Must Have Equipment For Urban Surival

What are you going to do if SHTF and you live in the city? If you don’t have the right equipment you’re going to be in for a hard time. Surviving in an urban environment requires that you have a bug out bag filled with all the essentials.

Here a few absolute necessities:

Backpack – You’re going to need to shove all your gear in a backpack. I’ve previously thought that the style of backpack you bring was important but now I really don’t think it matters that much. Just make sure you can carry the thing. It also has to be super durable. You don’t want it breaking on you half way through your bug out.

Knife – Yes, the knife still remains at the top of the list. The knife is an extremely versatile piece of equipment and I guarantee, you won’t want to bug out without one. The knife can be used for self defense purposes along with a host of other survival tasks. The knife just might be the single most important piece of equipment you have.

Cellphone – Short of a nuclear bomb going off there is a good chance the cell towers will still be functioning. It’s much easier to phone a friend to come save your ass then it is to Rambo your way through a disaster site. You’ll also want to call your family to make sure they are okay or to arrange to meet at a bug out location. It would also make sense to stock a portable battery charger so you can charge up if your phone happens to be dead.

Trash bags – You might be laughing but trash bags are another versatile piece of urban survival gear. They can be used to rig a temporary shelter, a poncho, or a rain water collector. Stuff them with leaves to create an insulated sleeping pad. Believe me, the ground will sap the warmth right out of you if you sleep directly on it.

Lighter – Basic firestarter. Fire is an obvious aspect of survival and making one in the city is no different than making one in the wild. You need some form of firestarter, some tinder and some good ol fashion night logs.

Food and Water – Bring 72 hours worth of food and water. Do you really want to start eating street pigeons right out of the gate?

Flashlight – If the power gets cut and it’s dark, you’re going to have a hard time getting to safety. If you’ve lived in the city for a while perhaps you have forgotten how dark it gets at night when there arent any lights.

Proper clothing – Get some solid clothing that makes sense to have in a bug out situation. This usually means layers. Tactical hikers pants with zip offs are good options. Good shoes. Good socks. I like merino wool as a base layer and some kind of water resistant jacket. This really depends on your location. You will have to dress warmer in colder climates.

Bear Mace – No, not for bears. If you don’t know how to defend yourself the traditional fist to face way then your going to need an alternative. I guarantee that whoever trys messing with you will back off right quick when they get maced right in their face.

Gloves – Protect your hands from broken glass and whatever else you encounter in the city.

A Plan – The most important piece of equipment but the most overlooked.. Where the hell are you going to go if disaster strikes Start preparing now. If SHTF right now would you know what to do? Having a plan is the only way to ensure that you get to safety. This means knowing how to contact loved ones and having a plan of where to meet up.

Good luck with your kit.


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