Ontario Rat 5 Knife Review

Looking for a solid survival knife you can take into the bush? Looking for a full blown SHTF knife you can crush skulls with? The Ontario Rat 5 delivers the goods. I like this knife for a lot of reasons. First, the blade is the perfect length to perform all the critical tasks required of you out in the buck wild. You see, if a blade is too short you can’t properly baton wood. Too long and smaller tasks like skinning and carving become a cumbersome endeavor. The Rat 5 strikes a perfect balance between these two extremes.

Let’s crack STRAIGHT into the specifications.

Critical SPECS

Blade TypeFixed
Blade Length5.0 inches
Total Length10.5 inches
Blade Thickness0.188 inches
Blade Material1095 steel / Full Flat Taper / Drop point
Weight11.5 oz
Sheath IncludedNo

The blade


The blade on the RAT 5 is constructed out of time-tested 1095 steel. This type of steel holds a wicket edge. Be careful pulling this thing out of the box…it’s sharp as a razor and you can easily slice deep into flesh. You may notice I say this about ALL knives that use the 1095 carbon. The steel is samurai sword level sharp. I mentioned the blade is the perfect length. At 5 inches it can do a lot of things very well. I baton the daylights out of wood with the RAT 5 all day long with zero problems…I then turn around to slice straight into a nice summer sausage with zero problems. The blade really is perfect in every way.

A lot of knives go balls to the wall. Take the BK7 for instance. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great knife but certainly not a knife you can do a lot of things well with. The RAT 5 does a lot of things very well.

the handle


Once again we observe RAT using the TIME TESTED canvas micarta handle. What I love about RAT is they have found something that works and they’re consistently rolling out knives that deliver the best experience. Too many companies attempt to get fancy with their knives. I don’t need or want a knife made out of some dull steel and shaped to look like a dragons tail. I have a post on budget survival knives if that’s what you want. Give me the best. GIVE ME THE RAT 5.

On a side note, do you have what it takes to shank your way through a fully blown SHTF situation? Do you know where all the critical organs are located on the human body? Did you know you’re only 5 inches away from penetrating any major organ? Coincidence that the RAT 5 blade is 5 inches long? I don’t know. I will tell you this – I’m not sure if I could shank a man if it came down to it.

I would much rather CRACK EM with the pommel. The butt end of the handle on the RAT 5 features a skull busting glass breaker. You can use this to crack¬†your way out of a wrecked car or CRACK your way through an attacker who wants your bug out bag. Crack em hard with the pommel and then say “not today BUCK-O, not today.” Ultimate self defense.


Up to this point I’ve basically given you a load of bullshit. Who cares about one mans opinion about the RAT 5? Specs don’t matter unless they have ACTION to back them up. Most people are TALK TALK TALK. You want to know if this knife has the balls to deliver results. You want to know if it can slice deep into summer sausage. You want to know if you can beat the crap out of this thing and whether or not the RAT 5 will come back for more.

Let’s take the RAT 5 into it’s natural habitat…the bush.

Making feathersticks – I’m telling you, it barely took any pressure at all for this blade to get a good bite into the wood and smooth down for a nice nest of feathersticks. Living TRUE to the RAT, this thing creates a NEST of feathersticks out of even the hardest woods. As you know, feathersticks are an essential camp task and make getting a fire going very easy. Not surprisingly, the RAT 5 gets 5 stars out of 5 in this area.


Batoning wood – I’ll tell you right now, I came down hard over this knife with CRUEL INTENTIONS. My goal was to see if I could bend the blade using as much force as possible. I knew the knife was weighty. I knew the knife was quality. I didn’t, however, know if the spine of the blade would be able to withstand the rage I was about bring down upon it. I’ll tell you this – I was exhausted well before the RAT 5 showed any signs of slowing down. There I was, completely tuckered out in the middle of the bush, laying down on my back to rest. I look over to see the RAT 5 ¬†sliced deep into a log. It was as if the RAT was trying to say something. Was I hallucinating? It was like the RAT was saying “I WIN.”


That will do RAT, that will do.

Final thoughts

Is the RAT 5 worthy of your belt? If my experience tells me anything I would say this is the wrong question. The question is, are YOU worthy to carry the RAT 5? Let it be known – this is the Excalibur – masterfully crafted, a force of steel to be reckoned with and used with extreme caution. A powerful blade that will see you through even the most fully blown SHTF survival situation.

Snatch up the RAT 5 today.




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