Top 5 Molle Mag Pouches For Your Ammo Magazines

I love Molle compatible pouches because they’re so versatile. I can strap them to my loadout vest or my 5.11 rush 72 and hit the road at a moments notice. There’s a ton of high quality Molle mag pouches available and in this post I’m going to cover some of the best.

1.) Condor tactical double kangaroo mag pouch


Go double duty with the condor tactical mag pouch. Condor makes great tactical products and I’ve covered much of their quality gear in other posts. It’s no surprise to see the same build quality in their mag pouches as well. This particular pouch easily stows away 2 regular magazines as well as 2 pistol sized magazines and attaches to any other Molle compatible hardware you have. The pistol magazine pouch is secured through a velcro flap while the other 2 main magazine pouches implement a secure bungee system.

2.) High Speed Gear double pistol mag pouch


Another tactical magazine pouch fitting most standard pistol magazines. Built rugged and tough for theĀ 1911, HK 45, M9/Beretta 92, Glock and other similar magazine sizes. This is one of the more rugged and durable Molle pouches on the market. The magazines lock into place and stay there but are easily removed via the bungee system. You can do this one handed with no problem. Check it out here.

3.) Condor Triple Stacker M4/M16 pouch


For those of you with M4’s and M16 this is one of the best pouches out there for these rounds. Similar to the other Condor products this pouch implements a bungee system to secure your magazines in place. This one can load in a total of 6 magazines. Some have noted a tight fit for certain model magazines but it isn’t a problem for most.

4.) Outry AR-15 Mag holder


For those with the AR-15. This fits a standard AR-15 magazine as well as the M16 and M4. This is perhaps the most versatile pouch for rifles. The pouches are large enough to fit other mags but it certainly fits the AR-15 magazine like a glove. The material is 1000D nylon. This stuff is extremely durable and won’t be busting anytime soon. This pouch also implements an elastic bungee system to keep the mags in place.

5.) Voodoo Tactical triple mag pouch


I introduce you to the Voodoo triple mag pouch. For those of you wanting to shoot your way out of a fully blown SHTF situation. This pouch holds any standard pistol magazine but known to fit the 1911 mags like a well worn baseball mitt. This is military grade nylon we’re talking about outfitted with quality Molle webbing and belt loops if you want to go strapped to the hip. The over top velcro system makes it easy to remove magazines and put them back. Out of all the pouches I really like the color on this one.

What to attach the pouches to?

Now that you’ve got a couple mag pouches what are you going to do with them? After discovering Molle I specifically look for Molle compatible gear I can use to attach my loads with. For me personally I like the 5.11 Rush 72 backpack. I take this bad boy out to the range, when I go camping, and I use it as a general bug out bag.

I’m also a big fan of the Condor Tactical Molle vest. When it comes to a full loadout the vest is something that can’t be overlooked. It’s extremely versatile and strong enough to attach steel plates for full blown body armor. With enough Molle pouches you can turn this thing into a full loadout and skip the backpack completely. That speaks to the true versatility and the genius behind the Molle technology.

Further reading…

If you’re interested in other Molle gear posts check out my best Molle backpacks post for a list of backpacks with loads of Molle. I’ve also got a similar post for the general Molle pouches for other load bearing options. Thanks for reading!

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