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In the event of a major food shortage do you have supplies to feed you and your family? The thing is, nobody knows when the whole system is going to collapse on itself. But if it does knowing you have the supplies to survive is crucial to your mental sanity. There are easy ways to stock food and there are hard ways. I’ve discussed products like the Magic Mill Pro and the Harvest Right Freeze Dryer before. These devices turn any type of food you have into long term food storage equivalents.

The problem is these are expensive and time consuming to use. You would really need to be committed to hardcore prepping and survival to justify the expense. My Patriot Supply is an easy way to make a one time purchase for your long term storage needs. They have a variety of freeze dried ready to eat meal options.

Let’s explore what they have to offer.

My Patriot Supply Food Products

My Patriot Supply offers long term food storage packages for the prepper. Their freeze dried products have a 25 year long shelf life. They have everything from your standard 2 week kits to full blown 1 year kits that feed up to 4 people. That’s a lot of damn food!

What I love about My Patriot Supply is their unique food options. Besides the breakfast and entree meals they also offer coffee and pizza certified up the same 25 year standard.

What’s in the kits?


You’re probably wondering what kind of foods come in the kits. You can take a look at the My Patriot Supply 3 month kit for a complete breakdown of the meal options. They have lots of variety and a diverse selection:

• Strawberry Fields Cream of Wheat (32 servings)
• Maple Grove Oatmeal (56 servings)
• Uncle Frank’s Italian Lasagna (8 servings)
• Granny’s Homestyle Potato Soup (24 servings)
• Traveler’s Stew (24 servings)
• Summer’s Best Corn Chowder (8 servings)
• Blue Ribbon Creamy Chicken Rice (24 servings)
• Liberty Bell Potato Cheddar Soup (20 servings)
• Traditional Fettuccine Alfredo (20 servings)
• Independence Hall Chicken Noodle Soup (8 servings)
• Cheesy Broccoli & Rice Soup (16 servings)
• Country Cottage Mac & Cheese (16 servings)
• Heartland’s Best Mashed Potatoes (32 servings)
• Creamy Stroganoff (16 servings)
• Instant White Rice (20 servings)
• Chocolate Pudding (30 servings)
• Honey Coated Banana Chips (16 servings)
• Orange Energy Drink Mix (32 servings)
• Settler’s Whey Powdered Milk (48 servings)

My Personal Review of My Patriot Supply

The one thing I want to know if I’m purchasing a lot of food is how good the food tastes. I found most of the food in the My Patriot Food Supply packages to be tasty. They certainly don’t taste like home made fresh dishes but many of them go down very easily. The mashed potatoes, potato soup, and the travelers stew is especially tasty. The packages come in heavy duty Rubbermaid style containers and each dish is wrapped in its own specially sealed packaging. Certainly high quality. I feel confident shoving these things in a dark corner of a garage for a rainy day. Overall, they are locked, cocked, and ready to be stored anywhere you want. Make sure they’re in a dry part of the house or garage and your golden.

I can also say the portion sizes are slightly larger than meals from other companies. Wise Foods and Mountain House brands in particular. However, overall I do prefer the taste of Mountain House foods more but I can’t deny that My Patriot Food Supply offers much more for the money. They are also the obvious choice if you want to buy long term packages. Mountain House at the most offers only a 2 week supply.

I would love to know how good these foods taste 10 years down the road. I’m saving a special supply of the stuff just for this purpose. They might not make you sick but who knows how long they can really last. My advice is to rotate your stock once a year. The food is good enough to be eaten even in non emergency situations. There’s been many times I’ve broken in to the stash just because I wanted something quick and easy.

If you’re a camper or hiker these are also great to stash in a backpack and take on the trail. They’re a great low cost alternative to many of the hiking foods you would buy at REI or other outdoor stores.

Peace of mind

Will you ever need an entire years worth of food? Who knows. I do know we live during increasingly shaking times. Having this food stashed away gives me peace of mind knowing I can survive if something happens. It could be something small like not finding work for a while or something larger like a full blown EMP blast knocking out the food trucks. Whatever the case I want to make sure I’m prepared. If that means making a one time purchase from My Patriot Food Supply then I’m okay spending the money.


If you’re on the fence about purchasing a long term food storage kit I recommend picking up a smaller 2 week kit. This will give you a taste of what will be in the larger kits. It’s also a good idea to taste test food packages from multiple long term food storage companies. You can take a look at my review from Wise Foods and also Augason Farms.



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