.

That time is coming up fast. The question isn’t IF martial law will be declared but WHEN. When will the general population become so disgusted with the state of the united states that they do something about it? How many terrorists and illegal immigrants will we allow into our borders before we realize the chaos we have created?

The problem is that most of us have been programmed to be obedient little sheep. Many of us do not have the backbone to stand up for our rights and question the state of our government or policies.

This means that many of us will be forced to survive with our families or with the assistance of small militias.

How do you survive a situation where the government and police are no longer their to protect you? How do you survive a chaotic world where danger lurks around every corner?

You must arm yourself with the right knowledge. You must learn the skills required to protect you and your family. If you have land, the best option is an underground bunker that can sustain you and your family.

Underground bunkers provide safety and security even in the event of biological warfare. I’ve built one right in my backyard using the following blueprints. I suggest you do whatever it takes to protect yourself from the inevitable decline of the U.S. government.

As much as I love this country, I don’t see it going anywhere good. Empires rise and fall. It’s time for the United States to finish its cycle of being top dog. I wish you luck.

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